Casio Sheen Spokesperson Guilun Magnesium Micro Movie Second Season

Missed the date, did you miss the love? An independent, confident, and elegant woman will answer, but if you are prepared, you will not.

 I had an appointment with my boyfriend for Christmas Eve, but I was temporarily informed that I had to work overtime. The restaurant closes close, but he still has a little expectation and continues to wait. After the work is completed, she will put on a dress and watch that she has already prepared, which will bring him a Christmas surprise. She came to the appointed restaurant and sent a text message to him prankly: ‘I’m afraid I can’t meet tonight …’ The disappointed expression on her boyfriend’s face couldn’t help but make her have a sweet smile. Suddenly the piano was lit by the spotlight. This tune is an apology and gift she prepared for him. ‘How nice? This gift!’, She rose up gracefully, ‘Merry Christmas’.

She is Emily. She just started working in a magazine two years ago. Scorpio also often makes her life less romantic because she is too busy working. Over the baptism of time, Emily became more independent and autonomous, and therefore more moving. She is dedicated to her work and devoted to her feelings. She knows how to focus on each job and makes romance between the two. She also delays dating her boyfriend because of work, but she also knows how to arrange apologies and surprises. ; She knows herself, so she knows the other side better; she knows not to be kidnapped by anything, but to enjoy work and feelings gracefully through careful arrangement. Is she Emily, arranged or arranged, what is your choice?

 Casio’s women’s watch brand SHEEN brings the new SHE-3505 luxury watch series to independent, elegant and calm working women. Ceramic bezel and rose gold dial, clear and transparent sapphire glass, with elegant retro-style Roman numerals and scales inlaid with Swarovski crystals, the aesthetic appearance reflects the ability of women in the workplace, and the elegance of life. . The three-panel, six-pin design highlights the multifunctional design and quality of the watch. The digital scale on the outer circle shows the perfect combination of advocating practical modernism design and retro style of the dial. The special backlight design injects a bright light into the watch, even at night, you can always grasp the pulse of time. The functions of time, day of the week, and date greatly enhance the practicality of the watch. In terms of material, SHE-3505 specially adopts the rose gold IP coating to provide a more comfortable and safe wearing experience for the wearers with sensitive skin. The highly wear-resistant properties of the ceramic bezel and sapphire glass surface allow you to go in and out with ease occasion.
★ Easy style——SHE-3505SG-7
Lightly mature women, they have experience. Faced with pressure and problems, they are calm and appropriately deployed. They keep their creed and take care of the feelings of those around them. They know how to live a quality life instead of simply pursuing luxury. SHE-3505SG-7, designed for this type of women. This model adopts the popular rose gold and ceramic bezel with special light feeling, rose gold Swarovski crystal scales and Roman numeral scales add romantic atmosphere. The rose-gold star decoration echoes the star-moon decoration of the backlight at night. Who said that the light mature woman is not cute? With simple and solemn solid color dresses and exquisite makeup, it is the scenery that people cannot ignore.

SHE-3505SG-7AU ¥ 2490
Main parameters: Swarovski crystal, stopwatch, 50 meters waterproof, date display.
★ Pure White Proposition——SHE-3505L-7
Elegant and pure white. Every capable and confident working woman needs a white watch to express an elegant, comfortable and clean attitude to life. SHE-3505L-7 uses white tones, reflecting the pure color texture and cleanness with the difference in material and light perception. The warm luster of the ceramic bezel makes the sapphire glass mirror surface softer visually, the Swarovski crystal scale reflects the sun even more dazzling in warm winter days, and the leather strap is soft and conformable, delivering endless warmth in winter. The faint blue stopwatch hands and crown design bring a striking color to the whole. Whether commuting or leisure, SHE-3505L-7 is a versatile and bright partner.

SHE-3505L-7AU ¥ 2290
Main parameters: Swarovski crystal, stopwatch, 50 meters waterproof, date display.
★ Mysterious Girl——SHE-3505D-5
If you also like low-key and unobtrusive little magnesium, SHE-3505D-5 must not be missed! Wear the SHE-3505D-5, which is engraved with a signature of Xiao Magnesium, to listen and record your story. It’s like every mature and restrained woman, not eye-catching, but can hold the most discerning taste. Fading the coldness of the black and the redness of the red, the SHE-3505D-5 uses a deep brown dial and bezel on the color scheme to make all the details more prominent. The shining Swarovski crystals are like the stars of the night, telling you that period Nostalgic time. With smart and simple windbreaker, or tailored coat, show the elegance and confidence of urban OL.

SHE-3505D-5AU ¥ 2490
Main parameters: Swarovski crystal, stopwatch, 50 meters waterproof, date display.

* Casio SHEEN watch series use SWAROVSKI crystal
SHE-3505 series watches have been sold in major counters throughout Casio