Montblanc Salutes The 90th Anniversary Of The Legendary Masterclass

The Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Collection is inspired by the Meisterstück series of writing instruments. The classic design, unique functions and exquisite decoration interpret the timeless value of the Montblanc Meisterstück Collection , Combined with Swiss traditional watchmaking technology, become the owner’s irreplaceable lifelong companion. The distinctive design features run through every watch in the collection and come in two sizes of 39.00 and 42.00 mm. The Meisterstück Heritage Pulsograph is equipped with a hand-made modern movement and is adjusted to the traditional Swiss watchmaking standards.

 The lugs naturally bend downward from the middle of the case, and fit ergonomically to the wrist of the wearer. The middle part of the case is designed vertically, and the Montblanc hexagonal white star logo set on the crown is embossed in solid gold or stainless steel. The classic round case has a variety of surface treatments: the bezel is polished and the middle piece is treated with horizontal matte finish, forming a sharp contrast. The slightly arched dial presents a delicate curved arc at the edges, creating a timeless retro look. Exquisite radiation pattern processing, so that the dial under different light conditions and angles can produce different visual effects.

 The elegantly shaped hour, minute hands and inlaid hour markers, combined with the moon phase display sub-dial in the perpetual calendar function, present a clear and full display effect in the dial. The periphery of the dial adopts a slim black transfer minute scale and is set with a wedge-shaped hour marker, of which the 12 o’clock marker is decorated with Roman numerals XII. This time scale design conforms to the most traditional high-level watchmaking specifications: each inlaid time scale is closely attached to the minute scale on the outer edge of the dial, and is equipped with multi-face cut toffee hour and minute hands. The toffee-type hands are known for their symmetrical shapes, and have smooth polished sides, so that even the smallest manufacturing or assembly defects can be clearly presented, which makes them extremely difficult to make.

 The perfect-length toffee-style hands accurately point to their respective information scales, reflecting the very high standards required for traditional watchmaking. The unremitting pursuit of product quality and functional innovation has become the essence and essence of Montblanc’s master class spirit, and has been interpreted and inherited in different products in this series.

 Since its introduction in 1924, the Montblanc Meisterstück series has been glorious for 90 years, creating a legend in the field of writing instruments. For a long time, the Taipan series of writing instruments have always represented Montblanc’s brand value: extraordinary craftsmanship, top-grade materials, superb aesthetics and outstanding performance, and has no doubt become one of the world’s most famous luxury legends.

 Today, the Taipan collection continues to showcase Montblanc’s unparalleled design, production and innovation capabilities in the field of luxury writing instruments. Since the first Taipan series of writing instruments made in Hamburg, Germany in 1924, this series has explained Montblanc’s continuous pursuit of perfection. Over the years, the Taipan series of writing instruments have been the lifelong companions of generations of scholars and scientists, poets and artists, politicians and industry leaders. The low-key and luxurious design makes the Taipan series a unique symbolic work in writing instruments: we can always expect more. Adhering to the ‘Taipei spirit’, Montblanc has launched a number of new products in the new Taipan series: including leather materials with unique materials, exquisite luxury watches and jewelry, and writing instruments specially launched to celebrate the 90th anniversary of the Taipan series.

 While paying tribute to history, the new Taipan series will also write a more brilliant legend. Taipan series of writing instruments made in Hamburg, Germany. Each pen is carved by real craftsman with solid gold. There are 35 processes in the entire production process, and then more than 70 processes are needed to complete the final assembly and further testing. Every minute’s attention to detail can create a legend of the Taipan series for more than 90 years. The new Taipan 90th Anniversary Ink Pen Series will be available in special editions with rose gold nibs, as well as specially engraved limited editions.

 In order to continue the glorious legend of the Taipan series, the Montblanc Meisterstück Heritage Collection fully reflects the Swiss watchmaking process. This series of watches is made by Montblanc’s two watchmaking workshops in Villers and Reno, showing the standard and complex craftsmanship of Swiss traditional watchmaking. The new Taipan 90th Anniversary series will also launch new leather goods made in Florence, Italy. This new series of leather goods is made of soft calfskin, showing the highest level of Italian leather goods craftsmanship in the details. Designed in Paris, France, a series of bracelets, rings and cuffs made of agate are new accessories that symbolize eternity in the 90th anniversary of the new Taipan. The new Taipan series is a continuation of the 90-year Taipan spirit and will continue to write a glorious legend that transcends time.