A Century Of Classic Heritage Tasting Vacheron Constantin Malte Series New Small Seconds Watch

Vacheron Constantin (Machete Constantin) Malte (Malta) series is famous for its barrel-shaped shell, and applies a variety of well-known complex functions and technologies; including a variety of governors, tourbillon , Dual time zone, moon phases, power reserve, chronograph and skeleton movement. As one of the representatives of Vacheron Constantin’s watchmaking excellence, over the years the Malte series has introduced a number of high-quality, exquisitely constructed and unique high-quality watches. Today, the Malte “family” has added a new member with extraordinary quality and simple appearance. The watch provides the hours, minutes and small seconds display function. For watch purists with extremely demanding appearance It is a rare treasure. The official number of this watch is: 82130 / 000R-9755.

  The new watch introduced this time can be said to be a continuation of Vacheron Constantin’s classics, which maximizes its long-term charm to everyone, and appreciate its restrained charm.

   From the overall watch, we can see that its design continues the classic Maltese style. The 18K rose gold wine barrel case is 36.7×47.6 mm in thickness and only 9.1 mm in thickness. The gold case is equipped with a crocodile. The classic design of a leather strap complements its elegant taste and texture.

   In order to highlight its noble quality, this watch also uses 18K rose gold on the material of the time markers and hands. At the same time, it is presented on the dial after a more subtle design, which complements the gold-toned case.

   The origin of the Maltese small seconds watch came from the idea of ​​a traditional style with simple and exquisite shapes and elegant lines. The simple and clear design fully illustrates another interpretation of elegance.

   At 12 o’clock and at 6 o’clock, the time scale of the watch is represented by Roman numerals, and the other is represented by the bar time scale. At the same time, the logo at the position below 12 o’clock also shows the source and noble status of the watch.
   The thickness of only 9.1 mm is attributed to the Vacheron Constantin cal. 4400AS manual winding movement. At the same time, the ingenious design of the 18K rose gold crown and the iconic Vacheron Constantin logo can be seen from this picture.
   The watch is equipped with a Vacheron Constantin cal.4400AS manual winding movement with a diameter of 28.6 mm, a thickness of only 2.8 mm, an oscillation frequency of 28,800 times per hour, and a power reserve of 65 hours. This movement is equipped with two recognized certifications: a rigorous attitude that guarantees reliable performance and an excellent finishing process; at the same time, the movement also has a Geneva mark that symbolizes high-quality watchmaking skills and excellence.

   This hand-wound movement provides a powerful source of power for the watch and at the same time interprets Vacheron Constantin’s exquisite traditional watchmaking technology.

   Summary: It is reported that the price of this watch is about 170,000 yuan. As the Malta series of Vacheron Constantin, anyone familiar with it will know that the price of the watch will not be less than 150,000 yuan, so this rose gold material automatically The chain’s small seconds watch is priced at 170,000 yuan is also expected. However, I personally think that such a price range to choose an elegant and noble watch for yourself, Vacheron Constantin’s models will definitely enter your candidate list, and the extraordinary charm of Malta’s unique barrel type will certainly conquer many people Heart.

Details of Vacheron Constantin Malte’s new small seconds watch:
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