Tian Yanzhen, Citizen, How Can I Become The Best ‘blue Friend’?

In the past two days, when I swiped my phone, I saw a HEBE iron powder in the circle of friends sent a screenshot of an order placed on an e-commerce platform, and a line of words filled with joy: She successfully grabbed a piece of Citizen’s ‘Blue Friend’, and when one of her friends saw that she was going to buy another piece, she found that it was sold out. What kind of ‘Blue Friend’ has such a magic power that little girls who rarely wear watches usually have such great enthusiasm, whether in pre-sale or formal sale, they are quickly sold out? Citizen’s Best Blue Friend CITIZEN X HEBE Signature Limited Edition Watch Citizen’s signature “Tian Yanzhen” blue watch launched by Citizen is a watch for fans, which is definitely full of sincerity. As the best blue friend, Yan value must be online. This watch uses a blue mother-of-pearl dial with golden luminous hands and hour markers, showing a natural color change and layering. The Tian pattern on the dial is designed by Tian Yanzhen himself. I hope fans can ‘in the heart of the field’ ‘. The iconic Tian signature art signature is engraved on the back of the case. The blue calfskin strap is comfortable and soft and comfortable to wear. It also makes the art signature close to the skin and adds a sense of companionship. Best Blue Friend CITIZEN X HEBE Signature Limited Edition Watch The best Blue Friend must be attentive. This watch continues the fashion and environmental protection style of Citizen in recent years. It uses the core ECO-DRIVE light kinetic energy technology, and the super endurance allows blue Friends can always be full of energy and stay with you. The blue friend’s watch box also contains a special heart. Tian Yanzhen also prepared a confession for each fan in the watch box. Although I do n’t know what is written in it, I believe that every fan will open the moment Feel very warm. Rather than talking about price, it is a hooligan. This limited edition of 3,300 watches sells for only 1980 yuan. You need to know that as long as the products on the market are labelled with stars around them, the price will go up, and the price will be tens of thousands of dollars. The price of 1980 yuan can buy a Citizen solar-powered watch, or the idol personally participated in the design For fans, the pricing of ‘Blue Friends’ can be very conscience! The Best Blue Friends Meet-in-Time regressed a few days ago, and Citizen held a grand ‘Best Blue Friends’ Meetup in Beijing. Citizen spokesperson Tian Yizhen came to the scene as the chief inspiration of ‘Blue Friend’ and told fans and the media present the best ‘Blue Friend’ inspiration and bit by bit in the design process. The general manager of Citizen China, Mr. Ryufu Sugawa and Tian Yuzhen unveiled the mysterious veil of the “Blue Friend” watch. The stage design of the day’s press conference was derived from Tian Yuzhen’s “Own Room” MV. Many of the objects on the stage were in the MV. What has really appeared in China can be said to perfectly restore ‘Zhen No Room’. The overall hue of the room is fresh blue. Blue is the color that Tian Yanzhen likes, which makes him feel happy and relaxed, and it is also the inspiration for the color matching of ‘Blue Friends’. In the subsequent interactive sessions, lucky fans had the opportunity to have a close contact with their idols. Tian Yezhen also read the fans’ letters on the spot. Subsequently, Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu, chairman and general manager of Citizen (China) Watch Co., Ltd., came on stage and unveiled the mystery of ‘Blue Friends’ with Tian Yanzhen, and presented Tian Yanzhen with the ‘Blue Friends’ watch number 0001. As a powerful ‘pet fan’ owner, Mr. Sumikawa Ryufu said that in order to meet the needs of fans, this cooperation incorporates more ideas of Tian Yizhen. I hope that this watch can become a companion to each other and pass more warmth to everyone. Tian Yan Zhen is so beautiful and lovely! At the scene, she was happy to talk about her ‘Blue Friend’ Tian Yanzhen wearing a Citizen ‘Blue Friend’ watch to show the details. In addition to the outstanding appearance and intent, ‘Blue Friend’ is also keen on public welfare. This time from each ‘Blue Friend’ A part of the sales support the China Children and Teenagers’ Fund, a charity project called ‘Music Childhood’, to help more children realize their music dreams and nourish a good childhood through music. The ‘Blue Friend’ helps music childhood ‘public welfare project must succeed in grabbing the’ Blue Friend ‘fans who can’t wait to put it on, making it the’ Best Blue Friend ‘to accompany each other on their own life. The best WeChat account and watch consultant for professional watch media to learn about watch knowledge and information, founded by watch culture expert Bai Yingze. Add WeChat: watchtraveler to follow the watch tour at any time. –