A Watch Five Years Late

I don’t know if you still remember the movie ‘Interstellar’ released in 2014? The story takes place in a dystopian future world. Human survival is threatened by food shortages and hypoxia. NASA’s team of scientists, engineers and pilots use interstellar travel to find potential habitable planets. Former astronaut Cooper needs to travel to another dimension, hoping to find a new home for humanity. But participating in this mission meant leaving Earth and daughter Murphy. Before leaving, Cooper gave his watch to his daughter Murphy. Then Cooper realized that from the fifth dimension, he could travel to a specific place on the earth in time and communicate with his daughter. On the other side of the bookcase in Murphy’s childhood bedroom, he used a Morse code to send her a message through the second hand left for her daughter’s watch. As a child, Murphy deciphered the Morse code, but thought it was a ghostly masterpiece. When he grew up, Murphy, a scientist, returned to his childhood bedroom for a final look, and was forced to leave because a sandstorm was raging outside the window. Cooper is also able to travel from the fifth dimension to this moment. Cooper realized that he now controlled the key to manipulating gravity, which could help humans leave the earth and go to a new and safe planet, and desperately wanted to pass information to Murphy. Cooper knew that Murphy was still wearing the watch he had left her. This watch has played its role, and it can do it again! He uses the Morse code to transmit quantum data through the watch’s second hand. Murphy finally realized that the ghost in her childhood memory was actually her father, trying to connect with her through time and space. Murphy returned to NASA to transcribe and decipher the Morse code in his watch, helping humans to subvert gravity and escape the dying earth. When she finally solved the equation, she ran back to the Central Laboratory, threw the manuscript into the air, and yelled, ‘Eureka!’ To commemorate her major discovery. The Hamilton used in the film, finally, as an dying old lady, Murphy reunited with his father, still wearing a watch that his father left for himself. Five years later, this Hamilton custom prototype ‘Murphy’, which plays a key role in plot development, is officially in mass production! It features a 42mm steel case with a black dial, retro-aged beige Super LumiNova┬« luminescent coating hands, and an upgraded ETA movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. Unique is the second hand in the middle: the Morse code for the word ‘Eureka’ (found) is printed on the second hand with a bright lacquer and can only be seen in certain light and angles. The watchbox was designed by Nathan Crowley, the art director of ‘Interstellar’, and reproduces the famous hypercube space in the film. The limited number of hypercube watchboxes is 2,555 to pay tribute to a detail in the movie: an hour on Miller This is equivalent to 7 years on earth, or 2555 days. It has been 5 years since the movie was released that year. This Hamilton, which is 5 years late, will be listed in April 2019. The official domestic price is 7350 yuan. Since it is 5 years late, it is better to arrange it for 7 years, that is, release in 2021. After all, an hour on Miller’s planet is equivalent to 7 years on Earth ………….. END _