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Breguet Alarm Clock Le Reveil Du Tsar 5707

The Breguet Le Reveil Du Tsar 5707 alarm clock’s alarm tone is produced by a steel soundtrack, just like the minute repeater system of the minute repeater, so the alarm sound is particularly crisp and pleasant. The Le Reveil Du Tsar alarm clock is also the first alarm clock with energy display on the dial, and the first alarm clock with on and off performance indicators on the dial.
     The Breguet Le Reveil Du Tsar 5707 alarm watch is equipped with a new automatic winding 519F movement, which was jointly developed by Breguet and Bao platinum, with more than 400 combined parts. In addition, Breguet Le Reveil Du Tsar also uses two patented components: the first is a tandem gear structure with the ability to activate or deactivate the alarm; the second is an alarm time control system with local time Adjust the performance of the alarm time.
Le Reveil Du Tsar 5707 Alarm Clock Le Reveil Du Tsar 5707 Alarm Clock

Tag Heuer Shanghai Shangjia Center Flagship Store Grand Opening

On June 7, 2013, TAG Heuer, a Swiss watch pioneer, opened its grand store in Shangjia Center, Shanghai. This store is TAG Heuer. Shanghai’s third specialty store is also the world’s largest boutique group LVMH located in Shanghai’s latest fashion landmark-Shangjia Center Group’s high-end brand.

 In 2013, as the brand celebrated its 50th anniversary of the Calera collection, many mainstream media in Shanghai and watch enthusiasts gathered at the flagship store of TAG Heuer Shangjia Center to witness another precious moment of TAG Heuer’s expansion in China.

New concept

 The TAG Heuer flagship store is located on the first basement floor of Shanghai Shangjia Center. This store is the world’s first brand to adopt the latest design concept. Adhering to TAG Heuer’s pioneer and avant-garde, the brand is based on bronze and black to highlight the brand’s unique temperament.

Avant-garde facade

 The design of the entire store’s façade is a highlight. The all-mirror stainless steel and bronze materials make the whole look avant-garde and luxurious. Enter the spacious and bright store, using high-grade wild black oak and a large number of earth-colored leather materials to make TAG Heuer’s luxury quality clear. A full range of TAG Heuer products, including watches, luxury mobile phones, glasses, leather goods, etc. are displayed in the window Inside.

Humanistic design

 The design achievements of the brand since ancient times, such as precious antique watches, old car speedometers, etc., are a perfect fusion of cutting-edge technology and century-old watchmaking technology, and it is as if it is placed in the National Library of China. It showcases the style of Swiss watchmaking pioneers who created the fine arts for more than a century and a half.

 Founded in 1860, TAG Heuer has undergone 153 years of hardening. With sophisticated watchmaking technology, unique and innovative design concepts, high-tech materials, excellent performance, and extreme precision, TAG Heuer has always led the development of Swiss precision watchmaking. As a pioneer in Swiss watchmaking and a leader in chronographs, TAG Heuer writes the brand’s eternal adherence to precise timekeeping. In 2012, TAG Heuer launched the world’s first Mikrogirder, which can be accurate to 5 / 10,000 seconds, and won the ‘Golden Pointer Award’, the highest honor in the Geneva Haute Horlogerie Award.

 As the star brand of the world’s largest boutique group Louvre Xuan Group, TAG Heuer is known as a model of Swiss precision watchmaking and has created countless legends in the watchmaking industry. Since entering the Chinese market, TAG Heuer has grown rapidly in China. Today, with its brand’s profound cultural heritage, many masterpieces that have lasted for 153 years, as well as the continuous introduction of new watches and communication products, TAG Heuer has gradually become a Chinese man. Dream first.

A Tribute To Nicholas Kays, A New Interpretation Of Kaishi Timer

The patented chronograph invented by NicolasRieussec in 1821 has become the source of inspiration for Montblanc watchmakers to create modern NicolasRieussecWatchCollection and movements. The unique design of this series of watches includes the eccentric hour and minute dials on the upper part and the chronograph sub-dials on the lower part to measure the passage of time. Continuing the typical design of the chronograph invented in 1821, the two chronograph sub-dials use special rotating disks with fixed hands to display chronograph minutes and seconds information. As the royal watchmaker of the French court, the invention of the Nicholas Kaiser chronograph was originally used to calculate the elapsed time of a single horse in a horse race. When the starting line fired the gun, the patented ‘ink drop timing’ function of the Nicholas Kaiser chronograph was turned on, and two white enamel discs started to run: one for 60 seconds and the other for 30 minutes. When the participating horses crossed the finish line, the button device on the timer was pressed, the pointer and the ink capsule were pressed to point to the rotating disc, and the ink droplets left ink marks on the enamel turntable, thereby recording the meter room. The clear ink droplets on the enamel disc can show the user the exact time of each racing horse. This kind of timer invented by Nicholas Kays is known as the ‘time writer’, so the inventor himself named it ‘chronograph’, which is derived from the Greek ‘chronos time’ and ‘graphein’. In 1822, the French Academy of Sciences in Paris granted a patent for a timer invented by Nicholas Kaiser, which made Nicholas Kaiser the world’s first inventor of a patented timer.

  In 2014, Montblanc forge ahead with a new interpretation of the masterpiece of timekeeping invented in 1821 by modern watchmakers. The new Montblanc ‘HomagetoNicolasRieussec’ chronograph faithfully reproduces the color matching and pointer style of the patented timer of the ‘Time Writer’ of 1821, and uses innovative materials and technology to present this genius invention in a modern way Before the eyes of the world. The new Montblanc ‘tribute to Nicholas-Kase’ chronograph watch with date display and dual time zone functions, combined with day / night display function, will be launched in 18K rose gold and stainless steel limited edition.

  Traditional characteristics-innovative modeling
  With an unprecedented and unique design, the hands of the ‘Tribute to Nicholas Kays’ chronograph are designed with dual scale indications: the ends of the slim diamond-shaped blue metal hands point to the chronograph scales on two rotating chronograph dials. The design of each dial faithfully reproduces the chronograph ink carrier of the patented 1821 timer. The two white lacquered rotating disks are also based on the historical model. The left rotating disk is used to measure 60 seconds. , The right disc is used for timing 30 minutes.

  At first glance, the eccentric main dial of the ‘Tribute to Nicholas Kays’ chronograph seems to have only the minute scale, and the hour scale is missing. With a black orbital scale marked with Arabic numerals every ten minutes, the minute scale ring faithfully reproduces the dial design of the original ‘time writer’. The hour and minute hands clearly point to the respective display scales, ensuring the best readings are clear. degree.
  In the dark, the hour scale circle will clearly display the previously hidden hour scale on the dial with unique technology. The traditional hour scale circle is made of modern mixed ceramics covered with luminous substances, and the Arabic hour numerals are designed with the unique style characteristics of Montblanc Nicholas Kaiser series. The hours are cleverly concealed in plenty of light, thanks to the same color as the dial, which is precisely embedded in the dial. When the ambient light is gradually dim, the luminous substance covered by the hour number, and the hour and minute hands also covered with luminous substance will emit bright light together. While ensuring the best reading clarity,
  The off-white main dial and chronograph sub-dial with a special luster show an enamel-like texture, which contrasts sharply with the grain-like decoration on the dial. The 3 o’clock and 9 o’clock windows are matte polished. The former is used to display the date, while the latter is decorated with a fine guilloche pattern for day / night display. The skeletonized hour hand in the center of the off-centre dial indicates the time in the second time zone.

  Self-Closing One-Button Chronograph

  Combining traditional watchmaking with modern craftsmanship aesthetics, Montblanc’s self-made Calibre MBR200 automatic movement beats in this innovatively designed chronograph watch. This single-button chronograph movement uses a column wheel structure and a modern vertical clutch device to ensure the smooth operation of the chronograph function and effectively avoid the minute jump of the chronograph second hand when the chronograph starts. In addition, the dual barrel provides a power reserve of up to 72 hours for the movement. The CalibreMBR200 movement not only stands out with its modern functional configuration, but also the aesthetic decoration that is loyal to traditional watchmaking technology is also a highlight: the movement’s plywood is decorated with Geneva patterns and polished by edges and corners. Bright red bearing jewels, blue steel screws, and gold-glossy brass gears add a touch of beauty to the exquisite movement decoration. Through the sapphire crystal glass on the bottom of the watch, the exquisite Calibre MBR200 movement will be seen in full view.

  Functionalized case

  The ‘Tribute to Nicholas Kays’ chronograph watch features a micro-arched sapphire crystal, with anti-reflective coating on both sides. The round case made of 18K rose gold is 43mm in diameter, and the curved lugs that are slightly curved downward on both sides are ergonomically designed to give the wearer excellent wearing comfort. Watch collectors will undoubtedly notice the unconventionally designed chronograph buttons. The design at 8 o’clock shows that this is a chronograph controlled by a single button-the wearer can easily and conveniently control with his left thumb. The finely grooved 18K rose gold crown is decorated with a hemispherical black and white bicolor Montblanc hexagonal white star logo. Also made of 18K rose gold with a pin buckle and a soft crocodile leather strap, this one-button chronograph watch has perfect wearing comfort.
  Montblanc’s ‘tribute to Nicholas Kays’ chronograph will be officially launched in the fall of 2014. The 18K rose gold version will be limited to 193-in commemoration of the 193th anniversary of the invention of the world’s first patented timer by Nicholas Kays The price is 26,900 Euros.

  Technical specifications
Product Model: 111592

Movement: Montblanc self-produced movement CalibreMBR200
Movement type: automatic winding mechanical movement, double barrel
Timing function: single button timing function, column wheel and vertical clutch structure
Number of movement parts: 319
Number of bearing gems: 40
Power reserve: 72 hours
Balance wheel: Screw balance wheel, diameter: 9.70 mm, moment of inertia: 59mgcm²
Frequency: 28,800 times / hour (4 Hz)
Hairspring: Flat hairspring
Main splint: rhodium plated, ring pattern decoration
Bridge: rhodium-plated, Geneva-patterned
Gear: Special gear teeth for efficient power transmission
Display: Off-centre hour and minute display, second time zone display, day / night display, date display with rotating disc
Timing function display: 60 seconds and 30 minutes rotating disc timing, with fixed hands
Features: Second hand time zone quick adjustment function, with fast forward / backward date
Case: 18K rose gold (5N)
      Micro-arched sapphire crystal with anti-reflective treatment on both sides
      Screw-down sapphire crystal case bottom
Waterproof and sealing performance: 30m / 3bar
Case dimensions: diameter 43.00 mm, thickness 14.80 mm
Crown: 18K rose gold crown with mother-of-pearl Montblanc hexagonal white star logo
Button: Single timing button at 8 o’clock
Dial: wheat ears decorative dial, lacquered hour dial, black minute dial,
     Superluminova luminous coated Arabic numerals (hidden during the day, visible at night)
     Gold-plated Superluminova hour and minute hands
     Hollow rhodium-plated second time zone hand
     Date display at 3 o’clock, Newsaw pattern at 9 o’clock, day / night display in the second time zone, lacquered sub-dial with 60 seconds at 8 o’clock
     30-minute lacquered chronograph dial at 4 o’clock with diamond-shaped blue metal scale
Strap: Hand-stitched black checkered alligator strap with 18K rose gold (5N) pin buckle
Limited edition: limited to 193 pieces, and a stainless steel version, limited to 565 pieces
  During SIHH, netizens can learn all the relevant information of Montblanc through this link. The watch home will present a rolling update mode supplemented by pictures as the main text. (Picture, text / watch home Li Shuai)
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