Lvmh’s Swiss Watchmaker Zenith Welcomes A New Era Of E-commerce

ZENITH, a Swiss watchmaker under the global luxury giant LVMH, has announced that it will enter the two leading e-commerce platforms in China on May 21 this year. At that time, Zenith will With the theme of ‘To the One and Only You’, we bring legendary watches to Chinese e-commerce consumers to present ‘one-of-a-kind’ watches and experiences.

In line with the development trend of China’s e-commerce, Zenith adopts an active e-commerce development strategy and boldly welcomes the new era of e-commerce. Zenith will become the first luxury brand to enter the two leading e-commerce platforms in China at the same time. The collision between the heritage and the pioneer spans more than 150 years of watchmaking history. Zenith is one of the few watch brands that insists on the independent manufacture of mechanical movements. It is one of the four major movement manufacturers recognized by watch fans, creating many A legendary milestone in the Swiss watch industry. The announcement to enter the e-commerce platform is a collision between the century-old heritage and the pioneer of the times.

At this point, Zenith’s official flagship stores will become the only branded on-site sales channels on the two major e-commerce platforms, giving consumers the most ‘safe’ and ‘convenient’ online shopping experience, including the most comprehensive warranty policy and online Exclusive shopping experience. At the same time, Zenith will share the retro gentleman lifestyle with Chinese consumers through e-commerce platforms.
Tribute to intricate craftsmanship and vintage gentleman
Zenith’s first online exclusive signature customization presents a classic retro pilot series for you

On May 21st,’s e-commerce platform will present Zenith’s first exclusive online signature custom watch, the pilot series TYPE 20 ‘Bronze Flying’ and the pilot series TON-UP ‘Coffee Knight’. These two watches are the best representative of the vintage gentleman style, and are also the most popular trend. ‘Bronze Flying’ gathered many star fans and won the love of Jin Dong, Hu Ge, Han Geng, Wu Zhenyu, Wu Jianhao and so on. Its bronze shell is particularly unique, so it has been in a state that is hard to find for a long time. ‘Coffee Rider’ is the first heavy-duty motorcycle-themed watch in the watch industry. It is widely enthusiastic for heavy motorcycle riders such as Harley and Triumph, demonstrating the temperament of retro military watches, and the male hormones on the wrist are bursting.

In conjunction with Zenith’s presence in, the brand will specially open four pilot watches during the event, providing customers with exclusive signature engraving and customization services, showing the unique gentleman beauty in a retro style. Zenith is willing to share the ‘unique’ retro gentleman way with Chinese consumers.