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Tourbillon’ Cyclone In China – Seagull Watch

‘If there are no 12 sparkling natural diamonds, the dial’s existence will be ignored; the deformed flower and grass pattern symbolizing Ronghua is winding around and surrounding the ‘Tourbillon’ like the sun … beauty Lunmei is a reinterpretation of beautiful watches. ‘Time was set at 8pm on December 10, 2005, and the’ Kade Four Seasons ‘watch auction was held at the Beijing Kunlun Hotel. With the auctioneer’s hand falling and hammering down, the ‘openwork tourbillon rose gold watch’ with independent intellectual property rights produced by Tianjin Watch Factory (Seagull Watch Group Company) was finally sold for 63,800 yuan.
    According to the ‘Seagull Watch’ staff, as the watch market consumption becomes more rational, the environmental protection characteristics of mechanical watches are more and more valued and recognized, and the symbolic significance of watches is more prominent in business activities. As a result, the consumption of mechanical watches presents high-end requirements, that is, higher requirements are imposed on complex mechanisms, precious metals, and processing technology.
   Everyone who knows watches knows that high-end watches have three complex institutions such as ‘tourbillon, perpetual calendar, and three questions.’ So far, technology is still limited to a few top watch manufacturers and a small number of experts. Master. Among them, the ‘Tourbillon’ is the most popular, and it has recently become the fashion of international watchmaking. The ‘Tourbillon’ watch produced in recent auctions may be used as evidence.
1. ‘Tourbillion’ because of Newton
    Why did the apple on the tree fall to the ground? Questioning this unusual phenomenon led a generation of scientific giant, Newton, to discover the ‘law of gravity’, which directly contributed to the appearance of the ‘Tourbillon’. In the 18th century, ABRAHAM-LOUIS BREGUET (Abraham-Louis Breguet) found that because the bag table was in a vertical state for a long time, the balance wheel would have uneven force due to gravity, which caused time. Deviation.
    Therefore, in 1795, Breguet designed a CARRIAGE, which placed the balance wheel and escapement in CARRIAGE, and then fixed the CARRIAGE on the substrate with a bridge. When CARRIAGE rotates along the axis, the balance wheel can travel through 360 different positions and balance the effect of gravity on the balance wheel, making the movement more stable and smooth. In 1801, he officially registered a patent for this self-rotating escapement, named TOURBILLION (Chinese translation for ‘Tourbillon’, French means vortex or whirlwind).
   However, the ‘Tourbillon’ mechanism can be well known. It is still more than a hundred years ago that it turned from the bottom of the surface to the surface and became a work of art. At this time, the ‘Tourbillon’ can be seen at any time and viewed by others. No need to open the movement!
2. The precision of the ‘Tourbillon’ directly caused its difficulty in processing
    High accuracy has been one of the goals pursued by watchmakers since the development of horology for hundreds of years. This is enough to explain why the ‘Tourbillon’ device has long been famous and has an irresistible appeal to watch fans.
   Since the invention of the ‘Tourbillon’ in 1795, it can last for a long time, and even has a rising trend of status. The reason is the inventor’s background and the difficulty of making it. After successfully obtaining a patent registration in 1801, Breguet sold the first pocket watch with a ‘Tourbillon’ four years later. Later, other watchmakers participated in the manufacture of the ‘Tourbillon’. It is time-consuming, so it is estimated that there were only hundreds of ‘tourbillons’ successfully manufactured in the century from the 19th century to the 1980s. In this sense, the ‘Tourbillon’ has begun to transform from a practical mechanical component into a luxurious decoration.
Third, ‘rare is expensive’? ‘Fine is expensive’!
   ‘Tourbillon’, a scepter that symbolizes the highest level of watchmaking mechanical art, charms watchmakers and brands. But the fact is that as of Breguet’s death in 1823, he had sold no more than 35 tourbillons. Because, at the time, this feature was too avant-garde, too complicated, and too difficult to produce, and it was too expensive. Expensive because many parts are very delicate. Modern ‘tourbillon’ systems generally consist of forty to ninety parts and weigh less than one gram. Although its structure and design are not too complicated, it is still a difficult device to test the skills and strength of watchmakers under the current state of highly developed technology; manufacturing a ‘tourbillon’ is still an extremely complicated system Watch crafts, watch factories with the ability to make them themselves are still few and far between … This has also established their position in the ‘three complex devices’, and has become a symbol of whether any watch factory brand can be listed in the hall of watchmaking.
Fourth, fascinating swirling artwork
   With the crown of top craftsmanship, the ‘Tourbillon’ has become a rotating artwork, an emotional interpretation, and an unreasonable obsession. Right now, an international brand is participating in the ‘popularization’ of the ‘tourbillon’, making the tourbillon suspected of ‘flooding’. Even so, it is still the most complicated, most expensive and most structurally horological function, and still exudes the charm of the emperor.
   At that time, the Chinese land also blew a ‘Tourbillon’ whirlwind. From the north to the south, Chinese watch factory brands have been involved in the trial production of the ‘Tourbillon’. Among them, Tianjin Watch Factory (Seagull Watch Group Company) is the best. It is understood that since the successful launch of the ‘Seagull Watch’ tourbillon type at the end of 04, the tourbillon rose gold limited edition was launched in March 2005. Tianjin Watch Factory (Seagull Watch Group Company) is continuously adding ‘Tourbillon’ products. Developed and expanded into a series, the auction model ‘openwork tourbillon rose gold watch’ mentioned earlier is the grand finale of 2005.
V. ‘I want to wear the ‘Tourbillon’ we produced’
  The mechanical watch manufacturing industry of ‘Seagull Watch’ has a history of 50 years. The accumulation of long-term industrial resources has gradually shown its advantages; it conforms to the manufacturing level of international pioneer products and the ability to meet market needs, especially products with independent intellectual property rights. The production technology that is in line with the international watch industry has further strengthened its core competitiveness. Cost, technology, scale and market advantages give ‘Seagull Watch’ great confidence to win a wider market share.
  It is said that the origin of the development of the ‘Tourbillon’ watch has been reported by professional watch publications. In 2001, Mr. Wang Deming, the general manager of the Seagull Watch Group Company, attended an international watch exhibition and saw the ‘Seagull’ watch. ‘After being fully capable and capable of making such a product, I immediately instructed the technical department to request design and production immediately and raised the hope that’ I will wear our own tourbillon watch to participate in the next exhibition ‘. Sure enough, the time is less than one year. The finished product was worn on the wrist of President Wang. Its ‘Tourbillon’ watch with independent intellectual property rights has ended the situation of long-term monopoly by the Swiss Watch Group. With the highest level of technology, the shortest design and production time, and the highest added value, it has created three most……
   As one of the ‘three major pieces’ necessary for marriage at the end of the twentieth century, watches, an iconic light industrial product, are now given a new meaning by Tianjin Seagull Watch Group Co., Ltd., and its ‘Tourbillon’ Watches are becoming gifts and collectibles for high-end consumer groups and watch lovers in the new era. Under the influence of ‘Seagull Watches’, a wave of ‘Tourbillon’ watches is rolling in.
Sixth, choose the right one that is not expensive
   Experts have calculated this carefully. If only one is made, the cost of making a chronograph is equivalent to the ‘tourbillon’, but because the tolerance of the parts and assembly of the chronograph is much larger than the ‘tourbillon’, it can be Mass production makes it less expensive. Expensive is expensive in labor! The ‘Tourbillon’ is about fine hand mounting, full manual polishing and decoration, and manual adjustment. The reason why China’s ‘Seagull Watch’ can produce more than 20,000 yuan ‘steel case tourbillon’, more than 60,000 yuan ‘rose gold’ ‘The tourbillon’ is that his labor is relatively low, and then there is the cost sharing by quantity.
   The ‘Tour Tourbillon Popularization’ wind recently revealed by ‘Seagull Watch’ has made international big brands unwilling, but it is another pioneering initiative that made Chinese people exult. After all, for more than 200 years, the ‘Tourbillon’ in foreign countries is like ‘Yangchun Baixue’, and there are few responders. However, as a work of art, it needs to ‘enter the home of ordinary people’. ‘Seagull Watch’ is undoubtedly ahead.
Concluding remark: ‘Tourbillon’ whirlwind in China
    Relevant statistics from China Customs and China Watch Association show that with the continuous improvement of people’s living standards, watch production and consumption have been showing a rapid growth trend, especially for high-end craftsmanship complex functions watches.
    At the moment when the west wind is moving eastward, although the combination of ‘hollow-out’ and ‘tourbillon’ craftsmanship is rare, some hallowed brands occasionally appear in professional publications. ‘Seagull Watch’ appeared in the ‘Garden Four Seasons’ auction house with its own hollowed-out tourbillon rose gold watch with its own intellectual property rights. This move closer to international big-name watches and ahead of domestic watch manufacturers may reveal ‘Seagull The strategic intent of “watches” in the market expansion is to seek the chief status of domestic mechanical watches. In August 2007, the Seagull ‘Dual Tourbillon Hollow Rose Gold Watch’ was launched in a low-key manner, but it aroused the enthusiasm of watch fans for purchasing. After all, the ‘Seagull Watch’ interpreted one of the world’s three complicated institutions with the wisdom of the world The action of ‘flywheel’ itself is of great historical significance. Buying a ‘Tourbillon’ watch is like staying in a piece of historical data. This is undoubtedly more realistic in terms of the classic collection and appreciation of everyone.
  In recent years, with the improvement of people’s living standards, some world-famous watches have entered the country one after another. This is what the common people see. However, the industry and watch lovers have also seen the fact that- The Chinese mechanical watch manufacturer pioneered by ‘Seagull Watch’ has gone abroad and moved to Switzerland, achieving its goal of occupying a place in the international market. It is becoming an international brand. The appreciation potential of high-end limited edition watches under its brand is increasing day by day. Obviously, Tibetan watchmakers will not let go of the excellent opportunity to ‘dip up’!