King Power Unico Realizes The Perfect Fusion Of Craftsmanship And Design

Old saying: ‘Thirty stands!’, Hublot Hublot, a well-known Swiss brand that has quickly become popular in the watch industry in recent years, launched the first fully-made ‘King’ at the end of 30 years The ‘Power Unico Flyback Chronograph Stopwatch’ was officially launched in Taiwan. This model not only reached the milestone of the full homemade process, but also supported the traditional process with high technology in response to the ‘Fusion’ design concept established when the brand was founded. Shows the trendy visual beauty, with Hublot’s patented King Gold case, it shows a distinguished and distinguished texture.

Independently developed a fully self-made movement equipped with a top-of-the-line column wheel timing unit
The Hublot Hublot ‘King Power Unico All Black’ model adopts all watchmaking stages that have been included in the home-made process since the spring of 2009, so it can produce the UNICO chronograph movement independently developed by its own research and development department, mechanical work After the production of machine boards, main boards and various steel components in the laboratory, the assembly is completed by a dedicated watchmaker, which greatly improves the design independence. This independently developed flyback chronograph movement is therefore prominent in the design. The column wheel device that symbolizes the highly complex parts of the chronograph; the latest ‘King Power Unico Flyback Chronograph’ comes in three styles, which are the ceramic case ‘King Power All Black Flyback Chronograph’ and the Hublot patented The ‘King Power Unico King Gold Flyback Chronograph’ models and the ‘King Power King Gold Pave Flyback Chronograph’ are limited to 500 pieces in the world each, and are expected to be connoisseur-level watches owned by collectors.

‘King Power Unico All Black’ silicon escapement, 30 years of watchmaking creativity
Hublot’s Unico movement has the advantages of delicate and exquisite beauty, and promotes the quality of maintenance services. The high-tech silicon escapement (escape gear and pallet fork) is lightweight, durable and wear-resistant. , To ensure that the operation of the parts is more accurate, which is also conducive to the guarantee of after-sales service; with the Hublot Hublot watch was founded with a composite design of rubber and precious metals, the avant-garde demonstrated the essence of traditional watchmaking.
Since 2005, Hublot has hit the market with the outstanding design leading the popular Big Bang series. In just 5 years, Hublot has rapidly developed into a brand with both enviable craftsmanship and design sense. It has adopted ‘King Power Unico All Black’ It officially entered the brand of fully homemade craftsmanship, and this model uses a transparent faceplate, which fully shows the layout of parts that Hublot has reached the pinnacle of watchmaking. It is a process crystallization that is enough to witness Hublot’s 30-year milestone.

Recognizing avant-garde design and research and development capabilities with technological strength
Hublot’s new factory facility was completed in just one year, reaching the achievement of launching the first self-made movement, making CEO Jean-Claude Biver proud. The latest King Power model was launched by the award-winning Big Bang series. This creates a more challenging visual impression, while injecting the dual feelings of power and luxury. The reason why this model resonates with internal emotions is that in addition to following the traditional spirit and appearance of the Big Bang series, it also displays an avant-garde (acute) with sharp angles and straight edges, raised screws, ceramic outer rings and stamped rubber. avant garde) spirit. Not only that, the well-known traditional system of longitudinal wheel (also known as column wheel) provides higher operational stability, and thus better meets the precision requirements of the one-button flyback timing function provided by King Power UNICO All Black.