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Raymond Weil Launches Classic Maestro Tradition Watch

With the launch of the Maestro Tradition series, Raymond Weil once again expressed his feelings of tracing back to its origins and the brand’s beautiful desire to create a glorious history.

Raymond Weil launches classic Maestro Tradition watch
Although the styles are different, the classic Maestro Tradition series exudes atmospheric style, using different methods to perfectly express the harmony and delicate watchmaking concept. The Maestro Tradition series breaks through transmission to change itself, but keeps a stylish elegance through careful appearance. Elegance, authenticity, exquisiteness and superb watchmaking technology together form the soul of the Maestro Tradition watch.

Raymond Weil launched the classic Maestro Tradition watch

You Can Go To Sports Just Like Wearing A Gem Watch

Sometimes when we wear a gemstone watch, we are very worried about bumps, be careful everywhere, for fear of damage. In fact, a good gemstone watch doesn’t need to worry about these at all. The delicate cut and fit the wrist design will make the wearer still glorious when racing, tennis, and dancing! Longines Concas Women’s Diamond Watch
The combination of sports design and sparkling diamonds has created the dynamic beauty of Concas Women’s Diamond Watches, and this series is characterized by the perfect balance of performance and elegance. Sports-loving and elegant women will find their favorite in the Comcast diamond watches for women.
    Longines Concas diamond watch with ceramic
The design of the Concas series is mainly aimed at women who like sports but also pursue elegance. The new collections in this collection are mature and elegant with diamonds and innovative combinations with ceramics. This exquisite and beautiful balance makes the Concas Women’s Diamond Watch an excellent equipment for many sports occasions, such as horse racing, tennis and skiing, etc. Wearing it for cocktail parties or formal dinners will surely add vitality.
Roger Dubuis Masterpiece Amethyst Watch
Watches show thousands of styles with elegance, boldness and mystery. The blackened three-dimensional digital hour-markers treated with PVD coating on the dial show an intricate three-dimensional beauty. The black frosted lacquered surface in the center of the dial highlights Roger Dubuis’s logo, and the black satin sunburst on the outer ring contrasts with the long purple Roman numerals. Light and shadow are changing, and the brightly colored strap makes this light and dark intertwined.
紫 The amethyst on the bezel dances with the light and shadow to create a beautiful ballet. Like ethereal bubbles, they shine brightly, as if to penetrate a secret buried deep inside! The entire watch is shining, the light extends to the surface of the blackened titanium case. The gems play with time, and the lugs are fixed on the connecting piece integrated with the strap to make the watch fit the wrist.

Live For Women Real Shots Of The Universal Da Vinci Series Diamond Ring Watch

This year’s Da Vinci series not only reshaped and made people shine, but also launched a series of ladies’ watches. To this end, the IWC Pavilion specially placed a small watch with a red gold bracelet as the main model on the background wall. At the same time, the official produced a product promotion video for the Da Vinci series. In the video, a woman is used Protagonist, explaining the artistic charm of Da Vinci. There is no doubt that compared to Hong Kong’s “Watches and Miracles” in 2014, which launched mid-size watches to penetrate the women’s market, this time, it is already straightforward. Today, let’s take a look at a Da Vinci women’s watch brought by IWC.

   Before the start of the watch exhibition, IWC revealed some styles of the Da Vinci series. From the official pictures of the watch alone, it did not have a strong feeling, but some watches will only be beautiful after getting started. The Da Vinci series is such. This watch was amazing by the ladies at the scene. It was thought to have some wide lugs, but in actual wear, it has a refreshing style of women’s and men’s watches in recent years.

   The watch case is made of stainless steel, the bezel is set with 54 diamonds, and the indexes and hands are beautiful. Thanks to the movable lugs, the watch can fit the wrist better in actual wearing. Catering to the unique aesthetics of women, the strap uses a berry pink crocodile leather strap, and the bottom cover is a ‘flower of life’ composed of 19 rings to interpret the artistic characteristics of the Da Vinci series.

  The watch has a built-in 35111 self-winding movement with a calendar display function, and the central second hand can stop during the time adjustment process. The size of the watch is 36mm, which is one size of the IWC’s mid-size watches in 2014. In terms of price, the official price is 83,300 yuan, which is twice as high as the model without diamonds.

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Oris Alone Presents Tycho Brahe Limited Edition Glory

Oris is proud to launch the Tycho Brahe Limited Edition. As a Danish nobleman and astronomer in the 16th century, Brahe’s precise research on astronomy and planets allowed the Tycho System to be established. The Tycho system considers that the moon and the sun revolve around the earth, while other planets revolve around the sun, and at the same time orbit with the sun. The new model bears his name features and is equipped with a pointer-type monthly calendar function independently developed by Oris engineers.
   At the age of 12, Brach was educated at the University of Copenhagen in Denmark. There he discovered his love and talent for astronomy. Brach continued his research in Germany and Switzerland, and saved his research data excellently. It was not until his death in 1601 that his research results were published by Johannes Kepler, a German astrologist and astronomer, one of the leaders of the 17th-century technological revolution. Tycho’s system theory influenced many subsequent physicists, including Isaac Newton, who used Tycho’s observations to create the theory of gravity.
   The 42mm dial Oris Tycho Brahe limited watch belongs to the Oris master series, the back cover is engraved with the schematic diagram of the Tycho system. The watch uses the relatively rare pointer-type monthly calendar function developed by Oris. The inner dial and white small hands on the dark blue dial can clearly indicate the moon’s operating cycle. The hands move forward every half day, which is much more accurate than the normal moon phase display.

   Behind this innovation is Oris’s unique and unique 761 movement, the basic movement is SW220. After repeated thinking and adjustment, the engineers of Oris added the function of the analogue calendar to the existing movement. The final product also fully reflects and demonstrates Oris’ efforts and contributions in functional innovation on the basis of maintaining a good price-performance ratio of the watch.
   Oris Tycho Brahe limited watch produced in a limited edition of 500 pieces, presented in a luxurious wooden watch box, will be available in May 2015.

Oris Tycho Brahe Limited Product Features
Product number: 761 7691 4085, watch diameter Ø 42.00mm
Limited to 500
• Oris 761 fully automatic mechanical movement, basic movement SW220, analog monthly calendar function, 6 o’clock calendar window
• Multi-piece stainless steel case and stainless steel crown, waterproof to 100 meters
• Double-sided arched sapphire glass with anti-reflective coating on the inside
• The back cover of the watch is specially carved and independently numbered
• Dark blue dial, hands and indicator scale with built-in fluorescent material
• Dark blue crocodile calfskin strap with stainless steel folding clasp. Also available with stainless steel strap
About Oris
   Founded in 1904, Oris was founded by watchmakers Paul Cattin and Georges Christian in the small town of Holstein in northwestern Switzerland. In 1985, long before mechanical watches took the world by storm, Oris only focused on the development and manufacture of high-precision mechanical watches, and today it still maintains the same brand strategy. Oris has carefully crafted watches by hand, dedicated to watch fans who are keen on mechanical movements and pursuing extreme and eternal value, and meet the high expectations of watch fans around the world with four series of watches: racing, diving, flying and culture.