Avenger In The Deep Sea Breitling A1733010/C756 Diving Watch Appreciation

As a watch technology expert, Breitling has played an important role in the history of chronograph watches, and can be said to be a leader in the field of chronograph watches. As a family-owned company, Breitling is also one of the few independent watchmakers in Switzerland. The deep dive watch is also a major difficulty in the watch. Let’s witness this A1733010 / C756 watch created by Breitling’s excellence.
 This A1733010 / C756 is a watch belonging to the Breitling Avengers series. In terms of appearance, it is a big guy, with a diameter of 45 mm and a case thickness of 18.5 mm. The stainless steel material exudes a faint metallic luster, which shows the domineering man’s dominance, while the color shows the calmness of the man, which is a watch suitable for mature men. Although it is large, it does not weigh very much. Without counting the weight of the strap, it is only 159.20 grams, which is not considered heavy in a watch. The blue dial, surrounded by a silver bezel, looks as deep as the sea. The anchored logo with wings on the 12 o’clock scale symbolizes a dream of conquering the deep sea. Challenge the will of the ocean. The hands and hour markers of this watch are white, which is very conspicuous on the blue dial surface, and there are carved scales on the outer ring of the case. The dial exudes a strong sense of sport. Breitling also designed a professional stainless steel bracelet for this watch, which is not only the need for its diving function, but also the technical atmosphere of the watch as a whole.

 The Breitling Subsea Wolf A1733010 / C756 is a very good diving watch. All its functions are designed for deeper diving. Its stainless steel crown and case are installed by rotating and tightening, and the crown also incorporates a double seal design, which greatly improves the water resistance of this watch. It also has a unidirectional bezel, which is very important for a diving watch. Rotating the bezel can easily calculate the actual elapsed time of the dive to ensure the safety of the diver, while the unidirectional rotation The design also avoids wrong turn and guarantees that no accident will happen. In the time display design of its junior hand, all hands and time scales are covered with a fluorescent coating, and time information can be clearly obtained whether it is in the dark night or the deep sea without any light. The many professional designs above make this watch’s water-resistant depth reach a staggering three kilometers. This achievement is a leader even in professional diving watches, which can meet almost all professional and non-professional needs. In addition, in order to meet the needs of daily life, this watch also has a date display window at 3 o’clock, which is convenient for us to obtain daily information. Therefore, this is a powerful and practical diving watch.

 The Breitling A1733010 / C756 watch is equipped with a cal. 17 caliber produced by Breitling itself. This is a manual winding movement. It is a pleasure for many watch lovers to wind their own watches in their spare time. . This watch is based on the ETA2824-2 movement, which ensures its excellent quality. This movement also has 25 jewel bearings to serve the transmission system of this watch, which reduces the resistance when the gear rotates and makes the movement of the movement more smooth. The oscillating frequency of 28,800 times per hour of this movement is the highest standard of mechanical watch technology now. It divides 8 parts per second, so that even if something happens to the outside world, the watch has a greater impact , Then the impact is only one-eighth of a second, ensuring the accuracy of the watch’s travel time. This watch also has a 40-hour power reserve capability, so that we don’t have to wind the watch frequently, but for friends who don’t like to bring a watch on weekends, it may seem slightly less, but compared to its powerful professional diving function This flaw is nothing.
 This Breitling Avengers A1733010 / C756 is known for its powerful diving capabilities. The seemingly heavy case configuration, the application of many rotary tightening technologies, and the excellent movement configuration ensure its powerful diving capabilities. The tough appearance and deep metallic luster set off the temperament of men. The unique color scheme and classic LOGO’s morality perfectly show our unwillingness to ordinary dreams. This watch can be said to be a challenging heart, a symbol of bravery, and those wearing it will be as tenacious as the luster it emits. Such a powerful watch, but its price is only 32,000 yuan, absolute value for money, friends who love diving watches, it is definitely one of your best choices.
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