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What Watch Is Suitable For Avengers?

The final battle for Avengers 4 is finally released on April 24th. The box office that has been pre-sold in advance has exceeded 600 million. I believe that many iron powders have been up late this morning to watch. The story takes place after Destroyer destroys half of the universe’s creatures and re-creates the Avengers. The remaining heroes are forced to fight against the water and write the final chapter of the 22 Marvel movies. The reason why the big villain in the play is so powerful is that he collected six red, yellow, blue, green, purple, and orange infinity gems of different colors. They were inlaid on infinite gloves, and a ring of fingers wiped out half of the universe’s population. Infinite gloves are not available, but we can find watches with different colors like ‘red yellow blue green purple orange’. See what watch is suitable for Avengers? A ‘Rainbow’ Minute Repeater Pocket Watch, auctioned by Filiz Auctions in 2018, comes from Gübelin, a well-known Swiss jewelry and watch retailer. Gübelin hired Richard Daners to design and manufacture this pocket watch. The dial was first carved with a guilloché pattern, and then enamel was applied to show a gradient rainbow effect. In addition, it still has a single hand display, only the hour hand and no minute hand. If you need to know the current specific time, you must start the three questions to identify by voice. Rainbow scales of Vacheron Constantin. The dial and case were originally made of 18K yellow gold, but the 18K gold contained silver, copper and other metals that would oxidize. Therefore, after the passage of time, the original 18K gold has become colorful, like a rainbow. Encountered such a table, without removing the oxide layer, but more beautiful. A ‘rainbow’ scale Rolex Daytona shared by day_tona, although I don’t know if it is PS, but such a modification can be achieved. At present, the most commonly used Super-LumiNova luminous lights in the market, in addition to the common green and blue, there are actually other colors. Just buckle the original luminous and repaint it. At the 2012 Basel watch exhibition, Rolex launched the first-generation Rainbow Daytona, model 116598RBOW, where RBOW is the abbreviation of English ‘Rainbow’ rainbow. Its basic configuration is not much different from the regular precious metal version of Daytona. The movements use Rolex’s own Cal.4130 mechanical chronograph movement. The biggest difference is that the original digital speed measuring outer ring is removed and replaced by a gem circle. The colors of these gems gradually change, similar to a rainbow. At the same time, round diamonds are set on the case lugs and shoulder guards. At that time, 116,598 RBOW was priced at 89,100 US dollars overseas, and the domestic public price was 735,200 yuan. After a short period of production, this 116598RBOW was discontinued. It is too difficult to make up such a circle of stones. What is even more difficult is that this is a small-scale mass production table. To make up many circles, Rolex will have to discontinue this model after running out of its own gradient gemstone inventory. In 2017, Rolex also launched a yacht with a gem circle, but without a gradual transition effect. In contrast, Rainbow Di is undoubtedly more precious. Therefore, the original Rainbow Daytona will naturally rise in the secondary market price. At present, the brand new unused 116598RBOW even sells for more than 1.8 million yuan. Compared with the previous pricing, it has more than doubled. In 2018, Rolex launched the second-generation Rainbow Di 116595RBOW. The most important change is the dial scale. The original Rainbow Di dial uses a square scale commonly known as ‘large bag of diamonds’, which echoes the 56 round-cut diamonds set in the lugs and crown shoulders, instead of 36 rainbow gradients in the outer ring Square gem. In the second generation, Rolex removed the square large package diamond scale and replaced it with the upper bar gemstone scale. Even more commendable is that the arrangement of these gem scales also shows a gradual effect, and corresponds one-to-one with the color of the gradual gems on the outer ring. Although the public price is only 864,200, the recent transaction price of the public auction house has reached 1.7 million yuan, a premium of nearly one million. Although expensive, this Rainbow Di is undoubtedly the most suitable for destroying bullies, because the real thing is too domineering and beautiful, very attractive. For example, Carina Lau has bought the first generation of Rainbow Di before, but also ordered the second generation of the Gypsophila version. —END —