Iwc Portugal Series Double Chasing Chronograph

IWC’s Portuguese timing is not unusual, or to be more straightforward. In the high-end series of IWC in Portugal, its 3714 timing model has always been a high-end entry. But this LOT 92 is not the same. Let’s ignore the PT platinum case it owns. Careful people can find that its largest chronograph second hand has 2 and an additional button on the other side of the case. That’s right! This is the dual chase time function.

   When it comes to the single complex function of the watch, three items can be listed: double chasing, three questions, and perpetual calendar. It seems that the dual chase function can be regarded as a member of a single complex. Although IWC is not a complete top brand, the Portuguese double chase time, coupled with the PT platinum case, should be sold at a good price. The valuation limit is HK $ 100,000, but the final transaction has reached HK $ 125,000, a 25% increase! It seems that in addition to the brand, the complexity of its movement is also a big consideration.
[Conditions] Limited number 11/250, Ref. 3712, manufactured in 2005, platinum case, round chronograph and push-buttons, C76240 movement, platinum buckle.
[Estimate] 65,000 HKD-100,000 HKD
[Transaction price] 125,000 HKD