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Coming Soon Tissot Watches With You To Witness The 2016 Tour De France

On July 2nd, the much-anticipated 2016 Tour de France will finally kick off in Mont Saint-Michel, France. As a hall-level competition in the minds of cyclists, many enthusiasts have long been looking forward to it, and players from all over the world are also ready to keep their style in this wonderful summer journey. As the official timekeeper of the Tour de France this time, the famous Swiss watchmaker Tissot will time each racer individually, assisting it with its accurate and reliable performance. The heroes stand up, who will eventually win? Tissot watch with you!

2016 Tour de France is about to start
Top races on bikes
 The Tour de France is a multi-day race, usually starting in early July each year and ending at the end of July. This year’s competition will begin at the famous monuments in France and the Catholic pilgrimage site Mount-Saint-Michel. As in previous years, the end of this competition is still selected on the Champs-Élysées in Paris. The Tour de France has a history of more than 100 years. The format of the race is divided into time trials and regular races. The competition venue is divided into flat and mountain stages. Fierce competition and unparalleled international influence attract many top cyclists to participate every year. This year is the 103rd Tour de France. The schedule is divided into 21 stages with a total of 3,519 kilometers. Tissot Honor announces that it will once again become the official timing partner of the 2016 Tour de France, assisting this event with precise timing and witnessing the birth of the championship with you.
Super inspiration from jersey
 Cycling is extremely strict about the accuracy of time, which is one of the important factors that promote the cooperation between Tour de France and Tissot. Outside the field, in order to satisfy fans who have the same professional chronograph equipment while not missing exciting moments, Tissot has launched six different series of Tour de France special watches this year. Among them, the most eye-catching is Tissot The special watch of the Chi 200 Tour de France is inspired by the yellow jersey that symbolizes the leading. During the race, bicycle fans can measure the time spent by the team by themselves. At the same time, the number 200 represents its superior waterproof performance, and you can continue to move boldly like a competitive athlete even in the storm!

Tissot Special Edition 200 Tour de France
 There will be many exciting moments worth recording during the competition. In order to meet the needs of the viewers, there will be a Tissot timed car on the track. In addition to time information, if you need a wristwatch with a chronograph function on your wrist, a chronograph can also provide convenient purchasing services. This time, Tissot will enrich your viewing experience with more comprehensive and accurate services, and work with you to look forward to the infinite excitement of the Tour de France!
Technical Parameters:

Tissot Special Edition 200 Tour de France RMB: 3,550

-Made in Switzerland
-Quartz movement G10.211, case back with ring logo
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-Water resistance to withstand pressures equivalent to 20 bar
-Nato strap with standard buckle
-Table diameter: 41mm * 42mm

Vacheron Constantin Patrimony World Time Watch Introduction

Reference: 86060 / 000R-9640

  As a symbol of Vacheron Constantin’s long watchmaking tradition, World Time Complications is a shocking return being brewed by the brand. The Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch is designed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin. The latest 2460 WT self-winding mechanical movement is cast with the prestigious Geneva mark. It can display the time in 37 time zones around the world, including the difference from the UTC. In a half-hour or fifteen-minute time zone, this unique movement is patented by Vacheron Constantin.

 The new Patrimony Traditionnelle world time watch marks the return of glorious complex functions that are inseparable from Vacheron Constantin’s long watchmaking history. Vacheron Constantin’s brand founder Jean-Marc Vacheron and his successors have been inspired by constant global travels to create one after another extraordinary timepieces. It is this spirit that has created the brand’s enduring reputation. At the same time, as a pioneer in the field of innovative design and production of watches, the brand has firmly adhered to the concept of looking at the world. Vacheron Constantin was founded in Geneva in 1755. It has never ceased production for more than 255 years and began to enter the world shortly after its establishment. It entered the United States and China markets in 1832 and 1845 respectively. The International Meridian Conference is still early. At that time, it was determined at the meeting that the Greenwich Meridian was used as the starting point of longitude, and the world was divided into 24 time zones. This resolution also became the cornerstone of promoting global interaction and railway development.
  Vacheron Constantin’s long history of world time watches adhering to the brand’s pioneering spirit and dedication to creating the perfect multi-time zone timepiece. In 1932, Vacheron Constantin presented the brand’s first timepiece with international time zone functions. ‧ Produced by Louis Cottier, he conceived and designed a mechanical movement that can display 24 time zones. The disc rotates around the central dial. The bezel is engraved with the names of major cities in the world. Vacheron Constantin’s first world time clock & ldquo; Cottier system & rdquo; (model 3372) can simultaneously display the regional time of 31 cities around the world, marking Vacheron Constantin’s long and successful achievements in the field of world time complication technology. In 1936, Vacheron Constantin launched two other world timepieces, showing the regional time of 31 cities (model 3650) and 30 cities (except Cairo) (model 3638). With a mobile dial design, the time can be displayed in 67 regions, including summer and winter time in Paris. From the 1940s, Vacheron Constantin introduced the world time clock with the model number 4414. The dial can display the time of 41 cities, and the 24-hour moving disc is divided into two areas: day and night. During the 1940s and 1950s, the brand made a name for itself with its superb achievements in this functional timepiece, making it a masterpiece for many celebrities to chase.

  In 1957, Vacheron Constantin launched the first world time watch, model 6213, which was ordered by an Egyptian nobleman. The watch was the first movement with this complication to be applied to the wrist, opening a new chapter in the brand’s history of world timepieces. Won a high reputation among many connoisseurs and collectors. New world time movement patented by watch brand In order for the new world time complication movement to become a unique complex movement, watchmakers and engineers from Vacheron Constantin aspire to create a watch that not only displays the entire time zone, A watch that can also display time in partial time zones to fully display the real time in 37 time zones. At present, some countries in the world differ by half an hour or fifteen minutes from the UTC, and Vacheron Constantin’s 2460 WT movement solves these special cases. Taking Caracas as an example, Venezuela adjusted the entire time zone to half time (GMT & ndash; 4:30) in 2007. This movement can correctly display the local time of Caracas.
 The Vacheron Constantin Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch can display the time in 37 time zones around the world, covering all imaginable regions. The display area consists of three dials: a unique layer of day and night on the sapphire dial; a map display made using the Lambert Projector on a metal dial; and a metal digital ring showing the minutes and hours Hour scale. The watch vibrates at 4 Hz (28,800 vibrations per hour) and has a 40-hour power reserve. The self-winding mechanical movement 2460 WT displays the hour, minute, central seconds and world time. The watch can simultaneously display the time in various regions of the world, and the world map in the center of the dial can show the difference between day and night. The operation of this highly complex watch is extremely simple, and the display functions can be adjusted simply by turning the crown. In view of these unique design techniques, the new 2460 WT movement has been patented and is engraved with the prestigious Geneva seal.
 Simple operation and easy to wear
 Despite its complex construction principles, the new Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch is extremely easy to use. The wearer only needs to select the required reference time on the 24-hour digital disc and adjust it to the black triangle mark at 6 o’clock. The time in the other 36 time zones will be displayed at the same time. Cities displayed in black represent the entire time zone, while cities displayed in red represent the half or quarter time zone.

 The new Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch combines all the hallmarks of a heritage collection: a slim bezel, a knurled pattern on the case back, a screw-in sapphire crystal case back and sword-shaped hands, 18K pink 42.5 mm diameter Gold case, water-resistant to 30 meters. Alligator leather strap with 18K pink gold folding buckle.
 With practical display of complex functions, and the innovative technology of the 2460 WT movement, the Patrimony Traditionnelle World Time watch has become another icon of the heritage series, establishing Vacheron Constantin’s leading position in multi-time zone watch development.

Technical Parameters
2460 WT movement developed and manufactured by Vacheron Constantin
Self-winding mechanical movement with the “Mark of Geneva”
Movement thickness 8.1 mm
Movement diameter 36.60 mm / 11 & frac14; France
27 gems in movement
Vibration frequency: 28,800 times per hour (4 Hz)

Display function
Hours, minutes and central seconds
World time display in day / night zone (37 time zones total)

Power reserve
About 40 hours
18K 5N Pink Gold
42.50 mm diameter
Sapphire crystal transparent glass case back

Pressure 3 bar, equivalent to 30 meters
The display area consists of three dials:
The central part of the sapphire dial is the day and night value, as well as the ink-printed and engraved 24-hour scale watch brand
‘Lambert projection’ map display of metal dial
Metal outer ring shows minute scale and gold-plated hour scale.
Hand-stitched dark brown square Mississippi crocodile leather strap
18K 5N Pink Gold Folding Clasp
Polished Half Maltese Cross Design