Zenith Flagship 410 Watch Sincerely Presents Father’s Day

Zenith flagship 410 watch, ¥ 66,100 (stainless steel)

 Fatherly love was speechless and serious. At that time, it was often impossible to speak in detail, but over time, it became deeper and deeper. Zenith selected the flagship series 410 watch to offer a sincere gift to Father’s Day. The classic replica design perfectly interprets the low-key and restrained luxury. The rhythmic dance of the legendary movement of El Primero 410 always remembers silent care. Wear the symbol of time on your wrist. Zenith uses this classic to record time and love, and praises the great fatherly love with the most sincere blessings.
 Zenith’s flagship series 410 watch is equipped with the El Primero full-calendar chronograph movement, which was born in 1969 by the brand. While recreating the classic style, it is also equipped with rare complications. Relying on the brand’s ingenious skills, it not only retains the authentic quality of this iconic work of the last century, but also adds a hint of modernity to it, highlighting the elegance and wisdom of mature men, making this watch a true name The only real thing. This limited edition watch launched this year with a silver dial, highly restored the functional layout design of historical models, every detail is filled with a strong 70s style, so nostalgic emotions always accompany the father’s wrist, 42 mm steel The case has a smooth arc shape. The perfect combination of polished and frosted details highlights the avant-garde character. The pure blue second hand is also embellished with a Zenith star, which is a symbol of the brand’s distinguished quality and precision timing technology. The watch not only has the world’s most accurate automatic chronograph timekeeping function, but also uniquely adds a full calendar and moon phase display, restore the practical authentic quality, quite romantic personality.
 Time is passing, the classics last forever, Zenith flagship series 410 watches are grateful to create the best wrist watch for father for daily wear.

Jacques Droz Jaquet Droz: Amazing Time And Warm Years

The bells of Christmas are ringing quietly in the snowy night. Santa Claus rides in a sleigh pulled by 9 elks as expected, and gifts full of affection and desire come one after another. On this cold winter day, the warmth at this moment is the only moving melody. Just like in the movie Love Actually, 10 love stories are used to converge on romantic and happy Christmas Eve, so that everyone who has watched this movie will feel warm and pray for time to stop and turn this happiness into a trickle.

In this Christmas season that conveys affection, let time record the beauty that never fades. Jaquet Droz selected the gift of time that has been stunning for hundreds of years, and lit the cold white winter with the gorgeous light on his wrist In the dark night, every moment of blooming is a precious warm time.

Feel the light and stunning in the winter-Jacques Dro’s charming bird of time and grace 8-Flower Rhyme
White is the color of winter. This snowy cold winter is different because of the warm blessings and good wishes of each other. The warmth is love and happiness. Jacques Dro selected a stunning white pair of watches, so that warm time will always be on your wrist.
Back in the 18th century, when the encyclopedia was brilliant and the power of science recognized, Pierre Jacques Dro was committed to the real challenge of his watchmaking career: copying the dynamics. The resulting automatic dolls-writers, musicians, and painters-astounded the royal family at that time, so these three unparalleled automatic dolls were amazing for hundreds of years.
Today, Jacques Droie continues to write the legend of the automatic doll design, and has introduced two charming works of time bird and elegant 8-flower rhyme, which are warm white Christmas years. The mother-of-pearl dial is like a quiet and peaceful snowy day. Under the traditional Swiss pastoral scenery, the pure and warm Christmas warm song has been played on the charming bird of time, as if the warmth of the time is being played, and the elegant 8-flower On the dial of the rhyme, the soft luster of mother-of-pearl and the bright ice stars of the diamonds complement each other. At the same time, the pure white lotus in the upper dial staged the wonderful scenery of flowering and closing, and prayed with a beautiful grand performance Happy and happy life in the coming year.

Charming Bird of Time
White mother-of-pearl engraved and painted dial. Onyx dial.
18K white gold case and three-dimensional bezel.
Manually wound chronograph bird automatic doll movement, button trigger mechanism. Sapphire crystal whistle system.
Automatic mechanical movement with hour and minute display.
Power reserve is about 38 hours.
47 mm in diameter.
Limited edition of 8 pieces.

Elegance 8-Flower Rhyme
White mother-of-pearl dial.
The 18K white gold case is set with 114 diamonds, and the 18K white gold case is set with 88 diamonds, totaling 1.57 carats.
‘Flower bloom’ automatic doll movement. The button touches the device. 18K white gold petals. Water drop shaped pink sapphire.
Automatic mechanical movement with hour and minute display.
Power reserve is about 38 hours.
35 mm diameter.
Limited edition of 8 pieces.
Warm red flames-Jacques de Lode gold leaf carved pocket watch
At the beginning of the lantern, the flame-like red is the representative of warm Christmas. Jacques de Rodriguez’s 2016 new gold foil carved pocket watch brings time-honored Christmas craftsmanship to bring warm Christmas blessings. The gold foil carved decoration craftsmanship that is ingenious in the Enlightenment era, Jacques Master Luo craftsman blends ancient and modern techniques on the same timepiece, and uses gold foil carving technology combined with the unique big fire enamel dyeing process to inject new emotional content into the timepiece.

The iconic large second hand pocket watch is meticulously decorated with gold foil engraving. The rigorous and meticulous geometric pattern shines brightly with the brilliant red gold and gorgeous enamel. At the same time, it is like a gorgeous red firework. On this Christmas night, I will give you Bring the warmest and most romantic touch in your heart.
Gold leaf carved pocket watch
Gold foil carved red large fire enamel dial
18K Red Gold Case
Blue steel hands
Automatic mechanical movement
18K Red Gold Bracelet
Power reserve of about 40 hours
50 mm diameter
Limited edition of 8 pieces
Warm golden sound of jade—Jacques Droh ivory enamel with large seconds
The jacques de ivory enamel has a large second hand that reflects the joyful atmosphere of Christmas in warm gold. After the ivory enamel dial carefully burned by the masters of the jacques de rosé art workshop, it complements the red gold case. Created a unique and warm golden color to celebrate the beauty of Christmas, not hustle and glare, but warm and deep-hearted. At the same time, in 2016, Jacques Dro first applied the two-time concept to one of his iconic models: the large second hand series.

The large second hand series is a classic of Jacques Dro, inspired by the brand’s founder Pierre Jacques Dro, a eccentric hour and minute dial pocket watch with a large second dial, created in 1785 by La Chau de Fang. Opened up a whole new way of interpreting time. The rotation of the second hand is eye-catching, allowing the wearer to better understand the passage of time, which has become the golden rule of the watchmaking industry for hundreds of years. The large seconds hand model fulfills a timeless promise with its elegance. In the history of horology, no bold horological design can show such noble temperament. All the large seconds series models have proved this point continuously for more than 200 years. On the same dial, the hour and minute display inner disk eccentrically set at 12 o’clock, hugs the inner dial of the second hand set at 6 o’clock, forming the shape of the number 8, implying the infinite possibilities of time. This jacques de ivory enamel two-hour large seconds hand is for those who know how to taste warm time no matter where they are.
Large seconds with ivory enamel
Double ivory Grand Feu enamel dial.
18K red gold case.
At 6 o’clock, there is a large second hand, reference time and analog date display.
Mechanical self-winding movement.
Power reserve is about 65 hours.
43 mm in diameter.
Emerald green that gives birth to life and hope-Jacques de Jade 35mm hour and minute dial
The Christmas tree is a symbol of Christmas in some Western countries. Green plants wither or die in winter. The only evergreen that keeps alive is the Christmas tree, which represents eternal life and the desire for spring. Jacques de Lo presents this warm Christmas with a green ore aesthetic that contains the warm texture of life.
A dazzling treasure lay on the boundless and stagnant earth. All kinds of rocks, spar and minerals remind us at all times that nature is really a talented artist. These treasures deep in the earth always bring us unique and refreshing feelings. Capturing the natural light of beautiful stones to decorate the watch dial, this is the mineral aesthetics of Jacques Dro. Jacques de Lode’s mineral-made timepieces strike a stunning aesthetic realm with unpredictable light, color and depth.

On the dial of the Jacques de Jade 35mm hour minute dial, the emerald rough is suspended in the white color of the emerald stone. The white color is too obvious, and it will look more emerald. Then it will be matched with an 18K red gold case, gold ring and hands. It seems that the emerald is set on gold, just in line with the beauty talk of ‘gold inlaid with jade’. The warmth and flexibility of red gold and the transparency of emerald are collided to serve the time, and the warm and still life is beautiful. It quietly warms time Refreshing.
Emerald 35mm hour and minute dial
Automatic mechanical movement
Emerald Dial
White mother-of-pearl pin plate
18K Red Gold Case
Case set with 232 diamonds (approximately 1.22 carats)
18K red gold hands
18K Red Gold Pin Buckle
Green silk strap
68 hours power reserve
35mm diameter

The Cyclops’ Lets You See The Broader Rolex World

Some people love it, some people hate it. Regardless of the point of view, one cannot deny that Cyclops (small lenticular lenses) are a hallmark of Rolex. The birth of the Cyclops convex lens was originally for practical purposes. This innovative invention was designed to enlarge the calendar window and highlight the time display (1945, the Rolex Date Series with date display window). Cyclops convex lenses are named after the Sicilian giant Cyclops in Greek mythology, which was patented by Rolex in the early 1950s and introduced in 1953 with a log watch.

 What led to the invention of the Cyclops convex lens? According to some sources, Hans Wilsdorf invented the Cyclops to help his wife read the date on the watch (note: refers to the second wife Betty Wilsdorf-Mettler, because May Wilsdorf-Crotti’s first wife died in 1944), although this statement has not been confirmed by Rolex.

A 1945 Rolex Date Watch (In 1953, the Date Series was the first to use Cyclops convex lenses, but as shown in the figure, the earliest date watches were not equipped with this function)
 In a February 1953 letter, Wilsdorf wrote: ‘I am convinced that the new Tropical case and mirrors, as well as the optical amplification components, will bring us something completely new.’ Based on this idea, for Protecting innovation, Rolex issued a ‘warning statement’ in 1955: ‘To all watchmakers, we remind you that watch mirrors with special shaped magnifying glasses have patent rights in Switzerland or abroad. Regarding any We will all start legal proceedings without hesitation. ‘

A 1955 Rolex Greenwich watch

A 1956 week calendar watch
 Cyclops convex lenses were soon extended to all Oyster watches with date display functions, which were also equipped in the Greenwich and Sunday calendar series introduced in 1955 and 1956, respectively. The only exception is the deep-dive series, which is not equipped with Cyclops convex lenses due to technical reasons in terms of mirror shape and thickness.

 Cyclops convex lenses and mirrors were originally molded from Plexiglas. In the 1970s, watchmakers began replacing Plexiglas with better scratch-resistant sapphire crystals. In the early 1970s, sapphire crystals were first used on Ref. 5100 oyster quartz watches, and then expanded to the entire product range. Therefore, the Cyclops convex lens also evolved into a single sapphire crystal lens, which was produced separately and adhered to the mirror surface. After 2005, Rolex also applied a double-sided anti-glare coating.

Cyclops convex lens on date window of Rolex Date 41 mm
 Cyclops convex lenses have a considerable magnification effect, which is more practical for those who are older. Cyclops convex lenses have attracted countless fans of Rolex, but this does not mean that there is no reverse sound. Critics have complained that the bubbles will split the flat mirror surface, destroying the overall coordination of the watch design, and the slightly convex lenses are more vulnerable to scratching.

 So support or oppose? This topic has been under intense debate. For example, the advent of Cyclops convex lenses for the first time in 2017, which caused great controversy among Rolex fans, and even became one of the most controversial topics at the Basel Watch & Jewellery Show. For 50 years, the clean mirror has been a distinctive feature of the sea-dweller series. Rolex’s explanation for this is that in the past due to technical reasons (to cope with extreme water depth and high pressure, the mirror surface was highly curved), the Sea-Dweller series has not been equipped with Cyclops convex lenses, but now the problem has been solved. ‘If you can, why not? After all, Cyclops convex lenses are an iconic element of all Rolex watches with date display windows.’

Rolex Sea-Dweller 43 mm 126600 watch, a watch that has caused controversy. This is the first watch with Cyclops convex lenses since the Sea-Dweller Series was introduced in 1967.
 At present, the only watch with a date display but without Cyclops convex lens is the deep dive type. In order to achieve a water resistance of up to 3,900 meters, the deep diving watch uses an ultra-thick sapphire crystal, so it is no longer possible to install a convex lens. We can only wait for Rolex to find a new solution.

The Rolex Deep-Dive 126660 is the only watch with a date display but no Cyclops convex lens.
 When searching the Internet, I can even see some people trying to remove the Cyclops convex lens from Rolex watches (strongly not recommended), of course, some people have upgraded the watch with the help of Cyclops convex lenses. In addition to practicality, Cyclops convex lenses have become one of Rolex’s most iconic features. Even though some competitors have used or are using convex lenses, such as Seiko, TAG Heuer and Cartier (some brands even put it under the mirror), Cyclops convex lenses belong to Rolex only. It can be said that without Cyclops convex lens, the log type will not be today’s log type. (Photo / text watch home compiled by Xu Chaoyang)

Tissot Launches New Glamorous Women’s Watch

According to Watch House, Tissot’s new Glamorous models are distinguished by their outstanding style and elegant elegance in a clever retro design. The case made of rose gold outlines an oval curve. In the delicate layout, precious metals may be displayed in plain colors or set with top Wesselton diamonds.

   Large-sized Roman numerals are distributed around the absolutely retro minute track, exuding from the mother-of-pearl dial. Everything is like a star show. Tissot Glamorous has a variety of styles to suit the unique style of each woman. It is divided into diamond and non-diamond models, with an extremely elegant black or more gentle pearl white leather strap.

Movement: Quartz movement with battery power exhaustion display (EOL)
Function: hour, minute, second display
Case: 18K rose gold with or without diamond Sapphire crystal Water-resistant to 3 bar (30 meters / 100 feet)
Dial: white mother-of-pearl dial, small seconds at 6 o’clock
Strap: black or pearl beige leather strap with standard buckle

Watch Glasses Can Not Be Less One

The reason why the watch and the frame are put together is not without any reason. The two have too many similarities, both belong to delicate objects, and both need superb technical skills and time-honored brands. Henderly’s first store funded by Zhenjiang, Jiangsu in 1915, was called Henderly Watch & Clock Store. Eyeglasses have a long history. In 1268, Roger Bacon first recorded lenses for optical purposes. At the same time, however, the use of magnifying lenses in frames for reading has appeared in Europe and China. There has been a debate as to whether glasses were imported into China from Europe or China. In Europe, the earliest glasses appeared in Italy, introduced by Alessandro di Spina of Florence. The earliest portrait with glasses, ‘Hugh of Provence’, was painted by Tommaso da Modena in 1352. The prototype of glasses has appeared in China before the Song Dynasty.

  Frame culture is also reflected in the quality of the material, the shape, color, decoration of the frame, and the meaning of the graphics. Ancient frames were often engraved with patterns such as Fu, Lu, Shou, and Cai, which reflected the value connotation of ‘blessings in front of the eyes’, ‘blessings and good fortune’, ‘government prosperity’, ‘season riches’. At the same time, the name of the shop, name, name, and gold content are often carved on the beam. According to different social status and status, the frames used by the emperors and dignitaries are usually made of precious materials such as gold, silver, tincture, and ivory, while the glasses used by ordinary people are mostly made of copper, iron, steel, wood and other materials. The beam frame pattern of the glasses gradually transitions from the original arch bridge shape, gate shape, city gate hole shape, arc shape to glyph shape, bamboo shape, upside down beam shape, etc .; beam card, side card, cloud pattern, cat Head shape, tiger head shape transition to eagle head shape, two-point shape, plum point shape and other shapes. Modern frames have further developed on the basis of the ancient frame culture. No matter in form, or from design to decoration, patterns and colors, they have become more colorful, reflecting the new values ​​and aesthetics.

  Watches, like the frames, are also made by complex processes. A small watch is not only condensed with complicated craftsmanship, but also brings together the charm of time, the heritage of history and the memory of time. Watches are a complex world. The unique and exquisite appearance often leaves a deep impression on them. The fine and tiny movements and the complex and superb functions are amazing. A comfortable and durable frame with a beautiful and versatile watch is both a status symbol and a quality of life for men. Today’s Watch House takes everyone into the men’s fashion zone and introduces some frames and watches that match men’s charm.

Yellows Plus and IWC Schaffhausen
  Japan’s eyewear culture is becoming more and more mature, and its handicraft technology can be said to have surpassed Europe and the United States. Among them, in addition to a lot of well-known veterans, these people have inherited these exquisite handicrafts. Eyewear brands have also rushed out, including the brand Yellows Plus. Yellows Plus was founded by designer Akira Yamagishi. It adheres to the traditional Fukui prefecture’s spirit of making durable and beautiful frames. The early design style was mainly retro mirrors, and the unique curve design of the top of the frame allowed the brow bones. Flat Asians still look sharp after putting on their products.

  The Yellows Plus ‘YVES’ series is particularly recommended. The size of the mirror and the distance and length of the metal feet of the nose pads are a product that fits the Asian face shape. The entire nose pad is made of full metal. The color matching of the frame material is also in place. The setting of the mirror shape and the details of the craftsmanship have reached the connoisseur level. Polishing and craftsmanship are almost zero flaws. If coupled with the seven-day chain model of IWC’s most popular Portuguese series, which is famous for its elegance and exquisiteness, it can be said to be a blue orchid, and the taste will be instantly improved.

  This IWC Portuguese seven-day chain watch not only provides a power reserve function of up to seven days, but also has a simple and beautiful design. The large diameter of 42.3 mm does not make people feel overwhelmed, especially for watches. The blue willow-shaped hands are made of blue steel, which is not only a symbol of high-end watches, but also more beautiful. Cal.51011 movement, rhodium-plated movement with fish scale pattern and Geneva ripple polishing, 42 rubies, five-way adjustment, double alloy hairspring with compensation screw alloy balance wheel, etc. The price of this watch has also risen again and again, showing how much he loves it.

Oliver Peoples and Relox

 Oliver Peoples, as one of the most popular eyewear brands in the United States, is not a representative of high-end fashion trends. Hollywood men and women stars are almost a man. In the current situation where the eyewear industry is monopolized by big brand companies, Oliver People is an independent production company that continues to drive the trend of glasses, because limited production is also required to be particularly detailed. Basically, all Oliver People’s glasses are handmade The Japanese glasses factory, which sees glasses as works of art, was asked to produce Asian versions. In addition, Oliver Peoples spectacles are always made with a higher curvature than ordinary ones, in order to make the spectacles more three-dimensional, the profile contour is more prominent, and the metal frame is manually polished to make a stripe.

  The MP-2 in the Oliver Peoples Vintage series is particularly recommended. Among the current products of the Chinese gold frame, MP-2 can be regarded as the top three in the Asian popularity list. The famous frame of famous Hollywood actor Johnny Depp has taken this glasses to attend the event many times. Therefore, this frame can be regarded as a difficult one, after all, the annual output of hand-made is very limited. As the so-called chess meets opponents, Rolex’s appeal in the watch industry is beyond doubt. The new ghost king Deepsea ‘D-blue’, which was launched in August this year, is a deep blue ocean that makes many watch fans linger.

  The new Deepsea watch has a gradient “D-blue” dial, which is water-resistant to 3900 meters (12,800 feet). Its 44mm Oyster case is screwed with the patented Ringlock system, which not only exceeds the most stringent requirements of professional divers, but also lays down The new generation of ‘Ghost King’ is a new benchmark for ruggedness, precision, practicality and reliability. Cal. 3135, reputed as the king of self-winding movement, its stability is unquestionable. The movement diameter is 28.5 mm, the thickness is 6 mm, the frequency is 28800 times per hour, 31 rubies, and the power reserve is 50 hours. , Jumping calendar, four-arm Glucydur alloy balance, 4 weights, 2 of which are adjustable weights, Breguet balance spring, kif suspension device.


 DITA can be regarded as one of the top, highest and most expensive brands in frames. DITA’s design style is self-contained, so it has a high reputation in the world and is highly sought after and loved by people. Many of the popular DITA frames are from the 1950s to the 80s. In order to ensure that the brand has paid too much attention to the shaping of the brand and ignored the true quality of the frames in the development process, they deliberately defined the company’s logo design in the frame itself rather than a simple label or symbol.

  I particularly recommend the Stateman, a classic eyebrow frame launched by DITA about eight years ago. Its appearance has pushed the production technology of the frame to another level and level. The detail of the frame is comparable to a delicate artwork. Every detail of it, including the hinge and every screw, is carefully crafted by the design team to find the best craftsman. This special frame with Audemars Piguet, which is also not in the watch world, is a perfect match. As early as 1972, Audemars Piguet’s independent spirit was shown to the fullest. The Royal Oak series that came out that year broke the stereotypes of the watch industry and got rid of the watchmaking norms that no one had reserved at the time. After more than 40 years of leadership, Audemars Piguet’s persistence is always satisfactory, and it continues to create new legends.

  Audemars Piguet’s new product this year, the Royal Oak Offshore Series DIVER diving meter, boldly uses a striking white super ceramic material. The new material makes this diving watch’s bezel, case, buttons and crown scratch-resistant 40% higher than black ceramic. At the same time, the case is fixed with unique bottom cover screws, center bolts and hexagonal screws, which is as safe as the submarine door. It still maintains strong diving technology standards in fresh colors. The Calibre 3120 self-winding movement is equipped. This movement consists of 280 parts and provides a 60-hour power reserve.

A.D.S.R. and Roger Dubuis

 A.D.S.R., an eyewear brand just established in Tokyo, Japan in 2010, has attracted a large number of people in a short period of time with its simple and unique design, bold color matching and superb workmanship. ‘ADSR’ is an acronym for four English words. These four words are Attack, Decay, Sustain, and Release. As a pure English word, Attack has the meaning of attack, attack, attack, and corrosion; Decay has The meaning of decline and decay; Sustain means maintenance, support, commitment and endurance; and Release means release, radiation, release. These meanings contained in the brand name are in line with the thinking of young people now. Among them, Evans series, with its simple and unique design, superb workmanship, bold color matching is very popular.

  Similarly, Roger Dubuy opened the door to fine watchmaking in just 17 years. With its talented, bold and innovative design and craftsmanship, it has been accepted by the world and won widespread praise. As the world’s only top-of-the-line watch factory that has been imprinted in Geneva on the entire line of self-made movements, it provides fresh blood for the field of fine watchmaking.

  Roger Dubuis Excalibur 42 series RDDBEX0353 watch is like a hymn of praise for strength and aesthetics. The shape of the watch is full of vitality, and the design is full of vigor and rough lines. It has a clear urban feel. The dark gray dial is simple and textured, without too much modification. The latest generation of the RD620 movement adheres to the tradition of being equipped with a micro-automatic winding mechanism, and re-interprets Roger Dubuis’ logo principles. It has a total of 184 precision parts and 35 jewel bearings. The movement has a diameter of 31 mm and a thickness of 4.5 mm. The vibration frequency is 28,800 oscillations per hour, which can provide a power reserve of 52 hours.

  Summary: It is not only a luxurious and luxurious life that is a good life. The most important thing in life is to have quality. It is said that it is a face-seeing world, but in fact, a person’s appearance is not important. What is important is to have connotation and charm, to position himself, and to plan his own life. Frames and watches are very important for a man who values ​​quality life. This is not a so-called ‘show off riches’, nor is it just a decoration, but a symbol of one’s cultivation and taste, making himself more Charisma can make you more confident in life. (Picture / text watch home Dong Hang)

Listen To An Elegant Ode To Love – Glasutti’s Original Warm Gift For Mother’s Day

Eternal love is the most loveable in the world. After years of baptism and polishing, the great mothers exude a unique charm of women. Glashütte’s original tender selection of Pavonina watches, sincerely wishes to his mother. The ingenious fusion of intellectuality and elegance allows them to fully enjoy the beauty of time, and feel confident and charming at the wrist. The vintage and elegant pillow-shaped dial of the Lingerie Pavonina watch is confident and charming with a leather or satin strap, which is perfect for any occasion. It complements the various poses of modern women.
Elegant retro elegance
   All versions of the Patrina watch use the iconic ‘pillow’ case, which dates back to the 1920s, when it was widely used in new and fashionable watches. When creating the first watch of the Spirit Sparrow series, the original designer of Glashütte improved this classic shape to make it more suitable for contemporary women. They integrated the active lugs with patented technology to make the watch fit the female wrist. .
New movement precise and convenient
   All new Paquerina watches are equipped with Calibre 03-02 quartz movement, ensuring absolute accuracy and convenient use, three times the standard magnetic protection, fully protecting the movement electronic devices from the impact of modern mobile electronic equipment, thereby improving the watch’s quality. The movement splint is decorated with the classic Glashütte column, while the gold brand logo is engraved on the silver splint surface. The polished caseback provides plenty of space for engraving personal details and personal information.
Warm tones motherly tenderness
   The dazzling rose gold combined with the brilliance of diamonds, combined with the gentle elegance of mother-of-pearl, composes the tenderness of motherhood into an elegant hymn, conveying the most sincere love in the heart. The retro pillow is simple and elegant. The lugs are set with 42 brilliant-cut diamonds. It is elegant and gorgeous. The details exude a gentle and unique glamorous light like a mother. With soft white Louisiana crocodile skin, it fully expresses the maturity. Female beauty with confidence.
   The perfect combination of elegant stainless steel and tender red gold creates a unique two-tone version of the Glashütte Original Spirit Sparrow series Pavonina watch. The right color ratio is more elegant and modern. The simple mother-of-pearl dial is as delicate as the mother’s love. The dial is set with 12 diamonds as a scale to sparkle, pleasing to the eye. The metal bracelet is exquisite and charming like a noble jewellery. The details reflect the variety and charm of urban women.
Lasutti Original Introduction
   Original, with the relentless pursuit of creating an unprecedented model of watches. Since 1845, Glashütte Original has always represented Germany’s top watchmaking craftsmanship, inheriting the pure bloodlines of the watchmaking industry of the Saxony Kingdom to the present day, and is renowned worldwide. In 1920, the master watchmaker Alfred Helwig invented the flying tourbillon, which established Glashütte’s original solid foundation in the field of complex watches. Adhering to the value concept of innovation, Glashütte created the world’s first dual-disc coaxial large calendar watch, and it is also the only watch brand with a double gooseneck spinner movement in the world. Self-disciplined by strict watchmaking standards, Glashütte Original creates manufacturing tools and produces exquisite dials for each timepiece. Its four series of watches are 100% equipped with original homemade movements, and 95% of the movement parts are made of Originally made in Germany, it can be described as pure German. The watch museum established to promote the profound time history of Glashütte Township inherits the original culture of Glashütte and Glashütte Township as the center of German watchmaking. Taking the glorious mission of the German cultural communicator, Glashütte Original collaborates with Germany’s grandest cultural event, the Berlin International Film Festival and the Dresden Music Festival, to explain the pursuit of the top German watch manufacturers in the future. .

Enron Tiancheng Mother Of Pearl Watch Recommended

Mother-of-pearl has always been the seat of the dial for women’s watches. It is not like the sparkle of diamonds, nor the gorgeousness of Caibao. It has a natural and soft luster, and has a natural, quiet character . In the dazzling world of watches, mother-of-pearl watches have always existed quietly and elegantly, never being publicized, but always loved.

Chanel High Jewellery Watch Series H3096

Domestic public price: RMB 251600
Case diameter: 37.5 mm
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: 88430
Case diameter: 40 mm
Case thickness: 10.6 mm
Movement type: automatic movement
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds and amethyst
Water resistance: 50 meters
Watch details: 43900
Case diameter: 38.6 mm
Case thickness: 13.1 mm
Movement type: automatic movement
Case material: 18K white gold with diamonds
Water resistance: 30 meters
Watch details: blancpain / 28315 /
Watch Comments: This Blancpain premium women’s watch series also uses natural mother-of-pearl as the dial. The color is slightly blue and unique, which is the color and texture of a rare natural mother-of-pearl. The unique dial texture glides on like a touch of light feathers, coupled with diamond inlay. In the light blue luster, the entire dial surface looks like a stream of water, beautiful and clear. The case is also made of precious 18K white gold, while the dial is uniquely designed into multiple areas, with a timing function, practical and pleasing to the eye.

Summary: Because of its natural nature, each mother-of-pearl has a unique color and texture. Although it does not have the brilliance of diamonds, it is quiet and unique and irreplaceable. A mother-of-pearl watch not only gives you a luxurious experience, but also quietly accompanies.

Baume & Mercier, Long-lasting Guarantee

For Baume & Mercier, the prerequisite consideration for all innovative research and development is ‘quality’! The rest will come naturally. In addition to the ‘visible’ design of a watch, it also has ‘invisible’ but vital characteristics in order to determine the value of the watch. Of course, these features obviously include reliability and performance, but we cannot ignore its accompanying services, ability of after-sales maintenance, brand image and its ethics. So many elements-of course, there are many other considerations and aspects, which are the topics that Baume & Mercier pays attention to all the time.

   Demanding impeccable quality is an unquestionable consistent philosophy for Baume & Mercier, a prerequisite for all new research and development. Baume and Mercier is holding on to this concept to start all creative projects. But there is another feature: a consistent overall vision. In other words, the same director oversees product development, manufacturing, and customer service. This coherent organization can ensure multiple superior benefits such as watch quality, its value and its environment. This will not decentralize the responsibilities and ensure that each stage of the timepiece creation can operate perfectly.

Fully prepared for sustainability

   Baume & Mercier strictly stipulates that the watches and parts manufactured by the brand must undergo a series of quality tests and control, but the upstream preparations before this have determined everything. Even before the first draft of the design draft, Baume & Mercier had anticipated, foreseen, and carried out the most complete preparatory work, because these were the decisive keys. Quality control is important, but from the beginning, it will be more efficient to face all the restrictions that may be encountered in the production, sales and use of watches in the future. When designing a watch, you must also anticipate the various conditions that the watch may face in a few years. At the beginning, you must consider the problems that after-sales maintenance, parts logistics and production will face, as well as legal considerations. Products and their environment and related services can comply with various regulations in different countries or regions.
Never relax

   Each stage of the Baume & Mercier watch must undergo rigorous testing and control. The same goes for the movement with the most components in a watch. Baume & Mercier must ensure its precise and reliable performance. When the first batch of watches is assembled, the test samples before the series are manufactured and tested by the company’s employees. If necessary, the watch must be improved again until it is perfect before the production of the watch can be officially started. Once the manufacturing starts, the company will analyze any small feedback to identify problems and improve immediately. Moreover, these experiences are all documented in detail as a guideline for developing new products in the future.
   In terms of quality, there is a statistic that can’t be cheated, and there is no doubt that it is the number of watches returned by customers within the warranty period. From this aspect, you can witness the virtuous cycle of demanding quality from Baume & Mercier, because the Baume & Mercier watch return rate that has been returned during the warranty period has been declining (which is already one of the lowest in the industry).

The focus is on the customer

   To a Baume & Mercier, quality is by no means an exaggerated empty talk. Brand-made watches are returned to the after-sales service center for repair. The most common factors are accidental damage or magnetic interference, which are external causes beyond the control of the manufacturing process.

   Customers have always been the focus of Baume & Mercier. As a result, the brand’s main goal is to provide customers with convenient and convenient inspection and repair centers, which have been located in more than 100 countries so far. However, the most sophisticated or small-volume timepieces, as well as the more exclusive products such as antique watches, are returned to the Les Brenets watchmaking workshop in Zhuolu, where they are delivered to the most experienced professional watchmakers. Inspection and maintenance.
   As for the representative models made by the brand in the past 20 years, Baume & Mercier believes that the company has an obligation to keep an inventory of parts required for each model. For watches sold before this time, Baume & Mercier will also work hard to help customers get their watches back on track, although this process can sometimes require more time and money. In any case, it is certain that when a customer buys a Baume & Mercier watch today, the brand will faithfully accompany the customer’s watch for the next 200 years.

Beyond tangible intangible advantages

   In the eyes of the buyer, the first obvious element is the design of the watch, so the celebrity must of course put all efforts into the design stage to create a beautiful timepiece. But in addition to these specific appearance and aesthetic elements, the watch also carries many intangible features-its reliability, various performances, prices, incidental guarantees, inspection or repair services that can be provided after being damaged by impact, brands Image. These are the ‘non-material’ but crucial aspects that must be considered when buying luxury watches. From this point of view, the Baume & Mercier watch is always more than just a watch, it has more intangible advantages.

Citizen Selection Of Rose Gold Pair Table Romantic Romance

Valentine’s Day is approaching, as if the air is filled with sweetness. Are you still hesitating to express your affection for each other? Citizen, a world-renowned watch brand, specially selects rose gold watch pairs, so that on this special day, couples can use the rhythm of the wrist to connect two loving hearts, turning the sweet moment into happiness and eternity.

Citizen AS5044-59A

Citizen & ES5044-50A
Citizen AS5044-59A & ES5044-50A, the dial and bracelet of the watch are rose gold between stainless steel, classic design is full of elegance. Sapphire glass, wear-resistant and clearly shows the sweet moments. The simple white dial with rose gold hour markers, and the Roman numerals at 6 o’clock and 12 o’clock highlight the elegant atmosphere of this couple watch.

Couple watch
Functionally, this pair of watches uses a light kinetic energy wave movement. Absorbs any visible light source and converts it into kinetic energy to drive the watch, eliminating the trouble of regularly replacing the battery, and effectively avoiding the environmental pollution caused by ordinary quartz batteries. In the current low-carbon lifestyle is increasingly popular, light kinetic energy technology makes love also It can keep up with the trend of ‘environmental protection’, and the use of radio wave technology enables this pair of watches to automatically receive signals and check the time, accurately recording the minutes, seconds, and seconds that belong to love. In addition, intimate functions such as waterproofing 10 atmospheres, indication of low battery energy, prevention of overcharging, and display of received signal strength are also readily available. What’s more worth mentioning is that this pair of watches also has high-end and practical perpetual calendar function. Even if time passes, witnessing true love lasts forever, which is the meaning of time to love.

Oris Introduces Flight Race Limited Edition Fourth Edition

In celebration of the proud achievements of the Oris Swiss Air Flight Team in the 2013 Reno Flight Race in Nevada, Oris, a Swiss independent mechanical watch brand, has launched a limited flight contest Fourth edition of the watch, limited to 1,000 pieces worldwide.

 Soar the sky
The winner of the 2013 Renault Flight Contest was Oris’ image ambassador, pilot Don Vito Wypraechtiger, a very talented Swiss aviation pilot who drove his Scarlet Screamer fighter, won the competition, and became the gold award in the aviation field. The first non-U.S. National champion in 50-year history.

To commemorate Don Vito’s landmark and commemorative victory, Oris launched the fourth edition of the limited edition of the flight contest, becoming the newest member of Oris’s latest product series-the large crown pilot series. The back cover of the watch is engraved with the outline of the Scarlet Screamer aircraft, next to it is the limited number of the model, the gray dial with black 3D printed numbers, and the hands and hour scale are embedded with green fluorescent material. The contrast between grey and green ensures the time readability of the watch under any conditions.
At the same time, the anti-reflective coating on the inside of the double-sided arched sapphire glass reduces glare caused by sunlight and cockpit reflections, further improving legibility when walking. The surface of the 45mm case is coated with a black diamond-like carbon coating, and the folding buckle developed by Oris with a gray fabric strap is also coated with a black diamond-like carbon coating. The power of the watch comes from a fully automatic mechanical movement, which is waterproof to 100 meters.

The fourth edition of the limited edition of the Oris Flight Contest will again compete with Don Vito in the US Reno Flight Contest in September 2014 to defend Vito’s title.