Shanghai Rolex Masters 10 Years Of Sharpening A Sword, The Classic Yongchuan Continued

This is the best time. The ‘Big Four’ ruled by Federer ruled the tennis world, raising the elegance and charm of tennis to an unprecedented level; Shanghai enjoyed Asia’s only ATP1000 Masters game and perfectly integrated the Shanghai style culture with the essence of tennis. From the 2009 ATP1000 Masters settled in Shanghai to the 10th Shanghai Rolex Masters in 2018, which is ready to go, the sword will last for ten years, and the classics will continue forever.

The only glory in Asia
   The ATP (World Men’s Tennis Federation) reformed the tournament level in 2009. The ATP1000 Masters came into being. As the eighth of the nine ATP1000 Masters of the year, Shanghai became a crowd of stars at the end of the year. The point of contention. More importantly, from North America to Europe, from hard to red clay, Shanghai is the only one-stop masters tournament held in Asia. This is the international tennis organization’s affirmation of the prosperity of the Chinese tennis market and the hard work of Chinese tennis players. Testimonials.

   Since the first year of the 2009 Rolex Masters in Shanghai, Rolex, a well-known Swiss watch brand with a long history and distinguished descent, has acted as the exclusive presentation sponsor and has officially designated the timepiece for the ATP1000 Masters. Being able to be favored by Rolex in the early stage of the event shows the great potential of Shanghai. The Shanghai Rolex Masters never let the world down, and won the ATP Masters of the Year for the fifth time in 2009-2013. Shanghai’s name has since been closely linked to top tennis events, and tennis has become a new business card for Shanghai, a charming capital.
Title sponsorship, go hand in hand
   Over the past forty years, Rolex has spared no effort to support the highest level of tennis tournaments. This exciting journey began with the cooperation between Rolex and Wimbledon Tennis Championships in 1978. For Wimbledon, Rolex has played an important role for more than forty years. Role, dedicated to supporting all levels of this Grand Slam tournament. It also includes co-sponsorship of the Australian Open and the timepiece of the conference. As a matter of course, starting this year, Rolex chose to work with the American Tennis Association and its flagship US Open tennis tournament to become the sponsor of the US Open, serving as the conference timekeeper and clock for the event; in keeping with the tradition of Grand Slam , Both parties share the unremitting pursuit of quality, excellence, precision and performance.

   In recent years, the development of tennis in China has been extremely rapid. Rolex values ​​the development potential of tennis in China, and supports all tennis events. It has been committed to promoting the healthy growth of tennis in China. Since 2010, Rolex has been upgraded to a title sponsor, and the Shanghai ATP1000 Masters officially changed its name to the Shanghai Rolex Masters. A city, an event, a brand, Shanghai and Rolex have jointly created the glorious decade of Chinese tennis.

   The Rolex Masters Shanghai not only respects traditions, but also seeks new changes. Just like Rolex’s secret to the vitality of the brand, it continuously strives for excellence and excellence. In 2017, the Shanghai Rolex Masters made a major change to the logo of the event. The outline changed from the original smooth curve to a tough straight line that transmitted power. The shape was sharp, like a diamond facet, which showed more precision and texture. The concept of rigorous competition, excellence, and Rolex’s global brand strategy are more matched. The interior design changed from the original Magnolia roof side to a large panoramic view overlooking the court. A tennis ball in the middle of the court is being tossed into the sky, making people feel like they are in the central court of the Shanghai Rolex Masters. An integral part. The change of the logo indicates the determination to comprehensively improve the quality of the event, and represents the beginning of a new chapter!
Witness the legend and create glory
   From October 7th to 14th, 2018, the 10th Shanghai Rolex Masters with a total prize money of US $ 9,219,970 will be held in Shanghai Qizhong Tennis Center as scheduled. Rolex will be the title sponsor and the tenth official designation Timepieces will witness more moments in history.

Rolex spokesperson Dominic Tim

Grigor Dimitrov

Rolex spokesperson Lucas Puy

    Looking back on the ten years that Rolex has accompanied the Shanghai Masters all the way, spanning every minute, countless classic pictures are fixed in front of the green Rolex timepiece. In 2014, Rolex’s spokesperson Federer experienced a ‘shock’ moment in the second round, saving 5 match points to pass the risk. Federer will not die, and there will be a blessing. Federer, who advanced all the way to the final, finally defeated French player Simon and won the Shanghai Rolex Masters Championship. In 2017, Federer returned to the top and scored twice in the Shanghai Rolex Masters, defeating his old rival Nadal and winning the championship. Tennis celebrities, Rolex spokespersons Rod Laver and Bjorn Borg also visited the Shanghai Rolex Masters scene, adding another star to this Asia’s highest-level event. From tennis legends in the era of black and white photos to tennis idols in the new century, no matter how the tennis scene changes, Rolex will always stand the test of time and shine forever.

Rolex spokesperson Roger Federer

   In October 2018, the defending champion and Rolex spokesperson Federer will return to Shanghai again with great expectations, joining hands with other brand spokesperson players such as Del Potro, Dimitrov, Tim, Raonic, Puy, Egypt Demond and others started a new round of competition for the championship trophy. Last year, Federer won seven championship trophies including the Australian Open, Wimbledon and Shanghai with his extraordinary comeback performance, and successfully defended the Australian Open title in Melbourne Park in 2018, achieving an unprecedented 20 Grand Slam Grand Prix . Federer has a deep relationship with the Shanghai Rolex Masters, leaving here a perfect footprint and a glorious moment in his career. During Wimbledon, Federer recorded a blessing video for the ‘tenth birthday’ of the 2018 Shanghai Rolex Masters, and promised that he would interact closely with fans in Shanghai to bring a mysterious gift.

Rolex spokesperson Roger Federer, 2017 Shanghai Rolex Masters Winner

   Time never stays for anyone, but it accumulates the power to success for the brave heart, and finally breaks into a timeless classic at a certain moment. The curtain of the tenth Shanghai Rolex Masters is about to be unveiled. Rolex will, as always, offer a wonderful tennis feast for fans who have come a long way in the pursuit of excellence. Who will be the hero of the 2018 classic moment? We will wait and see!