Grand Opening Of Zurich’s Bahnhofstrasse Self-employed Store

Since recently cooperating with retailer Turler to open a store at Zurich Airport, IWC has now opened a new store at 61 Banhhofstrasse, Zurich’s most prestigious commercial street. How much attention this famous watch maker attaches to its domestic market has also found a home for its own timepieces in high-end commercial treasures.
    ‘Man, your time is coming’, this slogan has been prominently posted on the wall of 61 Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich for several weeks, in order to create market expectations led by male customers. IWC’s new store has finally opened, and it has brought the era of men. It presents a world with 6 different watch families.
    ‘Few people come to Zurich to visit Bahnhofstrasse,’ said Linus Fuchs, president of IWC Switzerland. ‘We are glad to finally have the opportunity to showcase our philosophy. Our mechanical watches are as unique as this street.’ Tourists must not only look forward to seeing our watch collections, but also IWC watch franchised stores. Unique style.
IWC 61 Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich
    IWC’s own designers decorated a 60-square-meter sales store and built an atmosphere that fully reflects the brand image. The simple design is perfectly combined with architecture and innovation. Black wood, glass, chrome-yellow, leather and polished aluminum all reflect the technical inspiration of IWC. The atmosphere blended together is elegant and charming.
    ‘For the first time, we have adopted a new visitor area in the design of a new store in Switzerland.’ Linus Fuchs said that this famous building began in 1909 and is a large family of IWC watches-Pilot, Portuguese, Ingenieur, Aquatimer Da Vinci and Portofina have created a fitting, traditional, tilted environment. These watch families date back to the 20th century.
Inside the IWC store, 61 Bahnhofstrasse, Zurich
    The concept of IWC’s new showcase in Schaffhausen illustrates the importance of the world’s themes echoing their watch family. For example, it was based on aviation history that Pilot Pilot Watch Family was established. The Aquatimer family of diver watches takes us on a bizarre journey into the deep ocean of the world. The Da Vinci series is a tribute to the world-renowned genius of the Italian Renaissance. The Ingenieur family of engineers reflects advanced technology and engineering. The picturesque town of Portofino represents its appeal to the immortal superstars of the entertainment industry in the 1950s and 1960s, and has also given its name to another well-loved watch family.
    Because this year is the year of IWC’s pilot watch, it is this series of watches that proudly became the first collection displayed on the 61st window of Bahnhofstrasse. This series of watches has also been completely improved this year, and includes five models of the Top Gun series. The legendary variety of lively cockpit instruments and analog horizons are the technically inspired background of this year’s popular Pilot Pilot’s Watch.