Parmigiani Sponsors Philis Limonzani Magnificent Art Exhibition

From May 1st to October 31st, 2015, the Magnificent art exhibition curated by the famous artist Felice Limosani will be held at the Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) in Florence, Italy. ) Grand opening, Swiss independent watch brand Parmigiani is pleased to participate as an event sponsor.
Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace)
Paolo Cattagni, Mayor Dario Nardella, Maryline De Cesare, Curator Felice Limosani
   Phyllis Limonzani is a brand friend of Parmigiani, versatile and particularly good at storytelling. Last year, Parmigiani commissioned Phyllis Limonzani to design new display windows for the Luisa Via Roma concept store. Phyllis Limonzani draws inspiration from the fleeting butterfly life, and creates a window of ‘Time Flies, Gorgeous Butterflies’ for Parmigiani, giving it infinite vitality and passing countless metaphors and creativity.

   The digital work exhibition, Magnificent, pays tribute to the magnificent beauty that can change the world, and blind singer Andrea Bocelli once described it. Digital images and the beauty of music blend with each other, and Parmigiani revisits the Renaissance classics from a new perspective. Phyllis Limonzani once again demonstrated the extraordinary magical power of the heart.