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Cartier Lingshui Surge Female Entrepreneur Awards’ 2018 Recruitment Starts To Support Women Entrepreneurs To Achieve Their Dreams

Recently, the Cartier Women’s Initiative Awards jointly established by Cartier, INSEAD International Business School and McKinsey & Company ) Officially started its recruitment in 2018, and we invite female entrepreneurs who are full of entrepreneurial dreams and determined to enter the competition before 20 o’clock on August 31, 2017, Beijing time, to start a dream journey of entrepreneurship.

2017 Cyrille Vigneron and Ilian Mihov with six winners

The final winners will be announced at the finals and awards ceremony in Singapore.

Founded in 2006, the ‘Cartier Lingshui Surge Female Entrepreneur Award’ is an annual international business plan competition that demonstrates the unwavering support of Cardiadia for women’s entrepreneurial passion and pioneering spirit.

The award is open to all countries and industries, and is designed to support innovative startups that are women-led, business profitable, and financially sound.

In addition to the one-on-one ‘Social Entrepreneurship Training Program’ provided by Yingshi International Business School, the six winners who finally stand out will receive a prize of $ 100,000, and the remaining 12 finalists will also receive a prize of $ 30,000 to recognize them Their positive contribution in the field of creative innovation.

2018 ‘Cartier Lings Surging Women Entrepreneur Award’ Registration Website:
Application deadline: 20:00, August 31, 2017, Beijing time

Summary of Entry Rules
Selection criteria
l The person in charge of the project must be a woman, which can be the founder, director, general manager or project leader. The project’s major shareholder, CEO or chairman must be female
l The participating project must be an original profitable project completely conceived by the team; ‘original’ means that the project adopts a new concept and does not include repurchase business, reproduction of existing business concepts, or branches or subsidiaries of existing business
l The participating projects must be in the start-up phase. They should be established two or three years before the registration deadline, that is, the participating projects should be established between August 2014 and August 2015.
l Each participant can only submit one project, and multiple projects will not be accepted; please ensure that all information submitted is true, up-to-date and complete
l Creativity: the degree of innovation in the overall business philosophy
l Sustainability: the financial impact of the company, which determines its long-term success rate
l Social impact: The impact of a business on society, including the employment opportunities it creates,
Or its impact on the current or near and far environment
l The overall quality and clarity of the materials provided

For detailed entry rules and selection criteria, please visit:

Cartier called on all female entrepreneurs who are full of entrepreneurial passion and pioneering spirit to participate in the ‘Cartier Lingsi Surging Female Entrepreneur Award’ to create more female business legends together.

Eternal Beauty Tasting Omega Constellation Watch

Omega was founded by Mr. Louis Brandt in 1848. Omega marks a glorious achievement in the history of watchmaking, and is proud of its peers. One. Constellation series is the most famous series of the brand. It has a high reputation all over the world and is one of the most recognizable models. It has been praised by the industry and loved by consumers. This time I introduce you to a constellation series watch. The 31 mm watch has a blue dial and a bezel with snowflakes and diamonds. It has a classic and noble style. Official model:

   The classic design concept of the Constellation series originates from the special release of the Omega Centennial Series to commemorate the centennial of the birth of the Omega brand. In 1952, the first constellation watch with a golden star-shaped logo on the dial was born, and in the decades since then, the constellation series has been modified and redesigned many times, and it has a variety of shapes and movements. Changes, inconveniences make it elegant and precise and reliable automatic chronometer movement.

   The newly upgraded constellation coaxial watch is shining with dazzling light, which cannot be ignored. This watch has a case diameter of 31 mm, and the case and bracelet are made of 18K red gold and stainless steel.

   The dazzling blue PVD dial features a sun ray pattern emanating from the star emblem at 6 o’clock, and 11 single-cut diamonds dot the hour scale. The 18K gold polished hour and minute hands are covered with a white luminous layer to ensure that the time can be easily read under any light conditions. At 3 o’clock, the date is displayed.

   The polished bezel in 18K red gold is set with brilliant-cut diamonds, which shines brilliantly.

   The four ‘claws’ on the case are an important feature of the watch. The four polished 18K red gold claws on the frosted case. The contrast of color and texture makes the distinctive sign of this constellation watch more obvious.

   The claws appeared on the dial of the constellation watch. It originated in 1982. In this year, Omega released the constellation Manhattan watch. Designers Carol Didisheim and Pierre-André Aellen added four claw designs to the dial shape design. This unique design not only enhanced the extraordinary beauty of the watch’s appearance, but also reflected the extremely high functionality in that era: the claws firmly fixed the sapphire crystal mirror and gasket on the case to ensure the watch’s water resistance characteristic. Today, this classic shape has become the main feature of the Constellation series.

   The 18K red gold and stainless steel bracelet with frosted links and polished chain needles are arranged horizontally in order, which is one of the classic features of the Constellation watch.

   Small stainless steel folding clasp with matte Omega logo in 18K gold.

   The watch is equipped with the Omega 8520 self-winding coaxial movement, which has long-lasting superb accuracy and stability. Equipped with a cardless balance with a silicon hairspring. The two-way automatic winding system can shorten the winding time. The movement’s rhodium-plated surface is decorated with a unique Arabic-inspired Geneva wave. Power reserve of 50 hours.

Summary: The classic shape of the watch, the blue dial adds a bit of nobleness and mystery to the watch, and it also makes it very dazzling in the large family of constellation watches. The snowflake-set diamond bezel has luxury in Your own artistic atmosphere. The trustworthy 8520 self-winding coaxial movement removes concerns about the mechanical performance and accuracy of the watch and is a more mature and stable watch. The official model of the watch is, with a reference price of 114400 yuan. (Watch House Photo / Text VIVIAN)
More watch details: omega / 19712 /

Smiling Skull: Bell & Ross Br 01 Laughing Skull Watch

Skulls or skulls and skulls are often signs of death, often incarnate as death or ghosts, and often used to adorn their courage. The embargoed cavalry as early as Prussian Frederick the Great has been a uniform of the army, and many contemporary troops choose the skull symbol to represent courage to treat death as home.

   Bell & Ross has always liked to break away from the frame, subvert the routine, and freely think. The new BR01LaughingSkull watch is equipped with a movable jawbone. The skull shape can show a grinning look, and it really shows the mocking death cynicism.

   Adhering to the brand gene that insists on self-reliance and does not follow the rules of the brand, Bell & Ross released the BR01 ‘Skull’ watch in 2009 and became the pioneer of the Skull series to control fashion trends. Following this success, Bell & Ross released two limited edition works in 2011, including the famous BR01TourbillonSkull watch. In 2015, the third edition came out. The collection has a bronze case, a material that will gradually oxidize over time, so every watch will become a unique piece. In 2016, Bell & Ross reproduced Zhuoqun’s creativity with the BR01BurningSkull concept watch-engraved case decorated with black lacquer, reminiscent of the ink used by tattoo artists.

When the BR01LaughingSkull watch is wound, the jaw of the skull will move with it, giving a cracking smile.

   Today, Bell & Ross continues to stride forward with the new Skull watch, this time with an automatic movement. It contains a surprise idea that will make you smile: As the mandible moves, the skull shape will present a grin! Bell & Ross Skull has become the brand’s iconic series, which has been developed for nearly ten years.

Death symbol, repel danger

   The shape of the skull has been used for centuries, especially the pirates favored the logo. They see skulls as amulets, which can give them courage and scare off enemies. The military will also use the skull logo to constantly warn of their own weaknesses. These occupations often face the threat of death, and skull images often appear on their uniforms and planes. The BR01LaughingSkull watch pays tribute to all these brave men.


Historic timepiece automatic puppet

   With the new BR01LaughingSkull watch, Bell & Ross has entered the field of automation for the first time. These automated mechanisms with dynamic displays first appeared in Europe in the 14th century. At the same time, as one of the components of mechanical clocks, their commonly used form is a moving doll, which is installed in the church clock tower and used to ring the clock. Therefore, it can be said that the original LaughingSkull (laughing skull) idea is the ‘direct descendant’ of these elegant doll installations.

In order to make the skull’s chin move, Bell & Ross made its own BR-CAL.206 movement with a skull shape-so the movement fits perfectly with the case. The four slab bridges as an extension of the four bones ensure that the main splint is tightly fixed to the case.

Since the core

   This new Bell & Ross watch contains an amazing uniqueness. During the winding process, the skull’s jaw will move. In order to create this effect, the brand has specially developed the BR-CAL.206 movement: completely self-built by Bell & Ross also uses a skull shape-so the movement perfectly matches the case. The four bridges as an extension of the four bones ensure that the main splint is tightly fixed to the case and converges into one, floating in the center of the watch.

Bell & Ross BR01LaughingSkull watch stainless steel case, diameter 46 mm, hours and minutes, BR-CAL.206 hand-wound movement, dagger-shaped hour hand, saber-shaped minute hand, engraved on the bezel. Sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 100 meters, alligator leather strap, limited to 500 pieces.
Bold case

   This bold and creative watch is made of micro-sprayed steel. The 46 mm case is decorated with a ‘Paris stud’ pattern. This type of grid-like decoration requires special processing techniques. The combination of the skull dial and its grid-like case makes the watch even more distinctive.

Bell & Ross BR01LaughingSkull watch stainless steel case, diameter 46 mm, hours and minutes, dial decorated with ‘Paris studs’ pattern, BR-CAL.206 manual winding movement, dagger-shaped hour hand, saber-shaped minute hand, bezel Time stamped on time. Sapphire crystal glass, waterproof 100 meters, alligator leather strap, limited to 500 pieces.

HD dial

   Of course, the skull shape on the dial is a key feature of the watch. It is crafted with metal inlays and has a convex effect. This process is commonly used to mint coins or medals. The cut-out process creates an illusion like a skull suspended in the center of the case without resurgence-like an unexpected icing on the cake. The shape of the sword-shaped indicator is similar to that of the earlier Skull models, but the indicators of this model are processed by hollowing out and coated with SuperLuminova.

The dial and movement of the BR01LaughingSkull watch have been hollowed out, creating an illusion like a skull suspended in the center of the case without gravity.


   BR01LaughingSkull watch is specially created for fans who love original and unique timepieces. With its multiple layers of symbolic meaning, it has become an out-of-the-box work. The automatic movement made it among the outstanding timepieces. This model is limited to 500 pieces, which will have an extraordinary appeal to fans of ‘high-end watches’. The BR01LaughingSkull watch has witnessed the brand’s brave advancement of the Skull concept, making it carry forward.

[Video] Patek Philippe Nautilus That Belongs To A Confident Lady

This year, Patek Philippe launched a new Nautilus women’s automatic winding watch. The new watch is equipped with a diamond-set bezel, with a slightly larger diameter (33.6 mm to 35.2 mm). It also offers three dial color schemes: blue, brilliant white and gray-black gradient. Platinum three-dimensional blocks and hour markers and platinum hands with fluorescent coating show time. The date window is at 6 o’clock and is surrounded by a three-dimensional platinum border.

Patek Philippe Ref.7188 / 1200A-010Nautilus Women’s Automatic Winding Watch

   The stainless steel bracelet is satin-brushed and polished with a folding clasp with a new adjustment mechanism. The wearer can increase the length of the bracelet by 2 to 4 mm for more comfortable wearing. When operating, just pull one of the two bracelets or pull both ends at the same time, even if the watch is already worn on the wrist. It is reported that the official price of this watch is 249,000 yuan.

   The above is the latest cutting-edge information of the 2019 Basel International Watch and Jewellery Show brought by the Watch House. Next, we will provide more and more exciting exhibition reports, so stay tuned.

For more details, please click on the live feature of the Basel Watch Fair:

Fiyta 2013 Extreme Watches

‘I can take you to knock on the door of adventure, but it is you who opens the door that challenges destiny.’ Zeley Sabine, the founder of the Dakar Rally, once said . The Dakar Rally, a game known as the Brave, is the toughest rally in the world. Known as the harshest and most adventurous motorsports in the world. The Fiyta Extreme Series watch has accompanied the Chinese motorcycle team on four trips to Dakar.
It is reported that Dakar, the fifth expedition to South America in 2013, will be presented in South America from January 5th to 20th, 2013. Compared with previous competitions, the 2013 Dakar Rally will be the first in Dakar history to enter the dune stage from the first day. The event will cross Peru, Argentina, and Chile, starting from Lima, Peru, over 8,000 kilometers in length, and finally arriving in Santiago, Chile. In January 2013, the new 2013 Fiyta Extreme Series was designated as timing equipment. After the Chinese motorcycle team entered the South American continent again, it will be launched on the market with limited editions worldwide.
The Dakar Rally is not only a challenge of will and strength, but also the ultimate battle of equipment. In harsh environments, the performance of the equipment becomes even more important. Not all watches can go through such an extraordinary journey. They are heroes and cannot be world-renowned. The Fiyta Extreme Series watches are timed accurately throughout the time and are determined to record the time that belongs to the brave. Equipped with a Fiyta automatic mechanical movement to achieve multi-function timing. Independent suspension anti-vibration device completely protects the movement from external shocks. It adopts wear-resistant materials and powerful functions to ensure that the time is correct in various extreme environments.
2009Since 2009, Fiyta has been working with the Chinese motorcycle team for four consecutive years to challenge further distances. ‘For those who participate, this is a challenge; for those who are not, it is a dream.’ I am used to the busyness of urban life and longing to break the rules. Only the brave can live wild charm. The Fiyta Extreme series wears a spirit of adventure and meets the heroic dreams of urban aspirants.

Movement: automatic mechanical movement
Case: black titanium plated
Crown: stainless steel, inlaid orange rubber ring
Bezel: Stainless steel IP black plated
Table glass: anti-glare sapphire glass
Hands: silver-plated brass hands
Cover: Engraved 2013 Dakar Rally Road Map
Band: PU
Diameter: 54.8mm * 45mm
Waterproof: 5ATM
Reference price: 8800 yuan