Single Hand Time Zone Watch Jacques Dro 12 Time Zone Alternative Watch Tasting

As one of the world’s top watch brands, Jacques Dro watch is always famous for its bold design. Where many people think that is reasonable, Jacques Dross can always seek to be different and give people a different feeling, but this feeling is successful every time. Today Xiaobian brings you an alternative single-pointer 12-time zone watch.
 Jacques de The Twelve Cities J010124202

 This watch uses a white gold case, which is not as wide as the traditional case, but rather thinner, leaving more space for the dial. The design on the dial is unique and very rare. A watch has only one pointer. Jacques Dro is expressing different design concepts. The entire dial has an eccentric recessed circular design that accommodates the main elements, forming a special emphasis.

 The function of the watch is the top priority of this watch. Yes, its function is so distinctive that it subverts tradition. It has the function of jumping the hour display and the 12-zone time indication function. It divides the world into 12 time zones, which has not appeared in any watch. As early as the 18th century, an international convention has been formed. For 24 time zones, Vacheron Constantin once divided this into 36 time zones, but Jacques Droe reduced it to 12 time zones, and presented the cities in the time zone at 6 o’clock. Change with the time zone.
 The J010124202 watch is one of the most ‘creative’ models in the series. Its creativity is not expressed in adding new functions, but in subverting the traditional three- or two-hand watch pattern, and it is indicated by only one needle. Minutes, and the word jump hour function is added to make the simple hour and minute display show different gameplay. In addition, it has revolutionized 24 time zones in the world, and replacing it with 12 time zones is a bold and challenging design.

 Summary: Jacques Droe started out as a precision mechanical structure. From the original robot puppet to the current mechanical watch, the brand has gone through hundreds of years of ups and downs. Today, the brand not only inherits the original superb mechanical technology, At the same time, the unique design and modern technology are used to shrink the mechanical structure into the watch.
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