Cartier Tortue Multi-time Zone Watch Released Directly At 2013 Geneva Watch Show

With its ingenious design and clear and easy-to-read time display, the Tortue multi-time zone watch can provide a great deal of time information with great ease, making many global travelers love it. For them, the most important thing is to be able to easily read the time of the destination and know the time of the departure, at the same time, without going through complicated and tedious operations.

 The Tortue multi-time zone watch combines simple lines, a rose gold or white gold or diamond-set tortoise case, and a multi-layered delicate dial with excellent readability. It highlights the complexity and complexity with a low-key appearance. A grand watch masterpiece. Its smooth lines and many Cartier-specific iconic elements are memorable, such as a winding crown with multi-faceted sapphire, a multi-level engraved dial, and a partial world map carved in blue paint in the center of the dial. This exquisite decoration style is like an invitation to travel. Even if it is not a watch expert, you can see from a distance that this timepiece is made for global travelers.

Timepieces for travel
 At first glance, this ingenious watch combines classic and timeless shapes with a modern dial, but does not deliberately highlight its functional advantages. However, this timepiece not only has UTC function-a popular term now used to define a watch with independent adjustable dual time zone display, often referred to as GMT function. The Tortue multi-time zone watch goes beyond this popular feature since its inception in 1953, becoming a member of the ‘World Time’ watch family. This type of watch is even more precious. The dial usually has a dial engraved with the names of different cities to show the time in the time zone where these cities are located. However, in order to avoid overly complicated dial design, the watchmaker at Cartier Workshop chose to present the city name on the outside of the dial and display it through the window on the shoulder side of the Tortue multi-time watch.

Easy-to-use complication
 The watch’s modular movement is based on the 1904 MC movement developed by the Cartier La Chaux-de-Fonds workshop. Time information. In order to avoid any complicated thinking, the time of the watch’s wearer is displayed by the main hand for reading, while the time of departure is displayed in a semi-circular window below the center of the dial by the day / night hand with the sun and moon signs. This compact device is connected to the pushbutton at 2 o’clock, which can display the time of the representative city corresponding to 24 time zones on a 24-hour basis. Not only that, the Tortue multi-time zone watch also inherited the design concept of the Calibre de Cartier multi-time zone watch introduced last year: taking into account the daylight saving time adjustments of different countries, another reference scale is used to display the 7-month effective daylight saving time To ensure the accuracy of the time zone time.
Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: