Rolex Announces List Of Winners Of The Global Talent Awards

Los Angeles, November 15, 2016

   On the fortieth anniversary of the Rolex Awards, ten innovators from around the world won this high-profile award. They come from all walks of life, including polar scientists, mechanical clothing designers, ophthalmologists dedicated to preventing blindness for millions of people, and more. Other winners have similarly colorful programs, including technologies to curb hunger, bio-protection programs to save species and habitats, and more.

    Ten winners of the Rolex Talent Award and Young Talent Award will be honored at a public awards ceremony in Los Angeles tonight.

© Rolex

 The Rolex Awards is an international charity program designed to support people who take on major challenges for the benefit of mankind and to fund new long-term projects. For forty years, the Rolex Award has been a model of corporate charity around the world.

Hundreds of outstanding talents, top scientists, environmentalists and business celebrities from Los Angeles, the country and overseas, gathered at the Dolby Theatre, a well-known landmark in Hollywood, the venue of the Academy Awards, to congratulate Rolex The creative spirit of the award winner.

In 1976, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the world’s first waterproof watch, the Rolex Oyster, the Rolex Award came into being. Before the 10 winners in 2016, 130 people had won this award in the past.

‘It’s worth celebrating today, because it’s a very meaningful day for Rolex Award history and Rolex history,’ said Rebecca Irvin, Rolex’s director of charity affairs. Founded the Rolex Award for Talent and Talent, to commemorate the fiftieth anniversary of the birth of the Rolex Oyster, and to promote the foundation of the company-the spirit of creation.

‘Choose in Los Angeles to pay tribute to this pioneering spirit and the pioneering work of the ten Rolex Award winners, it is nevertheless appropriate, because the city of Los Angeles is full of flowers and embraces innovation.’

This year’s winners included six men and four women. An international jury composed of 12 well-known experts selected the finalists from 2,322 applicants from 144 countries and regions, then judged and met the finalists one by one, and finally selected the ten winners. Each of the talent winners and young talent winners received a prize of 100,000 Swiss francs (US $ 104,000) and 50,000 Swiss francs (US $ 52,000) to implement their projects. Each winner also received a Rolex watch and promoted their project with Rolex’s global promotion.

Five winners of the 2016 Rolex Young Talent Award | © Rolex

The five winners of this year’s Rolex Awards are:

Kerstin FORSBERG, 32, Peru
Vreni HÄUSSERMANN, 46, Chile / Germany
Conor WALSH, 35, Ireland
Sonam WANGCHUK, 50, India

The five winners of this year’s Young Talent Award are:

Joseph COOK, 29, UK
Oscar EKPONIMO, 30, Nigeria
Christine Keung, 24, United States
Junto OHKI, 29 years old, Japan
Sarah TOUMI, 29, France / Tunisia