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The Skeletonized Movement Is An Art Blancpain Villeret Skeletonized Watch

In the world of exquisite watches, complicated craftsmanship has never been a problem. However, if you want to achieve the state of simplicity and refinement, you need extremely difficult manual skills and painstaking day and night polishing. The Blancpain Villeret series skeleton watch is such a masterpiece that brings together extraordinary efforts and pushes the beauty of simplicity to the extreme.

   Simplicity is beauty. With such a pious declaration, we strive to continue to achieve new initiatives in restraining one’s desires-pursuing vegetarianism, and traveling to the wilderness to spend holidays in meditation and butter. But for most people, such declarations and ideas always feel awkward. High horsepower is always better than small horsepower. Adding French fries is better than ordinary loading. The i7 processor is better than the i5. The suite is far better than the bunk … How can a two-star meal be better than a three-star meal? Ordinary car How can it be the same as first class? Such examples are endless. But even so, if you put aside your self-righteous subjective stereotypes, it is often simply beautiful.

   The Blancpain Villeret series skeleton watch is the best example of this concept. Equipped with an eight-day power reserve function, three barrels and a manual winding movement, this series of watches is committed to maximizing the area of ​​the splint and bridge. The movement remains the same, but the amount of metal material is greatly reduced; this design is designed to engraving the splint and the watch bridge, with only the most delicate and delicate metal lines remaining. But this is only the most basic practice, all skeletonized movements follow this rule more or less. But Blancpain doesn’t stop there.

   The screen removes all elements that may affect the watch and perfectly extrudes the pure texture of the precision movement. Blancpain adheres to this philosophy and removes all other redundant parts in the watch. Of course, the case cannot be streamlined, but from this point of view, its only significance is to protect the movement and connect the strap. Therefore, the size and thickness of the case have been reduced to the extreme. In addition, the metal fixed ring, which is usually used to fix the position of the movement in the case, has been omitted. In order to make the wearer have closer contact with the movement, the movement and the transparent case back are also closely fitted. The sapphire on the dial is also missing. Under the transparent case, the precise movement is clearly visible, and the gap between the movement and the case can only be crossed by the hands. Such a movement is extremely refined and pure.

   The production of many hollowed-out movements is not complicated. It is nothing more than the use of CNC machines to engraving the movements of the bridge and the main plate of the movement. Just look at the rounded corners of this type of movement and the lack of decorative parts, it is not difficult to detect the traces of the machine. This is by no means the watchmaking technique followed by Blancpain. Each of Blancpain’s skeleton bridges and main bridges is hand-carved, and each edge is individually polished with a file. Simple and smooth connections and chamfers all witness the painstaking craftsmanship of watchmakers. In fact, each of the painstakingly made hollow parts is so unique that the final refined part cannot even be shared by two watches. Only in the same watch can each hand-wound bridge work seamlessly with other bridges and bridges.

   Hand-decorated icing on the cake. The front and back of the bridge and the main splint are decorated with flower-shaped patterns. There is no doubt that when wearing the watch, the beautiful decoration will play a beautiful movement on the front. However, the ingenuity does not stop there. On the back of the watch, there is another gorgeous and exquisite carving. It is necessary to “paint with the least amount of effort” on a metal canvas to create such a superb and outstanding work. It requires extreme patience and time. Every hand-carved and decorated watch requires the attention of a technician for thirty days.

   In all respects, Villeret series skeleton watches have set a new milestone in the watchmaking industry. It is the first and only fully skeletonized timepiece with three main barrels and an eight-day power reserve. The three barrels can not only provide a long power reserve for the movement, but also visually, it also looks like an elegant rainbow across the top of the movement, becoming the most striking scenery in the watch. Other characteristics of the Cal.13R0 movement are also highlighted in this skeleton movement. The balance wheel is made of titanium, equipped with gold trimming screws, and equipped with a Breguet balance spring. Although the power reserve pointer has been reduced, the state of energy storage is still visible from the hollowed-out barrel. Just look at the clockwork to see if you need to wind it.