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Zenith Promotes The Development Of The El Primero Movement And Challenges The Ultralight Limit

As everyone knows, Zenith’s legendary Swiss watch movement El Primero is the most famous movement in watchmaking history and the most accurate series production movement in the world. Every watch lover can call his name first, and the secret lies in the frequency of the balance wheel.

 Other movements can only vibrate 8 times per second at the fastest, while El Primero can reach 10 times. The movement also incorporated a number of breakthrough innovations during its development, including dry lubrication technology to ensure long-term excellent stability, and higher vibration frequencies require more energy. For this reason, the power reserve of the movement has been further optimized. . Stunning numbers. To make an El Primero movement: 5,500 processes, dials need 50 grinding processes, bridges need another 77 grinding processes, each part requires 5 to 50 processes, and classic watches need to be used. 18 different metals.

 According to the Watch House, on October 3rd, Spanish time, Jean-Frédéric Dufour, CEO and President of Zenith, invited many media to have lunch. Of course, this is also to witness the new ultralight El Primero movement launched by Zenith.

 Zenith experts select the best materials based on the brand’s latest research in the field of materials. Due to the lightness and durability of titanium, Zenith decided to use this metal commonly used in the aerospace industry as a material to create the main components of the movement, namely the main board and five plywoods (window cover, balance wheel plywood, chronograph plywood, Escape fork splint and pallet fork wheel splint main splint, clockwork splint, timing plywood, control lever plywood and control wheel plywood). At the same time, the use of the silicon escapement has also greatly reduced the weight. This series of outstanding designs has brought amazing results: the weight of a typical movement is 21.1 grams, while this movement is only 15.45 grams, which reduces nearly Quarter weight.

 Many media friends present felt the powerful shock from the El Primero ultra-light movement. I believe that this time the brand will bring us a lot of surprises.