Uncovering The Mystery Of Hollow Watch

The skeleton watch originates from Mr. ANDRé-CHARLES CARON, the master watchmaker. He made the first skeleton watch at the end of the 18th century, exposing the mystery of the watch’s internal structure to the world. SKELETON WATCH is particularly beautiful. It is so beautiful that you can fully appreciate the precise mechanical movements inside the watch. This year, you can find unique hollow-out watches from many brands. Here are three of them that shine.
Cartier Blot
Cartier floating tourbillon skeleton watch
    Looking at Cartier this year, although the scenery is almost all of the new series Calibre deCartier, this floating tourbillon skeleton watch is still breathtaking and memorable. Through the 45mm crystal clear white gold case, you can see the special ‘Cartier’ design of Rotonde de Cartier: the hollow bridge and the splint are designed into large Roman numerals, and the three Roman numerals are XII, III and IX. Striking around the floating tourbillon frame at 6 o’clock. The patchwork and false-to-true structure give a glimpse of the hairspring in the hollow barrel and its driven movement. This new Rotonde de Cartier watch is equipped with a 9455 MC floating tourbillon skeleton movement. This is a functional and ornamental Cartier movement (the Geneva quality mark poin? On de genève is engraved on the movement, accompanied by a certificate of origin with an independent number).
Hollow Tourbillon
Omega Hollow Tourbillon Coaxial Platinum Limited Edition
    There are only 18 pieces of this hollow-out limited edition in the world, each of which was created by the watchmaker in 540 hours at the Omega Tourbillon Workshop in Bill, Switzerland. You can find the name of the master who made your watch on the back of the tourbillon base plate. Omega is the only watchmaker to create a central tourbillon. The hands of the central tourbillon watch cannot be placed on the central axis in the conventional way, but are etched on the sapphire crystal wafer disk, and driven by the transmission device on the outer edge of the disk. The result of this design is amazing-the hands look like they float freely above the movement. The titanium tourbillon frame rotates once every 60 seconds to offset the effect of gravity on the watch’s travel time. The movement is polished by sun-ray pearlescent polishing, and its bridges and mechanical devices are manually polished. The automatic cymbal with sapphire base plate has been completely redesigned and etched with the words ‘limited edition’.

See the mystery of Caruso
Blancpain 1-minute floating carrousel
    In recent years, treasure platinum has a lot of intentions on caroline. This mechanism uses the differential effect to drive the frame, and it is used to offset the performance impact of the gravity on the movement error like the tourbillon. The difference is that the second hand wheel in Carrousel’s rotating frame rotates with the entire frame. Blancpain first launched the one-minute floating carrousel in 2008. This year, you can see the one-minute floating carrousel in two important series of Blancpain, one of which is the sporty masculine L-Evol uti on series. This watch is limited to 50 pieces worldwide. Blancpain is fixed with a transparent sapphire splint so that the Carrousel movement is clearly displayed in front of your eyes. In this way, you can see this special mechanism of flying rotation.