The Top Jewellery Craftsmanship Once Again Embodies The Dream Journey Of The Animal World: Chopard Animal World Series Hedgehog Watch

In the Chopard High Jewellery Workshop, another extraordinary craftwork was born, a mysterious watch paved with diamonds, concealed under the glorious hedgehog full of moonstone stones, continuing The poetic journey of the Chopard Animal World.
   This unparalleled work embodies the top craftsmanship of Chopard Jewelry Workshop and takes hundreds of hours to complete by hand. The exquisite hedgehog-shaped jewellery watch combines unique beauty and precision performance, further enriching Chopard’s Animal World series. This unique timepiece is crafted in 18K white gold and uses extraordinary full-paved diamond and moonstone inlay technology, which is a perfect work of reality and dream: Chopard once again contains a wonderful journey of fantasy and fantasy with rare beasts.
Chopard Top Jewellery
   This top-of-the-line jewellery watch showcases the ingenuity and dedication of its dedicated work. The High Jewellery Workshop was founded by Caroline Scheufele, co-president and creative director of Chopard. Under the guidance of its guidelines, it has grown rapidly in Chopard in recent years. Today, top jewellery includes the following fascinating collections: Animal World, Red Carpet and Green Carpet, demonstrating the power of modern art with superb art and craftsmanship. With these collections, top jewellery, from design to production, has become the backbone of the Geneva brand Chopard. These works draw inspiration from nature, have a unique aesthetic style, and continue the moral concept of Chopard Workshop, which is fascinating and timeless.
   The Chopard Animal World Hedgehog is an 18K white gold watch set with 15.05 carats of moonstone and 4.08 carats of paved diamonds.
Meta-arts and crafts
   The creation of this hedgehog watch begins with a pair of dexterous hands. Chopard’s jewellery craftsmen have been immersed in the production of this extraordinary masterpiece with creative professional skills and extraordinary patience. The works show all the top jewelry craftsmanship: designers, jewelry wax sculptors, jewelers, gem craftsmen, inlayers, polishers … from lines to shapes, from processed gold materials to inlaid gems, for this mysterious jewelry Watches bring vitality and condense their respective talents to inject unparalleled time and flow into the precious hedgehog jewelry. Chopard brings together more than 30 crafts under the same roof, enabling different crafts to complement each other and integrate seamlessly. The Schafer family is dedicated to guarding this wealth, focusing on the inheritance and training of craftsmanship for generations. Chopard knows that the most precious heritage is manpower.
The extraordinary work of the Animal World series

   The latest masterpiece from Chopard’s top jewellery workshop is a beloved hedgehog, set with charming moonstone, adding a new member to the wonderfully charming Animal World collection, and based on the unique diamond pavé hand-crafted technique of Chopard, the top jewelry watch brand in Switzerland , Makes the hedgehog glow charming. Moonstone is extremely delicate and delicate. It requires the craftsman’s superb technique to grind spikes of different thicknesses. Combining sensitive methods, superb craftsmanship and outstanding skills, the hedgehog’s spherical body can have a harmonious and full shape proportion. The head of the hedgehog is full of diamonds. Two sapphire eyes make the hedgehog’s eyes look bright and lively. The playful nose is inlaid with brown diamonds. There is a secret mechanism hidden underneath: touch the nose of the hedgehog, and the jewellery becomes a top jewelry watch. Through a delicate mechanism, opening the main body from the middle position of the hedgehog’s back will reveal a cute little hedgehog with a four-claw plate wrapped around the watch dial. The inside of the watch is completely set with diamonds, showing the magnificence of art works, and its mysterious characteristics are even more precious. Secret and not visible, only the wearer’s will can reveal its charming charm and clock function.
Mystery Watch
   The Chopard Hedgehog watch is fascinating to read the wonderful moments, letting time fly by. The mysterious watch is elegant and antique, reminiscent of the era of avoiding the eyes of others and obscure reading. Mysterious and charming temperament combined with unparalleled beauty, makes this hedgehog watch exude elegance and unique aristocratic style.