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Harmonious Beauty In The Contrast Of Black And White Datograph Up Down

DATOGRAPH, launched in 1999, has written a new chapter in the history of watchmaking. In just five years after the launch of Lange’s first contemporary watch series, this watch has been combined with Lange’s first proprietary chronograph movement. Technical features such as column wheel design, precise jumping points, flyback function and large calendar display have become important benchmarks for Lange watchmaking.
   With a balanced design, the watch has a loyal supporter shortly after its launch, and DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN with a 60-hour power reserve and power reserve indicator that debuted in 2012 is no exception. The unique design of clever layout and sharp contrast is now even more exciting in the platinum 950 style in black and white. Juxtapose with black and white objects, leaving a fascinating image.
   Ebony and White Ivory: DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN blends with black and white keys.
   Old but never new: DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN is like a game. Its 30-minute scoreboard is also suitable for use in Blitz games. Players can accurately know the start of the next minute by jumping the points accurately.
   Extraordinary strength stems from a calm response: in DATOGRAPH UP / DOWN, the harmonious structure of the dial sets off the balance of the movement. The Lange large calendar, as well as the two silver-white sub-dials representing the seconds and the integrating dial, form an equilateral triangle.
   The new models of this series have now arrived at Lange’s brand new boutique in Beijing’s SKP mall. For more details, please contact:
Lange Beijing Store
Address: D1002, Level 1, Beijing SKP Mall, No. 87 Jianguo Road
Phone: 010 8588 8968
Email: [email protected]

Moon Phase Table, Starting From Longines Famous Craftsman

A large part of the ancient people’s research on astronomical sciences came from the moon phase. Time is measured and recorded by observing the moon’s cloudy and sunny circle. In our minds, the moon always carries a layer of mysterious veil, which makes us want to explore and understand. The birth of the ‘Moon Phase Table’ has, to a certain extent, fulfilled our dream of ‘sitting on the sky’.

   What is the moon phase table?
   Moon phase watches refer to watches with ‘lunar phase function’. They usually place a special semi-circular window on the dial, which includes a semi-circular arc and two small arcs. This well-designed shape combined with the moon on the moon phase disk can tell us more accurately the shape of the moon at the beginning or end of a cycle.

   The moon phase table is based on the principle that the moon phase profit and loss is a cycle every 29.5 days, and the sum of the two cycles ’59’ is used as the number of gears on the moon phase wheel. After being pushed by the transmission wheel, the moon phase wheel advances one tooth every day to show the change of the moon phase.

   The sequence of moon phase changes can be regarded as a cycle of new moon → Emei moon → first quarter moon → convex moon → full moon → convex moon → second quarter moon → residual moon → new moon, and the moon phase table is exactly this change into the watch During the game, the player can grasp the changes of the moon through the moon phase disk. It is both a function and a very ornamental feature. Therefore, many watch players like the ‘Moon Phase Function’, not because they want to see the moon phase profit and loss, but because the moon phase display on the dial looks exceptionally elegant and romantic.
   In our impression, ‘complex functions’ always seem to be linked with ‘astronomical’, ‘rare’, and ‘luxury’, but in fact, five-digit watches also have design and craftsmanship. Very good watch. In terms of the ‘Moon Phase Watch’, Longines’ famous master series moon phase watch is very classic.
   Moon phase watch, starting from Longines master craftsman


Longines Master Series Watch (L2.673.4.78.3)
   As a senior high-end series in Longines, the sales and word of mouth of the famous carpenter series have always been good. L2.673.4.78.3 in the above picture should be familiar to everyone. It is the most complex movement in the famous carpenter series with the most parts and functions The most one. Not only the moon phase function, but also 30 minutes, 12 hours, 24 hours display function, in addition, the date, month, week can be read from the dial. Equipped with Longines Cal.L678 movement, it vibrates 28,800 times per hour and has a power reserve of 54 hours. The domestic public price is only 25,000 RMB. Its appearance not only proves Longines’s superb watchmaking skills, but also makes more watch friends have a good choice on the road to pursue complex functions.
   In addition to the ‘Big Brother’ of the Longines master series above, this series also launched a new moon phase watch this year, which has been upgraded and optimized from face value to movement.

Longines Masterpiece Series L2.919.4.78.3
   The brand-new watch of the famous master series still continues the elegant elegance of Longines. The dial design is simple and atmospheric, giving a low-key and restrained feeling. There are some changes in the diameter. In addition to the size of 40 mm, a 42 mm diameter model has been added for selection.

   The style of the dial is also more diverse. The classic silver grained dial is decorated with lacquered Arabic numerals; the black grained dial is decorated with lacquered Roman numerals; the blue sun dial is set with inlaid hour markers. At 6 o’clock, there is a date display ring and a moon phase display window, and the small hand indicates the current date. The watch can be equipped with a stainless steel bracelet or a black, brown and blue leather strap, with more colors to choose from.

Longines master series with diamonds and hour markers (L2.909.4.97.6)
   There is also a new special model in the series. With a diameter of 40 mm, the blue sunburst dial is set with 13 top Wesselton VVS diamond hour markers. With a blue leather strap, it has a sense of high-end but also full of vigor.

   The brand-new watch series launched this time is fully equipped with the L899 self-winding movement, which vibrates 25,200 times per hour and provides a 64-hour power reserve. Regular price: ¥ 19,400; Standard price with diamonds: ¥ 21,700. Starting with a moon phase watch at this price, it is still good to choose the Longines master series, and interested friends may wish to try it on in the store.

Jacques Shine At The Opening Night Of The Venice Film Festival

The 70th Venice International Film Festival opened on the evening of the 28th in Lido, Venice, Italy. Nearly a hundred actors and directors made the red carpet star-catching.

   Although it had rained in the evening in recent days, the evening of the 28th continued the good weather during the day. At the end of August, Lido Island was sunny and cool. A large number of movie fans were waiting in the audience area early, ready cameras and pens and pens waiting for their favorite stars.

 According to the Watch House, Jaeger-LeCoultre watches as the light-emitting partners of the Venice Film Festival are also on the red carpet with stars, and Jaeger-LeCoultre will be from August 28 to September 2013 The grand event of the Venice Biennale will be held on the 7th. The brand will present its landmark works in the past, as well as outstanding new works.

 Art originates from the hands of human beings, giving the work a unique vitality, making time eternal and making the moment eternal. Art reflects the artist’s unique perspective on time. Film makers, watchmakers, actors, gem inlays … they are all emotional artists. Jaeger-LeCoultre pays tribute to these talented miracle creators in various ways for nine consecutive years.

 The 70th Venice International Film Festival, organized by the Venice Biennale, will be held from August 28 to September 7, 2013. At that time, Jaeger-LeCoultre will present a series of fantasy fine watchmaking works at the film festival, and present its Jubilée anniversary watch series.

 As a loyal sponsor of the Venice Film Festival, Jaeger-LeCoultre actively participates in various events of this event, and presents its top masterpieces to movie stars. Winners of the year’s Best Actor, Best Actress (Worbe Cup) and Best Film Golden Lion Award will also receive personalized Reverso flip watches as a reward. These watches are engraved with the venetian lion motif and traditional ’70. Mostra’ (70th Venice International Film Festival).

 In the past ten years, the Swiss watchmaking brand Jaeger-LeCoultre and the Venice International Film Festival have established the Glory to the Filmmaker Award in recognition of talented filmmakers. The winners are all those who brought ‘the great innovation of contemporary film’. Past winners include: Takeshi Kitano (2007), Agnès Varda (2008), Abbas Kiarostami (2008), Sylvester Stallone (2009), Indian director Mani Ratnam (2010), Al Pacino (2011), and Spike Spike Lee (2012).

    This is the third consecutive year that Jaeger-LeCoultre has continued to honor its commitment to support the charity event of the Emergency Association. The brand will host an exclusive dinner on August 29, inviting special guests to participate in the ‘Jaeger-LeCoultre and Emergency Association-Help Sierra Leone.

2015 Basel Clock And Watch Fair: Jaquet Droz Shengge Elegant Flower Rhyme

Elegant 8 Lady 8 contains the essence of jewellery craftsmanship, which is sometimes simple and pure, and sometimes gorgeous. With exquisite curves, it displays the soft and elegant, delicate and graceful rhyme cherished by the masters of JAQUET DROZ. , Can be called a model. The La Chaux-de-Fonds workshop is dedicated to creating exquisite scenes and realizing real craftsmanship. This year, Jacques Dro has reached its peak, equipped with a breathtaking automatic doll scene for elegant 8-a blooming lotus.

At the push of a button on a Lady 8 Flower watch, the lotus will bloom slowly, revealing the diamond flower heart

The Elegant 8 Flower watch combines all the techniques of Jacques Dro. The two rings overlap to form Jacques Dro’s iconic number 8. The 8 symbolizes harmony, perfection and endlessness. A butterfly with wings spread is displayed on the ring below, and two styles are available: the first butterfly is decorated with translucent red enamel hand-painted carved butterfly wings with a guilloché surface; the second is embellished with precious stones, the butterfly Inlaid with sapphire and snowflake-encrusted diamonds. The ring above shows a lotus flower covered with a sapphire crystal dome mirror. The lotus symbolizes Ning He Jing Yuan and elegant poetry, and is regarded as a sacred and pure flower in many Asian cultures. The lotus on the dial is meticulously crafted to the best of every detail: each petal is carefully sculpted to give the petals a perfect satin effect on the back, or one by one with enamel.

Lady 8 Flower watch with Jaquet Droz 615 self-winding mechanical movement, single barrel, balance wheel with adjustment screws and silicon balance spring

This event installation displays mysterious and implied flower buds or full blooms, not just pure natural wonders full of poetry. Just press the button and the lotus will bloom slowly, revealing the diamond flower heart. With this timepiece, Jacques Dro has also achieved a new technological innovation: the watch mechanism and the Lotus doll device are simultaneously embedded in a 35 mm diameter case of the same size and ensure that the two do not interfere with each other. The case is also exquisitely crafted, regardless of size selection or inlaid embellishment, each watch’s brilliant-cut or baguette-cut diamonds are meticulous.

Limited edition of 28 Lady 8 Flower watches

The elegant 8 Flower Lady 8 Flower watch series is launched in two models, limited to 28 pieces in red gold. Through these two watches, Jacques de Loire shares with customers the magical secrets, that is, inherited from generation to generation, advanced craftsmanship and the charm of flowers that bloom every time.

Panerai History Series Limited Edition 500 Pieces

Cold, all-black appearance, black cushion-shaped ceramic case with black sandwich dial, with water buffalo strap and smoke-gray sapphire crystal case back, limited to 500 pieces, belonging to Panerai The history of the Panerai series.
Technical Parameters:
Panerai’s own manual base movement P2002
Panerai completes its own manual movement P2002 / 3
Diameter: 133/4 legal minutes
Thickness: 6.6 mm
Number of gems: 21 stones
Swing frequency: 28,800 times / hour
Power reserve: 8 days
Balance: Glucydur® single metal balance
Suspension: KIF Parechoc® anti-vibration
Three barrels
Number of parts: 225

Functions: hours, minutes, small seconds, date display, linear power reserve display
Case: 45 mm diameter, black ceramic case with patented removable strap ring, screw-in crown with OP lettering
Bezel: Black ceramic bezel
Case back: Smoke grey transparent sapphire crystal
Dial: black dial, luminous Arabic numerals, date display at 3 o’clock, small seconds at 9 o’clock, linear power reserve display at 6
Mirror: Sapphire crystal made of emery, 2 mm thick with anti-reflective coating
Water resistance: 10 bar (~ 100 meters)
Strap: Leather strap with PANERAI logo, large titanium buckle and black hard coating
Model: PAM00384

Eternal Beauty Tasting Omega Constellation Watch

Omega was founded by Mr. Louis Brandt in 1848. Omega marks a glorious achievement in the history of watchmaking, and is proud of its peers. One. Constellation series is the most famous series of the brand. It has a high reputation all over the world and is one of the most recognizable models. It has been praised by the industry and loved by consumers. This time I introduce you to a constellation series watch. The 31 mm watch has a blue dial and a bezel with snowflakes and diamonds. It has a classic and noble style. Official model:

   The classic design concept of the Constellation series originates from the special release of the Omega Centennial Series to commemorate the centennial of the birth of the Omega brand. In 1952, the first constellation watch with a golden star-shaped logo on the dial was born, and in the decades since then, the constellation series has been modified and redesigned many times, and it has a variety of shapes and movements. Changes, inconveniences make it elegant and precise and reliable automatic chronometer movement.

   The newly upgraded constellation coaxial watch is shining with dazzling light, which cannot be ignored. This watch has a case diameter of 31 mm, and the case and bracelet are made of 18K red gold and stainless steel.

   The dazzling blue PVD dial features a sun ray pattern emanating from the star emblem at 6 o’clock, and 11 single-cut diamonds dot the hour scale. The 18K gold polished hour and minute hands are covered with a white luminous layer to ensure that the time can be easily read under any light conditions. At 3 o’clock, the date is displayed.

   The polished bezel in 18K red gold is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, which shines brilliantly.

   The four ‘claws’ on the case are an important feature of the watch. The four polished 18K red gold claws on the frosted case. The contrast of color and texture makes the distinctive sign of this constellation watch more obvious.

   The claws appeared on the dial of the constellation watch. It originated in 1982. In this year, Omega released the constellation Manhattan watch. Designers Carol Didisheim and Pierre-André Aellen added four claw designs to the dial shape design. This unique design not only enhanced the extraordinary beauty of the watch’s appearance, but also reflected the extremely high functionality in that era: the claws firmly fixed the sapphire crystal mirror and gasket on the case to ensure the watch’s water resistance characteristic. Today, this classic shape has become the main feature of the Constellation series.

   The 18K red gold and stainless steel bracelet with frosted links and polished chain needles are arranged horizontally in order, which is one of the classic features of the Constellation watch.

   Small stainless steel folding clasp with matte Omega logo in 18K gold.

   The watch is equipped with the Omega 8520 self-winding coaxial movement, which has long-lasting superb accuracy and stability. Equipped with a cardless balance with a silicon hairspring. The two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time. The movement’s rhodium-plated surface is decorated with a unique Arabic-inspired Geneva wave. Power reserve of 50 hours.

Summary: The classic shape of the watch, the blue dial adds a bit of nobleness and mystery to the watch, and it also makes it very dazzling in the large family of constellation watches. The snowflake-set diamond bezel has luxury in Your own artistic atmosphere. The trustworthy 8520 self-winding coaxial movement removes concerns about the mechanical performance and accuracy of the watch and is a more mature and stable watch. The official model of the watch is, with a reference price of 114400 yuan. (Watch House Photo / Text VIVIAN)
More watch details: omega / 19712 /