From Adherence To Principles And Originality, Glashütte Original Collaborates With The Berlin International Film Festival For The Sixth Anniversary

[February 2016, Berlin] The 66th Berlin International Film Festival was grandly opened. As an official partner, Glashütte Original, a German high-end watchmaking brand from 1845, joined hands with the Berlin International Film Festival for the 6th consecutive year to support emerging filmmakers and original works. For the fifth time, ‘Perspective German Film Perspektive Deutsches’ The ‘Kino’ module presented the ‘Made in Germany-Perspektive Fellowship’. In addition, the brand continues to contribute to the festival’s Retrospective and Tribute Homage units, paying tribute to the classic stories of time written in video.

Glashütte Original collaborates with Berlin International Film Festival for 6 consecutive years, starring the red carpet at the opening ceremony

   The Berlin International Film Festival is one of the top three international film festivals in the world. It is famous for its rigorous film attitude and adherence to original principles. In the 170-year history of watchmaking that has never ceased in the small town of Glashütte, Glashütte Original has always adhered to the original spirit, with rigorous watchmaking attitude and skills, and has made its own efforts to promote sustainable German watchmaking . Adherence to principles and originality has made Glashütte Originals closely linked to the Berlin International Film Festival. The close cooperation between the two parties began in 2010. Just like a masterpiece of timepiece, a master-level video work is also the best carrier to record time.

Glashütte Original collaborates with Berlin International Film Festival for the 6th consecutive year

Recognizes the most original emerging director-‘Made in Germany-Perspective Award’
   Talented and young and fearless, it is the best label for the Berlin Film Festival’s ‘Perspective German Film’ unit. Here is the best window for young German filmmakers to show their works. The originality is the spirit of Glashütte originality that lasts for more than 170 years. In order to discover the most original and emerging filmmakers, Glashütte Original established the “Made in Germany – Perspective Award” since 2011. It supports newcomer film projects, materials and script creation for 5 consecutive years. All directors who participated in this unit in the previous year Have the opportunity to compete for this award.

Janna Ji Wonders wins ‘Made in Germany-Perspective Award’ for the film script ‘Lake Walching Forever’

   On February 12, 2016, Janna Ji Wonders won the award with the film script ‘Walshchen Forever’. Like previous winners, Glashütte Original will make every effort to ensure that young directors complete the project. Everything supported. Janna Ji Wonders will continue to complete her film project under the guidance of a mentor.

Mr. Yann Gamard, Glashütte Original Global President, congratulates Janna Ji Wonders on standing out and winning the award

   The ‘Made in Germany-Perspective Award’ dedicated to young talents has a double meaning-from the young generation, for the young generation. Each year, the trophy is hand-crafted by apprentices at the Glashütte Original watchmaking school Alfred Helwig. In the center of the transparent trophy, the gears of time represent never-ending creativity. For future Glashütte original watchmakers, making trophies gives them a great opportunity to test their talents and creativity. This is an inspiration and a unique glory. Art and craftsmanship are exactly what filmmaking and high-end watchmaking have in common.

Apprentices from Glashütte’s original Alfred Helwig watchmaking school craft the “Made in Germany – Perspective Award” trophy

Tribute to the most rigorous film master-Honorary Golden Bear
   Art and craftsmanship are the common essence of high-end watchmaking and film, and it is also the unremitting pursuit of the winners of the ‘Golden Bear Award’. This year’s prestigious award was presented by the Berlin International Film Festival to the director of photography, Michael Ballhaus, for his outstanding creative achievements. As the same meticulous watchmaker faces every subtle part rigorously, the film master adheres to the principle of rigor, and has made many handed-off works such as ‘New York Gangster’ and ‘The Underworld’ with unremitting creative passion. In the ‘tribute to Homage’ unit, which is fully supported by Glashütte Original, these video classics will be retrospectively screened.

Master of Photography Director Michael Ballhaus, winner of the Honorary Golden Bear at the Berlin International Film Festival’s Lifetime Achievement Award

Inheriting the most original watchmaking tradition-the parliamentary World Time watch
   During the festival, the original Glashütte VIP lounge on the 24th floor of the Kollhoff-Tower will open again as scheduled. This VIP room is very popular with guests. Not only can guests enjoy the grand red carpet of film festival stars, but also overlook the bustling scenery of Berlin. The relaxed atmosphere and elegant environment facilitate a fruitful discussion of time and film.

Guests talked in the original VIP lounge of Glashütte, sharing time and the endless beauty of film art in a relaxed atmosphere and elegance

Glashütte Original presents Senator Cosmopolite World Time watch tailored for global travelers to guests from all over the world

   Glashütte Original welcomes guests from all over the world, and presents a professional watch tailored for global travelers-Senator Cosmopolite World Time Watch. Take the world of thousands of wrists together, reduce complexity, and deserve to be a masterpiece in mechanical watches.

Glashütte Original MP World Time Watch equipped with the new Calibre 89-02 self-winding movement, taking the time in 37 time zones worldwide

Glashütte Original Representative World Time Watch

   Equipped with the newly designed Calibre 89-02 self-winding movement, the parliamentary World Time watch uses the highest configuration of current clock world time technology, displaying 37 time zones around the world (including full hour, half hour and 15 minutes or 45 Minute time difference time zone), each time zone is indicated by the IATA airport code, clear and easy to read. This masterpiece of mechanical art can display the time in two different time zones and the day and night in two places at the same time, and accurately balance daylight saving time and standard time. Powerful, yet extremely easy to use. With just one step of tuning, you have the world’s time instantly.