Tag Heuer Shanghai Shangjia Center Flagship Store Grand Opening

On June 7, 2013, TAG Heuer, a Swiss watch pioneer, opened its grand store in Shangjia Center, Shanghai. This store is TAG Heuer. Shanghai’s third specialty store is also the world’s largest boutique group LVMH located in Shanghai’s latest fashion landmark-Shangjia Center Group’s high-end brand.

 In 2013, as the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary of the Calera collection, many mainstream media in Shanghai and watch enthusiasts gathered at the flagship store of TAG Heuer Shangjia Center to witness another precious moment of TAG Heuer’s expansion in China.

New concept

 The TAG Heuer flagship store is located on the first basement floor of Shanghai Shangjia Center. This store is the world’s first brand to adopt the latest design concept. Adhering to TAG Heuer’s pioneer and avant-garde, the brand is based on bronze and black to highlight the brand’s unique temperament.

Avant-garde facade

 The design of the entire store’s façade is a highlight. The all-mirror stainless steel and bronze materials make the whole look avant-garde and luxurious. Enter the spacious and bright store, using high-grade wild black oak and a large number of earth-colored leather materials to make TAG Heuer’s luxury quality clear. A full range of TAG Heuer products, including watches, luxury mobile phones, glasses, leather goods, etc. are displayed in the window Inside.

Humanistic design

 The design achievements of the brand since ancient times, such as precious antique watches, old car speedometers, etc., are a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and century-old watchmaking technology, and it is as if it is placed in the National Library of China. It showcases the style of Swiss watchmaking pioneers who created the fine arts for more than a century and a half.

 Founded in 1860, TAG Heuer has undergone 153 years of hardening. With sophisticated watchmaking technology, unique and innovative design concepts, high-tech materials, excellent performance, and extreme precision, TAG Heuer has always led the development of Swiss precision watchmaking. As a pioneer in Swiss watchmaking and a leader in chronographs, TAG Heuer writes the brand’s eternal adherence to precise timekeeping. In 2012, TAG Heuer launched the world’s first Mikrogirder, which can be accurate to 5 / 10,000 seconds, and won the ‘Golden Pointer Award’, the highest honor in the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award.

 As the star brand of the world’s largest boutique group Louvre Xuan Group, TAG Heuer is known as a model of Swiss precision watchmaking and has created countless legends in the watchmaking industry. Since entering the Chinese market, TAG Heuer has grown rapidly in China. Today, with its brand’s profound cultural heritage, many masterpieces that have lasted for 153 years, as well as the continuous introduction of new watches and communication products, TAG Heuer has gradually become a Chinese man. Dream first.