Chanel: Don’t Be Affectionate, Let Them Spend A Great Time With You

what is love? It was love at first sight when they met for the first time, perseverance when they faced difficulties together, and they waited for each other throughout their lives; they were dependent on each other in their young ages, and people did not diminish their love in middle age. So people often say that time is the most unique annotation of love. It brews love, carries love, and achieves love. Winter snow has slowly fallen, and Valentine’s Day will also come. In this loving season, Chanel congratulates many beautiful gifts, condenses the most sincere blessings to the square, and creates a love for the people. Part of the magical illusion, the friendship settled in time becomes within reach.
   This Valentine’s Day gift comes from Chanel’s most iconic J12 and Premiere series. The more luxurious and bold 2016 Les Icones de Chanel and Coco Crush jewelry are presented together. The simplicity and purity of the J12 series, the deep and timeless love of the Premiere series, coupled with the exquisite and smooth portrayal of the 2016 Les Icones de Chanel series and the enthusiasm and passion expressed by Coco Crush, together compose a hymn of modern and modern style, becoming a makeup lover The perfect choice for good times.
J12 Collector Mirror

J12 Collector Mirror white bracelet watch
   Does love have color? If anything, it must be pure and spotless. In 2016, the Chanel J12 Collector Mirror series white bracelet watch was newly presented. The white high-tech precision ceramic with a stainless steel case, a mirror dial, and a sapphire mirror with white digital index hands. The case diameter is 38 mm. Limited edition of 1200 pieces. The dial adopts a mirror design to form a pure and brilliant unique display effect. It is mysterious and romantic, which makes the watch light and beautiful. It shows the use of light and shadow like a dream, reflecting the affectionate contrast and perfection between lovers Take care and tell the story of love all the time.
Première Rock Pop

Première Rock Pop rose pink bracelet watch

Première Rock Pop turquoise blue chain watch
   Although Valentine’s Day still carries a bit of chill that does not leave in winter, the divine love among the lovers has already melted it, leading each other into a world full of fragrance and color, and spring is coming. The Première Rock Pop series watches associate the watch with colors, expressing the mellow sweetness of love with saturated and rich colors. The Première Rock Pop series watch uses a stainless steel case, a convex stainless steel crown, a white mother-of-pearl dial, and a three-ring rose-pink and turquoise-blue leather-worn stainless steel bracelet. The color scheme of the watch is full of femininity, but the unusual three-circle leather wearing bracelet design also exudes a touch of freedom and uninhibited. Who says elegance and modernity can’t have both?
Coco Crush Collection


   Love TA is because TA is unique and has a strong personality, so it will be delivered to life for millions of people. The same is true when you want to love a piece of jewelry. Chanel Fine Jewelry launches its latest line ‘Coco Crush’, paying tribute to the brand’s classic ‘matelassé’ diamond pattern.

Coco Crush ring in 18K white gold, exquisite

Coco Crush Ring in 18K White Gold, Standard

Coco Crush Ring in 18K Yellow Gold, Luxury

Coco Crush Bracelet in Yellow Gold, Luxury
   The ‘Coco Crush’ series consists of rings and cuff-type bracelets. Each piece of precious metal is carved with fine craftsmanship to create elegant, soft and gentle rhombus patterns. The right size and geometric design are full of details and exquisite sense, blending fantasy aesthetic design and extraordinary modern spirit, revealing the sensuality and playfulness of women.

   The new ‘Coco Crush’ series is unique, highlighting the simple and elegant modern spirit of Chanel fine jewelry. The neutral style of the collection is unique even for men. The style is simple but perfectly versatile. The collision of colors and the overlapping of styles make you an irreplaceable TA in the eyes of your lover.
2016 Les Icones de Chanel High Jewellery

‘Comète Spirale’ Ring with Diamonds in 18K White Gold

‘Entrelacs d’Étoiles’ ring in 18k white and yellow gold with diamonds

‘Comète Spirale’ Earrings with Diamonds in 18K White Gold

‘Comète Spirale’ necklace in 18k white gold with diamonds
   ‘All things are spiritual and beautiful.’ Looking up at a quiet night sky, millions of stars poured down the hazy glory here, and witnessed the unwavering promise of a lover under the dome, becoming the best testimony of love. In 1932, Ms. Chanel held the ‘Bijoux de Diamants’ Diamond Jewellery Show. The comet-themed jewelry she designed could be a necklace shining on a pink neck, or turned into a brooch, or placed in the center of a bracelet, becoming Sight focus. In an interview with L’Intransigeant Daily, Ms. Chanel said, ‘I want to decorate women with bright stars. Stars! Big and small, shining stars …’ This new series is full of charm and tension in the light and shadow overlap of comets. With mysterious beauty. Without intense colors, only the female lines are outlined in the shape of a comet. The same series of rings, earrings and necklaces are presented separately or worn at will, showing a pre-modern aesthetic style.
   Some love stories are destined to become legends, but they have not changed their initial appearance through the years. Just like Chanel’s Valentine’s Day gift, she writes a wonderful love story with pure time art, with different styles but always faithful to the essence of brand design. Various classic designs are crowned with love, chanting the beauty of time and the fragrance of love, recording the intimacy and deep friendship of lovers every minute.