Control Your Time Calmly Appreciate Glashütte Original Mp Universal Watch With The New Automatic Calibre 89-02 Movement

The Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo 2015 held a press conference on March 18th, Beijing time, and officially kicked off. More than 4,000 journalists have visited Baselworld, the most representative event of the year in the watch and jewelry industry. The report team in front of the Watch House has arrived at Baselworld to bring you the latest and fastest comprehensive exhibition report. Let’s follow in the footsteps of the Watch House to appreciate the surprises brought by the original Glashütte brand at the 2015 Baselworld Watch & Jewellery Expo.

 Germany’s top watchmaker Glashütte Original has paired the new Caliber 89-02 with the new Calibre 89-02 movement. The Calibre 89-02 caliber has an automatic tourbillon that provides travelers with a choice of 37 world time zones, each of which is represented by an airport code designated by the International Air Transport Association (IATA) for the main international airport in that time zone.

24 time zones offset from GMT by 1 hour, daylight saving time (DST) or standard time (STD) at 8 o’clock shows black IATA code, 10 time zones and Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) keeps the offset in units of 30 minutes and displays it in blue IATA code. The remaining 3 time zones are offset by 15 minutes or 45 minutes from Greenwich Mean Time (GMT) and displays in red IATA code. The color code allows the user to tell the offset of the watch from Greenwich Mean Time at a glance.

 Therefore, Glashütte original designers attach great importance to local (destination) time, the center hour and minute hands of the dial, the small seconds dial at 6 o’clock, the day / night window at 9 o’clock, and the iconic large calendar at 4 o’clock Both are used to display the local time at the destination. Another reference point for the destination time is two small windows at 8 o’clock, which indicate whether the time zone of the destination is daylight saving time (DST) or standard time (STD).

 In addition, the silver frosted dial of the new MP MP is equipped with black orbital scales and black Roman numerals, and the central longitudinal axis is symmetrically distributed. On the central horizontal axis, there is a local time day / night window at 9 o’clock. The lower part is the night sky, the upper part is the golden sun, and the original Glashütte logo at 3 o’clock. Roman and Arabic numerals, orbital and minute scales are laser engraved and black plated. The central pear-shaped hour and minute hands, the home time hour and minute hands, the small second hand, and the day / night hand at the destination time are made of blue steel.

 The 72-hour power reserve display inside the home time schedule is black, which is very noticeable on an ivory white background, while the day / night display of home time indicates night with black dots, and white dots indicate day.

 The case back has a sapphire crystal window, which allows you to clearly appreciate the details and features brought by Germany’s top watchmaking processes, including the Glashütte column decoration, the double G logo on the eccentric rotor, blue steel screws and plating Hand-carved balance wheel splint.

 So how to adjust the destination time? If the traveler is moving east (time advances), simply turn the crown at 4 o’clock clockwise until the IATA code representing the destination time zone appears in the daylight saving time (DST) or standard time (STD) window. If the traveler goes west (backward in time), simply rotate the crown counterclockwise.

 Calibre 89-02 calibre vibrates at 4 Hz (28,000 A / h) with eccentric rotor. The four golden screws on the edge of the balance wheel can adjust the oscillation system, eliminating the extra power consumption caused by installing the adjuster on the balance spring, so that the movement can continue to run longer, thereby improving accuracy. Calibre 89-02 movement consists of 400 individual parts.

 This perfect travel companion from Glashütte comes in a 44mm matte or polished red or white gold case with a matte black or blue Louisiana alligator strap and a red or white gold folding buckle. The Senator’s Universal Watch comes with a shiny, shiny black wooden case that complements the superb German watchmaking process.

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