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2014 Basel Glashütte New Red Gold Senator Chronograph Appreciation

At the Basel Clock & Watch Fair, Glashütte newly released the classic Senator series chronograph. This watch follows the visual design of Glashütte’s original classic Senator dial, designed to create the iconic features of the Senator series, and serves as the flagship model of the watchmaker’s ‘Arts and Crafts’ series. Let’s enjoy the new Senator chronograph in this red gold case, the model number is: REF. 1-37-01-01-05-30.

 Glashütte Senator Chronograph Panorama Date red gold watch

 The classic and harmonious dial design of the Senator watch shows simplicity and elegance. The dial is designed with a central seconds hand, a 30-minute and 12-hour counter with a flyback chronograph mechanism, a small stopwatch with a power reserve indicator (70 hours), and Glashütte’s original commendable large date display design.

 The exquisite small seconds dial is also designed with a 70-hour power reserve display energy bar, which can be displayed on a reasonable dial to facilitate the wearer to grasp the power of the watch.

 30-minute chronograph dial

 Glashütte’s original commendable large date display design.

 The frosted red gold embellishes the spiral crown and is engraved with Glashütte’s signature striated bar.

 The new 37-01 movement is the first movement originally conceived and manufactured by Glashütte for a chronograph. The new wheel structure of the new chronograph movement is particularly streamlined with fewer individual parts. The movement uses a two-way automatic tourbillon; the 70-hour power reserve is controlled by a single barrel wheel. Four gold screws on the rim of the balance wheel are used for adjustment; there is no adjuster on the mainspring, allowing the movement to run continuously for a long time, thereby improving accuracy.

 This watch is very innovative and uses high materials. It has a lacquered silver dial with black track minute ring and black Roman numerals, and a polished 18K red gold matte case. The Senator Chronograph Panorama Date watch showcases the classic and stylish harmony and symmetry of Glashütte’s original Senator collection.

 The above content was reported by the staff in front of the Watch House. The relevant information of the 2014 Basel Watch Fair Glashütte new products carefully prepared for everyone. In the future, we will continue to provide more and more intuitive exhibition reports for everyone. Please stay tuned.
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Parmigiani Sponsors Philis Limonzani Magnificent Art Exhibition

From May 1st to October 31st, 2015, the Magnificent art exhibition curated by the famous artist Felice Limosani will be held at the Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace) in Florence, Italy. ) Grand opening, Swiss independent watch brand Parmigiani is pleased to participate as an event sponsor.
Palazzo Vecchio (Old Palace)
Paolo Cattagni, Mayor Dario Nardella, Maryline De Cesare, Curator Felice Limosani
   Phyllis Limonzani is a brand friend of Parmigiani, versatile and particularly good at storytelling. Last year, Parmigiani commissioned Phyllis Limonzani to design new display windows for the Luisa Via Roma concept store. Phyllis Limonzani draws inspiration from the fleeting butterfly life, and creates a window of ‘Time Flies, Gorgeous Butterflies’ for Parmigiani, giving it infinite vitality and passing countless metaphors and creativity.

   The digital work exhibition, Magnificent, pays tribute to the magnificent beauty that can change the world, and blind singer Andrea Bocelli once described it. Digital images and the beauty of music blend with each other, and Parmigiani revisits the Renaissance classics from a new perspective. Phyllis Limonzani once again demonstrated the extraordinary magical power of the heart.

Lvmh’s Swiss Watchmaker Zenith Welcomes A New Era Of E-commerce

ZENITH, a Swiss watchmaker under the global luxury giant LVMH, has announced that it will enter the two leading e-commerce platforms in China on May 21 this year. At that time, Zenith will With the theme of ‘To the One and Only You’, we bring legendary watches to Chinese e-commerce consumers to present ‘one-of-a-kind’ watches and experiences.

In line with the development trend of China’s e-commerce, Zenith adopts an active e-commerce development strategy and boldly welcomes the new era of e-commerce. Zenith will become the first luxury brand to enter the two leading e-commerce platforms in China at the same time. The collision between the heritage and the pioneer spans more than 150 years of watchmaking history. Zenith is one of the few watch brands that insists on the independent manufacture of mechanical movements. It is one of the four major movement manufacturers recognized by watch fans, creating many A legendary milestone in the Swiss watch industry. The announcement to enter the e-commerce platform is a collision between the century-old heritage and the pioneer of the times.

At this point, Zenith’s official flagship stores will become the only branded on-site sales channels on the two major e-commerce platforms, giving consumers the most ‘safe’ and ‘convenient’ online shopping experience, including the most comprehensive warranty policy and online Exclusive shopping experience. At the same time, Zenith will share the retro gentleman lifestyle with Chinese consumers through e-commerce platforms.
Tribute to intricate craftsmanship and vintage gentleman
Zenith’s first online exclusive signature customization presents a classic retro pilot series for you

On May 21st,’s e-commerce platform will present Zenith’s first exclusive online signature custom watch, the pilot series TYPE 20 ‘Bronze Flying’ and the pilot series TON-UP ‘Coffee Knight’. These two watches are the best representative of the vintage gentleman style, and are also the most popular trend. ‘Bronze Flying’ gathered many star fans and won the love of Jin Dong, Hu Ge, Han Geng, Wu Zhenyu, Wu Jianhao and so on. Its bronze shell is particularly unique, so it has been in a state that is hard to find for a long time. ‘Coffee Rider’ is the first heavy-duty motorcycle-themed watch in the watch industry. It is widely enthusiastic for heavy motorcycle riders such as Harley and Triumph, demonstrating the temperament of retro military watches, and the male hormones on the wrist are bursting.

In conjunction with Zenith’s presence in, the brand will specially open four pilot watches during the event, providing customers with exclusive signature engraving and customization services, showing the unique gentleman beauty in a retro style. Zenith is willing to share the ‘unique’ retro gentleman way with Chinese consumers.

A Watch Five Years Late

I don’t know if you still remember the movie ‘Interstellar’ released in 2014? The story takes place in a dystopian future world. Human survival is threatened by food shortages and hypoxia. NASA’s team of scientists, engineers and pilots use interstellar travel to find potential habitable planets. Former astronaut Cooper needs to travel to another dimension, hoping to find a new home for humanity. But participating in this mission meant leaving Earth and daughter Murphy. Before leaving, Cooper gave his watch to his daughter Murphy. Then Cooper realized that from the fifth dimension, he could travel to a specific place on the earth in time and communicate with his daughter. On the other side of the bookcase in Murphy’s childhood bedroom, he used a Morse code to send her a message through the second hand left for her daughter’s watch. As a child, Murphy deciphered the Morse code, but thought it was a ghostly masterpiece. When he grew up, Murphy, a scientist, returned to his childhood bedroom for a final look, and was forced to leave because a sandstorm was raging outside the window. Cooper is also able to travel from the fifth dimension to this moment. Cooper realized that he now controlled the key to manipulating gravity, which could help humans leave the earth and go to a new and safe planet, and desperately wanted to pass information to Murphy. Cooper knew that Murphy was still wearing the watch he had left her. This watch has played its role, and it can do it again! He uses the Morse code to transmit quantum data through the watch’s second hand. Murphy finally realized that the ghost in her childhood memory was actually her father, trying to connect with her through time and space. Murphy returned to NASA to transcribe and decipher the Morse code in his watch, helping humans to subvert gravity and escape the dying earth. When she finally solved the equation, she ran back to the Central Laboratory, threw the manuscript into the air, and yelled, ‘Eureka!’ To commemorate her major discovery. The Hamilton used in the film, finally, as an dying old lady, Murphy reunited with his father, still wearing a watch that his father left for himself. Five years later, this Hamilton custom prototype ‘Murphy’, which plays a key role in plot development, is officially in mass production! It features a 42mm steel case with a black dial, retro-aged beige Super LumiNova® luminescent coating hands, and an upgraded ETA movement with a power reserve of up to 80 hours. Unique is the second hand in the middle: the Morse code for the word ‘Eureka’ (found) is printed on the second hand with a bright lacquer and can only be seen in certain light and angles. The watchbox was designed by Nathan Crowley, the art director of ‘Interstellar’, and reproduces the famous hypercube space in the film. The limited number of hypercube watchboxes is 2,555 to pay tribute to a detail in the movie: an hour on Miller This is equivalent to 7 years on earth, or 2555 days. It has been 5 years since the movie was released that year. This Hamilton, which is 5 years late, will be listed in April 2019. The official domestic price is 7350 yuan. Since it is 5 years late, it is better to arrange it for 7 years, that is, release in 2021. After all, an hour on Miller’s planet is equivalent to 7 years on Earth ………….. END _

Trace The Future To Create The World Zenith Zeni Released The Defy Inventor Watch

With its own patented breakthrough technology ‘ZENITHOscillator’, this Swiss brand marked by the star is revolutionizing the traditional watch industry that has dominated the mechanical watch industry for more than 300 years Longitudinal system. The Zenith DEFYInventor watch equipped with this ‘Escapement Terminator’ has become the world’s first and only revolutionary evolution of the traditional escapement system and successful mass production. Mechanical watch. With DEFY, the Zenith innovatively interprets contemporary fine watchmaking in a completely independent way, leading the mechanical watch industry into a new dimension. The future can be seen from this.

Born by faith
  Zenith announced from the beginning that the DEFY series will set a new milestone in its watchmaking history. This contemporary and even futuristic legend stems from the vision of the brand. In 2017, Zenith’s DEFYLab was born, with a limited edition of 10 pieces worldwide. Today, two years later, the DEFY Creator watch has become the world’s first and currently the only revolutionary evolution of the traditional escapement system. Successfully produced a mechanical watch. Since its birth in 1865, its persistence and love for mechanical watches have always inspired Zenith to challenge the limits of watchmaking technology and pursue the ultimate in innovation and precision. It is this belief that allows Zenith to boldly break through the traditional structural theory, open a new path, simplify complexity, and lead mechanical watches into a new era.

Escape Terminator
  The DEFY watch oscillates at an extremely high frequency of 18Hz (usually 4Hz) and has a power reserve of up to two days. Its outstanding performance beyond the precision level of contemporary mechanical watches can be attributed to the heart of a new mechanical watch developed by Zenith. —— ‘Zhenli vibration plate’, a 0.5mm Zhenli vibration plate, revolutionized the traditional escapement system composed of more than 30 parts, thereby eliminating contact, friction, wear and deformation; Innovative use, this new element can keep stable in the changes of temperature and magnetic field; its escape wheel is made of soft blades, which is a groundbreaking pioneering in the watchmaking world; the error within 0.3 seconds a day, It is once again pushing the precision level of contemporary mechanical watches to the peak. As the escapement terminator, Zenith’s Vibrating Disc opened a whole new perspective and dimension for the watchmaking industry, allowing the traditional escapement system to be reborn in a different form of mechanical operation. This pioneering and complicated process is the inheritance and persistence of Swiss watchmaking spirit by Zenith, a subversion and breakthrough of traditional theories, and an accurate depiction of the future direction of the mechanical watch industry.

Futuristic mechanical aesthetics

  The DEFY Creator’s watch has a clear hierarchy and a futuristic look. Under the avant-garde modern appearance, it perfectly displays the unique charm of mechanical rhythm. Under the transparent and light hollow dial, the heart of a new mechanical watch developed by Zenith, the Zenith dial, is jumping. Single-crystal silicon oscillators as thin as cicadas constantly beat in the passage of time. The wide and long hour and minute hands are swept through the mechanical structure, while the slender middle small second hand is decorated with a star-shaped top and equipped with a second hand stop system to achieve ultra-precise calibration to the second. The highly technologically textured metal bezel is made of Aeronith, a new aluminum alloy composite material. It weighs only one-third of titanium and is light when worn. The DEFY Creator watch uses a black rubber strap with a royal blue crocodile leather lining, which fits on the wrist. It tells the mystery of time in the mechanical movement in a futuristic style.
Technical Information

Model: 95.9001.9100 / 78.R584

Integrated speed governor made of silicon (standard speed governor requires about 30 parts)
Bezel made of Aeronith (lightest aluminum alloy composite)
18 Hz high frequency (129600 times / hour)
No lubrication required
Insensitive to magnetic fields
Triple certification:
-Not sensitive to magnetics (ISO-764)
-Not sensitive to temperature difference (ISO-3159)
-Passed TimeLab precision timepiece certification
Movement: 9100
Movement: 14 ¼ law minutes (diameter: 32.80 mm)
Movement thickness: 8.13 mm
Number of components: 148
Number of jewels: 18
Vibration frequency: 129600 vibrations / hour (18 Hz)
Power reserve: at least 50 hours
Finishing: pendant with Côtes de Genève motif
Center hour and minute display
(Second hand stop structure)
Case, dial and hands
Diameter: 44 mm
Happy diameter: 35.5 mm
Thickness: 14.5 mm
Table mirror: curved double-sided anti-glare sapphire crystal glass
Case back: clear sapphire crystal
Material: Brushed titanium with Aeronith bezel
Water resistance: 5 ATM (50 meters)
Dial: Blue Hollow
Hour markers: rhodium-plated, faceted, super-LumiNova® SLN C
Hands: rhodium-plated, faceted, coated with Super-LumiNova® SLN C
Strap and buckle
Black rubber strap with blue alligator coating
Titanium double folding clasp