4500 Yuan High Price Tissot Watch Back Cover Is Flawed, The Public Said Not To Force

spent 4,500 yuan to buy a watch at the Tissot watch counter, the next day I found a flaw in the back cover of the watch, but the counter was not refundable, and it took three hours at the counter Give satisfactory results. Speaking of this watch purchase experience, Ms. Hefei’s citizen right was very depressed.
4500 yuan Tissot watch back cover is defective

On the afternoon of May 2nd, Ms. Citizen of Hefei purchased a Tissot watch at the Tissot Watch counter, valued at 4,500 yuan.
‘At home, we treat the baby like a baby and put the watch in the box. I took it out on the morning of the 3rd and found that there was a very obvious flaw in the bottom of the dial. The wear was very serious, and the edges and corners of the damaged part were gone. ‘Ms. Quan said that she did not intentionally check the appearance of the watch for flaws at the time of purchase. Such an expensive watch did not expect such problems to occur.
Ms. Quan said that on the afternoon of the 3rd, she came to the Tissot watch counter to prepare to exchange her watch.
‘The counter salesperson said that it was not excluded that the wear and tear caused by our wearing process was not returned. The advice they gave was to let us leave the watch and let the company inspect it to see why. & rdquo; Ms. Quan said she did not agree with the result of this process.
‘If the watch is bought within 24 hours, it will not be processed, and it is even more impossible to process it if it is delayed. & rdquo; Ms. Quan said that she did not get a satisfactory response after staying in the counter for three hours, and then left the Tissot watch counter.
Shopping malls involved returning goods for consumers
This morning, Xiaobian accompanied Ms. Quan to the Tissot counter in the shopping mall. A person in charge of the mall, Ms. Qin Xiangquan, carefully understood the beginning and end of the watch purchase.
Ms. Qin said that perhaps during the handover process when the watch was sold, on the one hand, the staff did not carefully remind the customer to check the surface, and on the other hand, the consumer did not carefully check the appearance of the watch, which led to today’s disputes about return and exchange.
In the case where this responsibility is not clear, the mall is willing to share this responsibility with the brand company, give Ms. Quan a full refund, and give a beautiful gift as compensation.
On behalf of the shopping mall, Ms. Qin apologized to Ms. Quan for the inadequacy of staff in service and management in the shopping mall, and reminded consumers to carefully check the appearance when purchasing precision electronic products such as watches to prevent unnecessary disputes. appear.