Angular Momentum At Salon Belles Montres Luxury Watch Show Shanghai

This year, the first stop of the international luxury watch salon Salon BellesMontres International Luxury Watch Salon is held at the Shanghai Exhibition Center. From October 27 to 30, many high-end watches The brand shares its passion for watches with Chinese watch enthusiasts.
With more than 30 world-leading watch brands in bloom, Belles Montres has achieved the largest watch event ever in mainland China.
During the four-day exhibition, watch enthusiasts, media reporters and retailers have brought an unprecedented appreciation experience, and learn about the classic concepts and superb skills of many fine watches.

Swiss watchmaker Angular Momentum is very pleased to participate in the premiere of the Belles Montres luxury watch exhibition in Shanghai, showing an extraordinary sapphire crystal watch with a miniature painting inside the snuff bottle from the Qing Dynasty in China. Shocking, this watch was sold to a Chinese snuff bottle collector at the Shanghai Watch Fair.
Angular Momentum’s miniature painted watches will soon be available in specialty stores in Shanghai and Beijing.