Omega’s Snoopy Speedmaster Also Appreciates

It is not too late to get to the topic. It’s time to share the transaction with you again. Today I want to show you a very interesting watch. On the one hand, the watch itself is somewhat interesting, and on the other hand, the stories I have experienced about the watch are also somewhat interesting.
   In 2016, Omega launched a 45th anniversary of the ‘Apollo 13’ Snoopy Lunar Speedmaster, which is the watch we see now. There are many Omega commemorative Speedmasters, including many Snoopy Speedmasters, so it is not surprising to launch a Snoopy Speedmaster. What’s interesting about this watch is that in 2016 we went to Basel to participate in a watch exhibition and saw this Snoopy Lunar Speedmaster in the Omega venue. I personally didn’t feel much at that time, because there were a lot of such manual moon landing super speed Omega, the price is not expensive, the manual moon landing speed super public price is more than 40,000, the secondary market price is very reasonable, so I am The feeling is that this watch is very cost-effective. In addition to the short power of the moon landing superpower, daily manual winding, others are very good.

45th Anniversary of Omega Apollo 13 Snoopy Lunar Speedmaster
   The characteristic of this Snoopy Lunar Speedmaster is that there is a Snoopy lying on the small second hand at 9 o’clock, and this Snoopy is luminous, and it will light up at night. In addition, this Lunar Speedmaster uses ceramic rings. At that time, many media saw this watch and liked it very much. They said on the spot that they would buy it and order it. This year they bought this watch. Because I do n’t have any special feelings about the Lunar Speedmaster. I bought one before and will not buy it again, so I do n’t pay attention to this watch. As a result, when I looked at the transaction records one day, I found that this Omega Snoopy Moon Rover even appreciated, and it was more expensive. The public price of this watch is more than 49,000, and the current transaction price is 81,250 Hong Kong dollars, about 70,000 yuan.

We can see that Snoopy is super sharp and luminous, and Snoopy is clearly visible.
   To say that the lunar supercars on sale can exceed the public price, I think it is amazing. It’s normal for Dayton to get super public price. I haven’t seen any super public price in these years (please forgive me for not knowing much). I have to say that this Snoopy Lunar Speedmaster is really ‘ring fan’ countless. I just do n’t know the media enthusiasts who wanted to buy, order, and buy this year. Do you know that your watch has appreciated?