At This Moment, I Broke Through The Tissot Watch To Help Huang Xiaoming’s ‘golden Cicada Shell 2’ Released

On June 29, 2018, the first Hollywood action blockbuster ‘Jin Chan Husking 2’ starring Huang Xiaoming, the global image spokesperson for Tissot, will be released soon. Huang Xiaoming played the apprenticeship of prison escape expert Breslin, and together with many film stars such as Stallone, staged a masterpiece of prison escape. In the film, Huang Xiaoming has made unprecedented breakthroughs in many aspects such as language, martial arts, and body shape to get closer to the role he plays. Breaking through myself, constantly facing challenges, and becoming a better self, this is exactly the moment spirit shared by Tissot watches and Huang Xiaoming.

Tissot watch global ambassador Huang Xiaoming starred in ‘Golden Chanel Shelling 2’
Breakthrough self wonderful presentation
   In ‘Golden Cicada Shelling 2’, Huang Xiaoming collaborated with Stallone for the first time and staged a blood-blooded jailbreak masterpiece. For Huang Xiaoming, this is a brand new breakthrough. Based on the backbone of the first story, ‘Golden Cicada Shelling 2’ not only adds futuristic elements with a sci-fi style, but also incorporates many oriental elements such as philosophy and kung fu, becoming another representative work in this type of work. Huang Xiaoming, as a representative of Chinese actors and a global image spokesperson for Tissot, brought Chinese culture to the world and also made new contributions to Sino-US cultural exchanges.
In the film, Huang Xiaoming breaks through difficulties and uses wit and flexibility in crisis-stricken prisons, adding many highlights to the plot of the film. The trailer for ‘Golden Cicada Shelling 2’ has just been released, and Huang Xiaoming’s video of playing Wing Chun has touched the hearts of many audiences. With ‘inch strength’ as its core strength, short-term and extremely aggressive, combined with traditional Hollywood fighting action, is refreshing. He also said in an interview: ‘I hope to play Chinese martial arts in the film, and I’m really excited.’ His partner Stallone also praised and affirmed Huang Xiaoming’s efforts.
Momentary and fearless challenge
   In order to best interpret the effects required by the film, Huang Xiaoming broke through many limitations during the shooting. All the lines in the film are dialogues in English, and most of them are foreign actors. Communication in English and lines are an unprecedented challenge for him. In the film, Huang Xiaoming plays a master of martial arts, which brings him a severe test in martial arts, martial arts and body shaping. For this reason, Huang Xiaoming deliberately invited a professional language instructor to train in English before the film started, and has always insisted on physical fitness and martial arts training. In the match against the Iron Cage champion, he was not afraid of his strong hands, although his whole body was scarred after repeated shots, and his spirit of fearless challenge deeply attracted the audience. Not sticking to a fixed image, Huang Xiaoming constantly tries new roles and reaches a new level of interpretation in this film. Fearless challenges and constant breakthroughs. This is the spiritual trait shared by Tissot watches and Huang Xiaoming, and also the spirit of Tissot watches always respected. With this moment of hard work and sweat, create the next moment of breakthrough and gain.

Tissot Duluer watches carry the spirit of Huang Xiaoming
   To this end, Tissot watches also presented a congratulatory gift for the spokesperson’s new film, and reached a commercial cooperation with the film ‘Golden Cicada 2’. Tissot’s official WeChat and Weibo platforms have also specifically established Huang Xiaoming’s Global Film Friends and Fan Club to provide fans with more movie viewing opportunities. At the same time, Tissot’s official WeChat designed the H5 poster interactive event page for the screen image created by Huang Xiaoming, and also presented gifts to support the film. When the movie is about to be released, Tissot watches are willing to use its concept of ‘this moment, I break through’ and join hands with Tissot watches global image ambassador Huang Xiaoming to sharpen themselves forever on the road to challenge and overcome the impossible.