L.U.C Xp 35mm Esprit De Fleurier Peony Watch A Dream Watch For Women’s Luxury Watch

This LUC XP watch inherits the simple and elegant temperament and excellent technical performance of the Chopard classic series LUC, becoming one of the other flagship models of the Chopard high-end watch series-LUC watches. .

   Since 2014, Chopard has launched a women’s L.U.C watch with a watch diameter of only 35 mm. It is deeply favored by women. Its movement uses the LUC 96.23-L independently developed and manufactured by Chopard, and is decorated with the nearly-lost craft-Fleurisanne carving, which is undoubtedly the passionate collision of femininity and precision timekeeping. Predicts happiness and wealth, limited to 8 pieces.

   Since ancient times, Shenhua Peony has been floating in many legends and myths. Today, Peony blooms delicate petals on the famous Chopard watch, exudes elegant fragrance, and embellishes the dial of L.U.C XP 35mm Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch and the Chopard factory-made movement. This watch is feminine and feminine, while adhering to the strict standards of haute horology. The peony on the dial of the mother-of-pearl of Tahiti is exquisite and moving, and the song is moving. It is shaped in gold and embellished with diamonds. It is set on the bottom of the rose gold dial, exuding grace and elegance.

   Paramount Elegance In 2014, Chopard first introduced the L.U.C ultra-thin watch with a diameter of 35 mm, presenting an exclusive L.U.C watch for women. Previously, women who loved this watch could only borrow men’s watches. The watch is light, detailed, and timeless, with a high-precision movement produced by Chopard.
   In 2015, this elegant and chic, royal-looking model adds a new masterpiece: the L.U.C XPS 35mm Esprit de Fleurier watch. This watch uses an increasingly rare ancient technique: the fleurisanne carving process. Today, the craft is reborn with a peony pattern. The watch is limited to 8 pieces with a grey matte canvas strap.
Oriental flower

   In Greek and Eastern mythology, the peony has a rich fragrance in many legends. Peony originated from Central Asia and was originally planted as a medicinal plant to treat a variety of diseases. At first, it was a symbol of health and well-being, but it was gradually given more meaning. It is considered a marriage that brings good fortune, prosperity and happiness, and has since represented wealth and honor in Asia. In the Tang Dynasty, the cultural significance of peony was particularly significant. Huayun is even associated with the National Games. The blooming peony symbolizes the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty. Peony is beautiful and beautiful, and is highly respected for its aesthetic characteristics, rich and beautiful posture and intoxicating fragrance. The peony decorates the inner court of the imperial palace, inspiring the artist’s creative inspiration, transforming into various poses, becoming a symbol of spring in Chinese myths and traditions and an incarnation of Wanli woman. Today, the unparalleled beauty of the peony has conquered all cultures and evokes wonderful resonance in the village of Fleurier …
Fleurier, a time-honored tradition
   In 1996, Karl-Friedrich Scheufele established a watch factory specialized in high-precision movements in Fleurier, Jura, Switzerland: the LUC high-end watch series came into being. The LUC series name is a tribute to Louis Ulysse Chopard. In less than 20 years, Chopard Watch Factory successfully ranks among the real watchmaking factories, and has been unanimously recognized by the watch industry and the general public. All research and development and production processes of L.U.C watches are completed in-house in Fleurier. This vertical integration system has witnessed the independence of the Chopard brand, which is one of the core values ​​of Chopard’s corporate culture.

   The village of Fleurier, the cradle of the watch industry, is the birthplace of many craftsmanship, but these craftsmanship is becoming increasingly rare. Chopard hopes to continue these traditions and carry on a deep cultural and aesthetic heritage. The fleurisanne carving is one of the decorative skills representing this watchmaking heritage: this craft won a great reputation for local watchmakers in the 19th century, and the timepieces used to decorate this carved pattern were all the rage as far away as China.
   Chopard revived this craft with the L.U.C XP 35mm Esprit de Fleurier Peony watch. Its rose gold movement is carved with peony motifs using fleurisanne engraving technology. This ingenious and unique technique is unique in relief. The engraver carved the material around the pattern. Then sculpt the wavy lines and flower patterns on the remaining surface and polish it to obtain the brilliance effect. Then around the pattern, carved one by one, and finally formed the appearance of grain. This time-consuming process requires extremely ingenious techniques, and Chopard has trained in-house professional craftsmen to inherit this traditional craft. After the engraving process is completed, the movement is then plated with rhodium to obtain a novel and unique two-color appearance.
Technological innovation
   This movement uses Twin’s patented technology, which is equipped with stacked coaxial double barrels and a power reserve of 65 hours. This kind of automatic movement is placed in an ultra-thin case with a thickness of 7.5 mm. Thanks to the delicate structure of the micro-rotor, the watchmakers at Chopard Watch Factory realized this extraordinary pioneering work and successfully sublimated the L.U.C 96.23-L movement configuration.
Technical specifications

• 18K rose gold case
• Total diameter: 35 mm
• Thickness: 7.50 mm
• Water resistance: 30 meters
18K rose gold crown with L.U.C logo, 5.00mm
• Diamonds on the bezel, lugs and bezel
• Anti-glare sapphire crystal
• Open case back
• Automatic winding movement L.U.C 96.23-L
• Total diameter: 27.40 mm
• Thickness: 3.30 mm
• Number of gems: 29
• Vibration frequency: 28,800 times / hour
• Power reserve: 65 hours
• Two-color movement, rose gold bridge carved and rhodium-plated
• Double barrel-Twin® technology
• Hand-carved fleurisanne-peony decoration
Dial and hands:
• Gold dial coated with Tahiti mother-of-pearl-peony pattern with diamonds
• Gold-plated crown prince hour and minute hands
Function and display:
• Central hours and minutes display
Strap and buckle:
• Pink frosted canvas strap
• 18K rose gold pin buckle with diamonds
Model: 131944-5001-18K Rose Gold
Limited edition of 8 pieces-Exclusive sale at exclusive stores

Unparalleled Watch Giants Tasting Lange Lange 1 Gold Watch

As a classic masterpiece of the Lange brand, the Lange No. 1 gold watch combines gold sleeves, 3/4 splints and the essence of Saxony’s watchmaking technology. It adopts a large dual-window calendar display and power reserve display. Innovative design elements such as the function and small seconds dial are internationally renowned. Lange No. 1 represents the exquisite craftsmanship and persistent pursuit of Lange watchmaking masters, and the unremitting efforts to create such a model of Lange. Next, the watch house will share with you the charm of the Lange Lange No. 1 gold watch. The official model is: 101.021

   The classic round case design, its balanced and proportioned distribution, and the newly created internal parts are skillfully combined to perfectly explain the master craftsmanship of the watchmaking masters, and also to show every piece of the watch elegantly.

   As shown in the figure, the large window display at 1 o’clock is the dual-window indicator; the power reserve indicator at 3 o’clock; the small seconds dial at 5 o’clock; The dial is a clock and minute display dial; the button on the outside of the case at 10 o’clock is the date adjustment button.

   The case made of 18K yellow gold has a diameter of 38.5 mm and a thickness of 10 mm, which makes it not too small; the design of the case is coordinated and balanced, and the lines are delicate, showing the elegance of the watch.

   The knurled crown is securely set at 3 o’clock on the right side of the case, which matches the case very well.

   From the front of the crown, the ‘A. Lange & Söhne’ Lange logo above is clearly visible; the layered case design seems to move the crown down slightly, closer to the bottom of the watch .

   The silver-white dial is very evenly arranged. The Lange Logo at 12 o’clock is eye-catching and generous. The clock, minute display and small seconds dial are closely connected, just like the gears that engage each other. The storage pointer makes up for the blank on the dial.

   The main area of ​​time display in the watch is now set at 9 o’clock in the form of a 1/3 small dial, which breaks through the traditional design and presents different visual effects to people with innovative thinking. The three-dimensional gold hour markers set on the small dial are staggered with Roman numerals and diamonds.

   The hand-polished sword-shaped design gold pointer also has three-dimensional beauty, and the end is fixed at the axis; the pointer tip is very fine for more accurate readings.

   The matching brown crocodile leather strap has a pin buckle design, and the polished gold buckle is engraved with the “LANGE” English logo. The overall feel is elegant and exquisite.

   The back-to-back case glass can clearly see the internal movement structure, the iconic Saxon stripe 3/4 plywood design, fixed with blue steel screws, and equipped with 53 artificial ruby ​​bearings to friction in the movement Minimized; but nine are set in precious gold sleeves and secured with blue steel screws.

   The L095.1 manual winding movement developed by Lange guarantees a power reserve of up to 72 hours and a vibration frequency of 21,600 times per hour. The lever escapement system and gooseneck fine-tuning are effective guarantees. The precise movement of the watch.

In summary: Lange’s Lange 1 watch can be said to be a great galloping watchmaker. He combines innovative elements with classic traditional design concepts, and does more on the basis of ensuring that the watch moves accurately. Actions beyond imagination; the application of Saxon craftsmanship, the design of eccentric dials and the Lange big calendar have all won them honours in the field of advanced mechanical watchmaking, and they have also written a brilliant chapter in the history of watches.

For details of the watch, please see: lange / 2117 /

[Video] Do You Like Only 250 New Chopard Watches?

Chopard While respecting the rules, Chopard combines eclectic and elegant design to create the elegant style of modern gentlemen. The L.UC XPS Twist QF watch is made of ethical and ‘fair mining’ certified platinum. Its eccentric small seconds dial is located at 7 o’clock, presenting a clever and well-balanced eccentric layout and elegant asymmetric design. This watch is exquisitely slim and of outstanding quality, presenting a rich and varied texture. Limited edition of 250 pieces.

[Video] Do you like only 250 new Chopard watches?

  The design of haute horlogerie is based on human instincts in visual aesthetic perception: symmetry. The L.UC XPS Twist QF watch takes a different approach. Like a woven cashmere tie showing a subtle texture, the crown and small seconds of this watch are off-centered and interesting, while adhering to the consistent quality benchmark of the L.U.C series. The L.UC XPS Twist QF watch follows Chopard’s cherished certification process, showing multiple elegant charms. The watch is awarded the Qualité Fleurier and Precision Chronometer certification. It is equipped with a ‘fair mining’ certified gold case that meets ethical standards, transcends the aesthetic boundaries, and incorporates the quality connotation of precision.
  The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch Fair brought to you by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.
  For more information on the latest Baselworld 2019, please pay attention to the watch house live feature:

The Light Of Watchmaking: A.Lange & Söhne Selected As A Case Study By Harvard Business School

The latest Harvard Business School case study report explains how Lange has become an international watchmaking company and how it has continued to expand in a highly competitive environment. Stefan Thomke, a professor of business administration at Harvard Business School and an authority on innovation management, and Daniela Beyersdorfer, deputy director of the Paris European Studies Center at Harvard Business School, conducted research from 2016 to 2017.

   The two visited the watch factory in Glashütte, took part in training courses at Lange Academy, and interviewed the company’s founder Walter Lange (殁), Wilhelm Schmid, president of Lange, and other management members , Movement designers, watchmakers and retouching craftsmen.
   Ferdinand Adolph Lange founded the watch factory in the 19th century. With the insistence on quality and the spirit of seeking innovation, the development of the watch factory has been steadily rising. However, the German division forced Lange to interrupt its business for forty years, and the brand re-launched after the reunification of Germany and Germany. The values ​​that have remained unchanged for many years made the company reach another peak after 1990. In addition, Lange promotes a culture of innovation while striving for sustainable development.

Langer President Wilhelm Schmid, together with Rohit Deshpande, a professor of marketing at Harvard Business School, published a case study on April 26, 2017.
   Thomke concluded in a 25-page report: ‘The case study is for a company with a tradition of excellence in production quality, innovation, and brand image. Its products are among the top in the watchmaking industry.’
   Wilhelm Schmid, who became the company’s president in 2011, is determined to continue the brand quality and reputation while maintaining business growth and revenue. He said: ‘There are many ways to improve profitability, but the quality level in each field must be stable. We must not compromise on precision and surface finish quality.’ Wilhelm Schmid on April 26, 2017, As a guest speaker at Harvard Business School in Boston, he shares his business model with entrepreneurs and executives around the world.

Inheriting The Art Icing On The Masterpiece Interview With The Bear Enamel

Recently, the editor of Watch House was invited to interview Master Xiong Songtao, the head of Beijing Xiong’s Enamel. The watch house editor came to his factory for an interview. The purpose is to appreciate the artistic and cultural atmosphere there and the charm of Master Xiong himself. During the pre-interview preparations, I found some information about Master Xiong. After collating, I felt that he was a pure businessman silhouette in my mind. In this society, any artistic creation in the form of sale actually lacks the pursuit of art itself. But through actual contact, I saw something deeper than the price of enamel from Master Xiong: the value of life.

Watch House: First of all, please introduce yourself!
 Xiong Songtao: I have lived in this factory since I was a child. After graduating from university, I have learned the craft of enamel from my father. At first I wanted to find a job outside and have my own business, but my father still hoped that he could inherit this craft and pass on the enamel making process. So I learned from my father in the factory. The actual creation of the bear enamel was after I made the enamel dial. About 03 years ago, we started to develop dials. The reason was that the Swiss brand Athens was the first to sell enamel watches. Later, I felt that since my family also made enamels, I wanted to try it myself. The results are still very good. In 2006, we started to cooperate with Beijing Watch Factory to make the first enamel watch, Die Lianhua for North Watch. After the sale of this watch, it received a lot of attention and pursuit in Switzerland, and the price reached about 1 million.
 Watch House: How many years have you made enamel watches?

 Xiong Songtao: 15 years.
 Watch House: Where did your inspiration come from in the process of making the dial?
 Xiong Songtao: As a native of Beijing, many of my inspirations originate from Chinese classical culture.

Watch House: Then you must understand your own classical Chinese culture. Could you briefly talk about it?
 Xiong Songtao: The culture handed down in China for thousands of years covers all aspects. A lot of essence can be extracted from every aspect. I personally prefer Chinese Han culture, such as bronzes. The rise of Cloisonne was introduced to China by some missionaries from the end of the Yuan Dynasty. At that time, the Emperor Ming Dynasty liked it very much. Cloisonne once became an imperial ornament for the palace. In the process of making enamel, we also learned some elements from the Ming and Qing dynasties in the shape And artistic concept.

Watch House: What is the difference between Bear’s enamel and other square enamels?

 Xiong Songtao: First of all, in terms of color, the characteristics of Xiong’s enamel are obvious. We are used to some new colors. Different from traditional Cloisonne. The materials are all configured by ourselves. Lapis lazuli, turquoise or agate is added to the glaze, and the glaze itself uses the traditional palace glaze formula. The second is the reeling process, which is relatively advanced in the industry. Very strong ability to express patterns. The carcass is basically silver or gold, and copper is relatively rare. The grinding process is also very detailed. A dial requires a combination of 54 craftsmanship to produce a complete work.


Watch House: Do you remember the first enamel plate you made?
 Xiong Songtao: Actually, this cannot be generalized, because we are working hard every day to overcome new technical problems, and it is difficult to answer which one of my first enamel plate works, if any, also produced in cooperation with Beibei Butterfly love it! The movement is sterling silver and the technology is mature.
Watch House: Among your many works, do you have a work that you are very proud of? Please give an example.
Xiong Songtao: The Forbidden City series in Fiyta Art Series is currently my own favorite work.

Watch House: What do you think of enamel art yourself?

  Xiong Songtao: The enamel craft has continued for more than 600 years since its initial introduction. From my own point of view, it’s very simple, just can’t lose this craft here. From the early days of liberation, the industry began to resurrect. Until now, there has been no major breakthrough. My career in this life is to make a breakthrough in the production of this art. Once our work was exhibited in Yangzhou, a professor at the Qinghua Academy of Fine Arts was very excited to see our work and said to me that he was very excited to see the current development of Cloisonne. From us, we saw the impetus for the inheritance of ethnic crafts. To myself, I am very proud!
Watch House: We can now expand the enamel craft to the case making, so do you have any ideas to expand the enamel culture to more fields?
 Xiong Songtao: Of course, jewelry, collectibles, daily necessities, etc. We will place enamel on different items as decoration according to different cultural needs.
Watch House: Do you have apprentices now?
 Xiong Songtao: I have apprentices and two.
Watch House: Tell us about your watch!
 Xiong Songtao: A watch is a work of art with decorative techniques. Functionally, it may not be the most valued by consumers. It can show its strength through artistic or complex functions.
Watch House: What are the difficulties in making the enamel dial?

 Xiong Songtao: In fact, the most important thing is the personnel problem! Not many people are willing to learn this craft. There are only a handful of people who can actually sit down and sit down and make enamel.
 Watch House: As an industry leader, do you think the future direction of enamel art itself, or what is the future development trend?
 Xiong Songtao: Moving towards the art direction can also help other brands to enhance the artistic value of the brand.
Home of watches: Can enamel culture be in line with European art forms?
 Xiong Songtao: Of course, but it will be limited by technology. Some European customers provide the required patterns, but not all can be completely restored on the enamel plate, so it can only be modified and negotiated.

Watch House: Seeing a lot of certificates in your cabinet, is there a story in these certificates?

 Xiong Songtao: This golden bottle certificate was given to my father. He was not very healthy at the time, so I made a bottle for my father’s health. The transliteration of the word bottle is ‘ping’, which means peace and security.
Watch House: Tell us about your family history about enamel making!
 Xiong Songtao: My grandfather studied enamel making for 9 years. After his apprenticeship, the country was in turmoil. After that, there was no room for survival. So my grandfather went home to farm. During the Cultural Revolution after liberation, the state called for entertainers with skills , Continue to develop their own skills. This was also conducive to foreign export trade at that time. At that time, our country exported the most jewelry, so under the circumstances, this enamel factory was established. At that time, the scale of the factory was not large, only about 19 people. My grandfather made enamel at that time, and my father built the factory while learning the craft with my grandfather. This factory has been in existence for 44 years from 69 to the present. In 2006, my father retired and gave me this place.

Watch House: Compared with the enamel craft 44 years ago, what updates have we made in craft now?

 Xiong Songtao: A lot. Such as welding technology, traditional glaze development and so on. As for the glaze, compared to the previous glaze, our current glaze is more transparent, because we have added turquoise, agate or quartz, so that the glaze itself will become more moist, It feels like a jade product and has a stronger sense of touch. The color has expanded from more than 100 colors to more than 600 today.
Watch House: In the color world, which color do you personally prefer?
 Xiong Songtao: I like blue, blue and gold. That color has a deep mystery.
Watch House: Do you have any hobbies?
 Xiong Songtao: I usually like to write, write, or read.

 Watch House: Where does your enamel factory tend to go in the future?
 Xiong Songtao: I just want to find a few more powerful apprentices, and want to develop the Xiong enamel factory into a better family history company. For my ancestors, but also to inherit traditional Chinese culture. Can leave something for posterity.

Watch House: What qualities do you think are important in this profession?

 Xiong Songtao: I can calm down. It’s not just for making money in this industry. Sometimes, when the economic situation is bad, the import and export trade will be a bit sluggish. . For example, the economic situation in 2008 was not good. At that time, many people advised me not to do this, but I still insisted on not adhering to it, so people should be calm to get things done.

Watch House: How many people are there in your factory?
 Xiong Songtao: 80 people. The average age is around 40. Everyone has their own specific division of labor.
Home of Watches: How long does it take for an enamel plate from the initial design to the finished product?
 Xiong Songtao: About 2 months.
During the conversation with Master Xiong, you will be unknowingly attracted to him by some kind of temperament. This is not an appearance, but from the conversation you can perceive the artist’s career as a lifelong pursuit and belief.

 Sometimes we will encounter difficulties at a certain stage, but whether we can persist is a very difficult subject, because on the path of life, each of us is like enamel, and sometimes we will follow the development of the times and change Change your own value orientation, but you must maintain your own artistic level so that it will not follow the waves in the big wave of society. In this industry, a lot of companies have gone from prosperity to dim, Xiong’s enamel continues the process to this day, where is the truth? I think there are only two words: persist.

Wonderful And Free Control Appreciation Of Oris Culture Series Long Power Watch

In 2014, Swiss independent watch brand Oris, in order to celebrate the 110th anniversary of the brand’s founding, grandly launched the new masterpiece Caliber 110 movement, which is back to the road of independent research and development. The mechanical movement, which can provide up to 10 days of power, is also used to design classic cultural series. Once it was launched, it attracted much attention. This is the first completely self-developed mechanical movement developed by Oris. Long-term power has won a lot of prestige for the watch. Since then, Oris has been out of control. On the basis of this movement, 11/112/113 and other functions have evolved. In 2017, Oris launched the 113 core as its core and launched Obviously, it has an ultra-long kinetic watch with complex functions. Obviously, it has prepared, practical and comprehensive functions, ideal for business elites. Model: 01 113 7738 4061-Set 1 23 72FC.

   When the first 110 movement was born, Oris undoubtedly brought a surprise to the watchmaking industry. The 10-day power has a rich meaning. It exceeds most of the long-powered watches common on the market, and it is also more than 30,000. At this price point, the only self-movement watch with such a long power. Afterwards, Oris introduced the 111 movement with a calendar, the 112 movement with a calendar and GMT and day and night instructions, and the 113 movement with a calendar, week, weekly calendar, and month. Obviously, the 110 movement is already a A masterpiece, but it still has high scalability.
Rich functions

Functional illustration
   The new Cultural Series Artist 113 watch is the most versatile watch among the four versions of the movement. In my opinion, it is also the most suitable for business elites because it covers the most comprehensive time display. Features, the new weekly calendar display, so that we always know the current annual planning period. For business people, there are always changes in the year’s plan, and the weekly calendar tells you how long a year has passed. A reasonable plan obviously requires a clear time for benchmarking.

Oris Cultural Series Artist 113 Self-Movement Watch
   Just like the dial layout of the 110-calibre watch, the power reserve display of the new watch is also located at 3 o’clock, a small second dial and date are arranged at 9 o’clock, and a weekday hand is added, although the dial information is relatively complicated , But at a glance. Ingeniously, in order not to make the dial more complicated, the week calendar and month use the same hand, and each hour corresponds to a month in the middle, which coincides with the cycle. When you look at the week calendar, you can also see the corresponding month.

Polished case

   The watch is made of stainless steel, which continues the artistic characteristics of the cultural series. The bezel is polished, the lugs and the case are integrated, and the whole is round and delicate. The side of the case is specially curved to show a harmonious collection style.
The dial is complex but clear at a glance

Silver-white dial
   The diameter of the watch is 43 mm. Due to the narrow bezel, it provides a wide view of the disk surface. Obviously, it is more atmospheric than the ordinary 43 mm sports watch. All time indications are clear at a glance on the disk, and the power reserve will be marked in red on the last day to remind it to wind up. The time scales are all three-dimensional metal scales, which are more luxurious.

Luminous hands
   The three central hands and hour and minute hands are covered with a luminous coating for easy reading at night.

Folding buckle
   The watch comes with a dark brown crocodile leather strap with stainless steel folding buckle, as well as a blue crocodile leather strap and a metal bracelet.
Artist 113 movement

Artist 113 since the movement

Large barrel
   Looking over the watch, through the transparent sapphire case back, Oris’ independent research and development of the 113 movement of the artist is clearly in sight, filling the entire case space, using the bezel as the saying ‘skin thin stuffed’, very enjoyable. It can also be seen that, in order to achieve 10 days of ultra-long power, the barrel occupies a large amount of movement space. The conventional pendulum and balance spring used in the escapement speed regulation mechanism, but the gear fine-tuning fast and slow needle trimmers are selected, which is somewhat unusual and convenient for precise fine-tuning. With the help of two worm wheels at the same time, a non-linear power reserve indication is realized.

Summary: Oris’s new cultural series artist 113 watch with a balanced and balanced dial design, brings a wonderful visual and wearing experience, elegant and exquisite watches suitable for business and casual wear perfectly, reflecting the elite of elegant men Style. Equipped with Oris complicated function manual winding movement, 10 days power, full calendar plus weekly calendar instructions, to help the elite every wonderful day.

Louis Vuitton Les Ardentes Jewellery Watch Global Orphan

There is only one Les Ardentes DISC jewelry watch in the world. Louis Vuitton’s well-known Les Ardentes high-end jewellery series extends the watch series, using sparkling diamonds to craft its famous Monogram classic pattern. This never-before-seen design combines LOUIS VUITTON flower cut and star cut diamonds to create a round or sharp petals that complement each other and are dazzling. spark. In addition, the entire watch diamond also uses the top 4C, which increases the difficulty and uniqueness.
Sparkling diamond withered Monogram classic pattern
Les Ardentes DISC Jewellery Watch
White gold material / quartz movement / hour and minute display / mother-of-pearl dial / mysterious rotating cover design / diameter 16.5mm

Christie’s Will Hold Rolex-themed Auctions In May

Christie’s has just announced that it will hold a ‘Rolex 1930-2010’ theme auction in Geneva on May 15, 2017. This auction will trace the history of the Rolex brand from the invention of the Oyster case (1926) to today’s Rolex brand, spanning 90 years, covering 55 different models, totaling 116 lots. Lots are priced from US $ 2,000 to US $ 500,000, and the complete catalogue has not yet been released. Here are some key lots known to date.
18K Gold Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6264

   This watch is undoubtedly the star of this auction, only two watch owners have ever owned it. The watch is equipped with a lemon dial, the sub-dial and the outer scale ring have been changed from the original black to (similar) brown. You know, ordinary lemon dials are rare. 18K Gold Paul Newman Dayton Ref. 6264 watch with lemon dial, sub-dial and outer scale ring have become the same color, only two are known to exist in the world, this one is one of them .
Estimate: $ 500,000-$ 800,000
Daytona Ref. 6263

   Watches decorated with the ‘Khanjar’ motif are Rolex gifts for the Sultanate of Oman. The stainless steel Daytona watch with the green ‘Khanjar’ pattern on the dial at 12 o’clock is known to have less than 10 pieces, including Ref. 6263 and Ref. 6265. Of all Daytona’s known decorative green ‘Khanjar’ motifs, the one with the earliest serial number participating in the auction makes it even better.
Estimate: $ 320,000-$ 420,000
14k Gold Paul Newman Daytona Ref. 6241 ‘John Player Special’ Watch

   The 14k Gold Daytona Ref. 6241 was produced from 1966 to 1969 and produced less than 400 pieces. This is the first time this watch has appeared on the auction market. The black Paul Newman dial is very eye-catching. The watch shows some signs of wear, but the Rolex sticker on the back is intact.
Estimate: $ 200,000-$ 400,000
Milgauss Ref. 6543

   This is an original Milgauss and one of the strangest watches produced in Rolex history. The Milgauss series is designed for high diamagnetism and is very different. The production period is only three years (1955 to 1957). This watch is equipped with the original ‘honeycomb’ dial, straight seconds (non-lightning seconds) and 60-unit bezel (not the quirky 6-unit bezel).
Estimate: $ 150,000-$ 250,000
Submariner Ref. 5513


   This is one of the true ‘holy grail’ of the Rolex collection. There have been too many fakes in the market, and it is gratifying to see a pure timepiece appear in the auction. This Submariner Ref. 5513 was produced in 1963 and features a unique dial (underlined at 6 o’clock, a narrow crown logo, and an explorer-style 3-6-9 hour marker). In fact, this is the watch’s first appearance at the auction, and the people who offered the lot came from the original watch owner’s family.
Estimate: $ 120,000-$ 200,000
   Starting April 18th, Rolex-themed auction models will be on tour. Exhibition activities will be held in Hong Kong, Los Angeles, Geneva, Taiwan and New York.

A Century Of Classic Heritage Tasting Vacheron Constantin Malte Series New Small Seconds Watch

Vacheron Constantin (Machete Constantin) Malte (Malta) series is famous for its barrel-shaped shell, and applies a variety of well-known complex functions and technologies; including a variety of governors, tourbillon , Dual time zone, moon phases, power reserve, chronograph and skeleton movement. As one of the representatives of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking excellence, over the years the Malte series has introduced a number of high-quality, exquisitely constructed and unique high-quality watches. Today, the Malte “family” has added a new member with extraordinary quality and simple appearance. The watch provides the hours, minutes and small seconds display function. For watch purists with extremely demanding appearance It is a rare treasure. The official number of this watch is: 82130 / 000R-9755.

  The new watch introduced this time can be said to be a continuation of Vacheron Constantin’s classics, which maximizes its long-term charm to everyone, and appreciate its restrained charm.

   From the overall watch, we can see that its design continues the classic Maltese style. The 18K rose gold wine barrel case is 36.7×47.6 mm in thickness and only 9.1 mm in thickness. The gold case is equipped with a crocodile. The classic design of a leather strap complements its elegant taste and texture.

   In order to highlight its noble quality, this watch also uses 18K rose gold on the material of the time markers and hands. At the same time, it is presented on the dial after a more subtle design, which complements the gold-toned case.

   The origin of the Maltese small seconds watch came from the idea of ​​a traditional style with simple and exquisite shapes and elegant lines. The simple and clear design fully illustrates another interpretation of elegance.

   At 12 o’clock and at 6 o’clock, the time scale of the watch is represented by Roman numerals, and the other is represented by the bar time scale. At the same time, the logo at the position below 12 o’clock also shows the source and noble status of the watch.
   The thickness of only 9.1 mm is attributed to the Vacheron Constantin cal. 4400AS manual winding movement. At the same time, the ingenious design of the 18K rose gold crown and the iconic Vacheron Constantin logo can be seen from this picture.
   The watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin cal.4400AS manual winding movement with a diameter of 28.6 mm, a thickness of only 2.8 mm, an oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a power reserve of 65 hours. This movement is equipped with two recognized certifications: a rigorous attitude that guarantees reliable performance and an excellent finishing process; at the same time, the movement also has a Geneva mark that symbolizes high-quality watchmaking skills and excellence.

   This hand-wound movement provides a powerful source of power for the watch and at the same time interprets Vacheron Constantin’s exquisite traditional watchmaking technology.

   Summary: It is reported that the price of this watch is about 170,000 yuan. As the Malta series of Vacheron Constantin, anyone familiar with it will know that the price of the watch will not be less than 150,000 yuan, so this rose gold material automatically The chain’s small seconds watch is priced at 170,000 yuan is also expected. However, I personally think that such a price range to choose an elegant and noble watch for yourself, Vacheron Constantin’s models will definitely enter your candidate list, and the extraordinary charm of Malta’s unique barrel type will certainly conquer many people Heart.

Details of Vacheron Constantin Malte’s new small seconds watch:
vacheron / 19068 /

Time Is Nowhere Inaccurate Longines 24 Hours Watch

For pilots, airplanes need to travel through different time zones on their way back and forth, and using the sun as a reference is not reliable. They need an instrument that can accurately display the time of day. Therefore, a reliable watch has become a must-have for pilots, and Longines’ 24-hour watch is one of them.

Longines 24-hour watch
浪 In the 1950s, Longines supplied watches for Swissair, Swissair. These timepieces have a unique 24-hour dial. Aircraft navigators at the time had to determine the plane’s location and make a flight plan, and this technical feature of the watch fulfilled these needs.
Longines Watches Swiss Airlines navigator watches were specially created for Swiss National Airlines in the early 1950s. Equipped with a Longines 37.9N movement and a central seconds hand, which was designed in the 1940s and used in Longines specially made for pilots. The stainless steel case back is engraved with the Swissair brand logo. Longines archives show that this is one of the 70 limited edition watches produced exclusively for Swiss National Airlines between 1953 and 1956.

Open the cover of the case back, you can see the delicate movement of the movement.
In 2009, Harry Hofmann, a retired Swissair pilot, visited the Longines Museum. He took this opportunity to give a Longines watch he had worn while working at SWISS to Longines. This watch with a 24-hour dial is one of a series of timepieces made by Longines in the 1950s specifically for SWISS aircraft pilots.
In the aviation industry in the mid-twentieth century, one of the duties of aircraft navigators was to determine the location of aircraft and develop flight plans. Therefore, a reliable watch becomes a must-have for pilots. Airplanes need to travel through different time zones on the way back and forth, and sometimes the sun cannot be seen, so the sun cannot be used as a reference point, so an instrument is needed to accurately display the time of day. With a 24-hour dial, the pilot overcomes this problem.
The Longines 24-hour watch has a transparent case back. Open the cover of the case back and you can see the delicate movement of the movement. The inside of the back cover of the watch is engraved with the ‘Reprint of Longines Navigation Watch for SWISS Navigator from 1953-1956’ and the watch number.
Harry Huffman served as the pilot of SWISS, flying this model of DC-4s, DC-6s, DC-7s, DC-8s and Coronados until 1974. Longines was specially produced for Swiss National Airlines in the early 1950s. The watch is engraved with the number 8233331 and equipped with a Longines 37.9N movement and a central seconds hand. This was in the 1940s. It was designed and used in Longines specially made for pilots. The stainless steel case back of Mr. Huffman is engraved with the Swissair brand logo. Longines archives show that this is one of the 70 limited edition watches produced exclusively for Swiss National Airlines between 1953 and 1956. These watches are technically in the same vein as Longines pilot watches-they are Longines Whistles seconds hand-set watches produced in 1927 and Longines timepieces from 1932. As a professional Swiss watch company, Longines chose to re-launch this watch because of its historical significance and excellent functions, and also because of the enduring aesthetic appeal of this work, this watch was named Longines. 24-hour watch.