Live For Women Real Shots Of The Universal Da Vinci Series Diamond Ring Watch

This year’s Da Vinci series not only reshaped and made people shine, but also launched a series of ladies’ watches. To this end, the IWC Pavilion specially placed a small watch with a red gold bracelet as the main model on the background wall. At the same time, the official produced a product promotion video for the Da Vinci series. In the video, a woman is used Protagonist, explaining the artistic charm of Da Vinci. There is no doubt that compared to Hong Kong’s “Watches and Miracles” in 2014, which launched mid-size watches to penetrate the women’s market, this time, it is already straightforward. Today, let’s take a look at a Da Vinci women’s watch brought by IWC.

   Before the start of the watch exhibition, IWC revealed some styles of the Da Vinci series. From the official pictures of the watch alone, it did not have a strong feeling, but some watches will only be beautiful after getting started. The Da Vinci series is such. This watch was amazing by the ladies at the scene. It was thought to have some wide lugs, but in actual wear, it has a refreshing style of women’s and men’s watches in recent years.

   The watch case is made of stainless steel, the bezel is set with 54 diamonds, and the indexes and hands are beautiful. Thanks to the movable lugs, the watch can fit the wrist better in actual wearing. Catering to the unique aesthetics of women, the strap uses a berry pink crocodile leather strap, and the bottom cover is a ‘flower of life’ composed of 19 rings to interpret the artistic characteristics of the Da Vinci series.

  The watch has a built-in 35111 self-winding movement with a calendar display function, and the central second hand can stop during the time adjustment process. The size of the watch is 36mm, which is one size of the IWC’s mid-size watches in 2014. In terms of price, the official price is 83,300 yuan, which is twice as high as the model without diamonds.

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