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Panorama-proud Of Italian Blood

Adhere to the characteristics, also adhere to the rare

 On the opening of the new store, Mr. Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau is wearing a Panerai Radiomir 1940 replica watch, which is his favorite style in the past ten minutes. When he took off his watch and showed it to reporters, he could not help lamenting that he had served Panerai for many years, and was already convinced by the Italian origin of the brand.

   ‘China has become the battleground for high-end watch brands, and Panerai is indeed one of the more low-key brands. I think it is precisely because of its pure blood and excellent products that it attracts many watch lovers.’ Mr Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau said that while many watch brands are involved in filming and other art forms in order to get more exposure, Panerai rarely shows up. In its view, Panerai has a unique ‘tonality’: clear characteristics, small production, and relatively rare, so many models of models are hot in the market, more difficult to find.

  ‘We are Italian watches, and our very unique pedigree determines that we should be unique in the high-end watch industry. The unique design and origin make Panerai’s image so distinctive and highly recognizable, while manufacturing military watches His history also adds to the image of Panerai, which is very attractive to many Chinese collectors. ‘

 Expectations for Nanjing Stores are High

    Mr. Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau said that Panerai was very cautious in building the brand’s distribution network, with only 20 specialty stores throughout the Asia-Pacific region. In China, a vast country, there are only a handful of Panerai stores. Following the opening of Shanghai Hang Lung Plaza and Beijing Yintai, the unveiling of the Nanjing Deji Plaza store is an important step in the development of Panerai’s select marketing network.

  “For Nanjing’s specialty stores, our expectations are very high. The conditions and style that Deji Plaza already has, as well as comprehensive consideration of the quality of people flow, are in line with Panerai requirements. It can be said that The watch market is very mature. ‘

 The area of ​​Panerai Hydeki Plaza is about 50 square meters. The shop displays simple and classic Italian design style, with clean lines and simple decoration. It uses glass panels and glass curtain walls. It is reported that the materials used this time were carefully selected, using Gold Calacatta marble from Tuscany, and stucco walls with Venetian characteristics. The design inspiration is based on the history and tradition of this Florence brand. The teak wall is based on the curvilinear shape of the waves, and the arc is beautiful, highlighting the brand’s close relationship with the ocean.

 Luxury concepts are actually very rich

    It is said that Chinese consumers love luxury goods, and Mr. Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau admits that more and more consumers want to understand the meaning of luxury goods in recent years.

   ‘The concept of luxury is actually very rich. The reason why some brands and products can become luxury must have rich connotations, including origin, creativity, design, the idea behind the product, etc. This is a comprehensive concept Otherwise, what is the difference with other products? Consumers will only like it if they recognize it and understand it. ‘Mr. Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau told reporters that Chinese consumers pay great attention to details and changes when buying products. This is the difference with Western consumers.

   ‘We want consumers to discover the meaning of a brand,’ said Mr. Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau. ‘For example, Panerai has an inextricable bond with oceans and seas. We have launched a nautical watch this year. Sports design has a very high degree of professionalism. Five minutes before the ship’s departure is crucial for sailing competitions. We have paid attention to this period of time in watch design and reflected professionalism in details. Also Panerai has made tireless improvements to Radiomir, including the reinforcement of the lugs and crown, which can withstand stronger impacts and improve the waterproof performance of diving watches. The core of this is for everyone to see, we are doing re-engraving, but it is also a refinement of the brand concept. ‘

 Italian luxury watch maker Panerai’s store in Nanjing’s Deji Plaza was officially opened recently. This is its first store in Jiangsu Province and the sixth store in China. To celebrate the event, Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau, Managing Director of Panerai Asia Pacific, and Huang Junyi, General Manager of Panerai China attended the ribbon-cutting ceremony. ‘The reason why Nanjing was chosen was because of its extremely rich and distant historical and cultural heritage, and its strong influence covering the entire Jiangsu Province, it has become a deeply cultivated land with significant growth in the international luxury market. We look forward to working closely with our business partners and deepening our connections with Panerai enthusiasts, ‘said Mr. Jean-Sebastien Gerondeau.

Nomos Announces Partnership With Harrods

NOMOS announced that it will cooperate with the world-famous Harold Department Store to further expand the brand’s visibility and influence in the UK. Harold Department Store will become NOMOS ‘latest retailer. On August 18, 2016, the cooperation between the two parties was officially launched. NOMOS will present the latest Neomatik automatic series watches, as well as the star models of the Tangente and Orion manual series.

   To celebrate the partnership with Harold, NOMOS will launch a unique green strap made of Holvin’s premium Cordova horse leather, which will be on display at the Knightsbridge Store on December 1st, just in time for Christmas. This green strap is made using traditional tanning technology and follows the strict standards of NOMOS and Chicago’s Holvin Tannery. ‘Luxury and durable, adding flavor over time.’
   This is the first time NOMOS has launched such a strap, which is inspired by Harold’s iconic green and is only available in Harold. Customers who have previously purchased a NOMOS watch or are preparing to enter it can choose a green strap and have it replaced by the in-store service team.

Audemars Piguet (Audemars Piguet) Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat Chronograph 26211sk.Zz.D002ca.01 Watch Released Directly At Geneva Watch & Clock Exhibition 2013

The Royal Oak Offshore LADYCAT Chronograph is undoubtedly tailor-made for women who love sports, but also dedicated to those women who love watches with a sense of strength and geometric shapes that can show their vitality.
   In the depths of the Jurassic Mountains at an altitude of 1,000 meters, the harsh climate and the attitude of respect for nature cultivate the character of the mountain residents, and the story begins here and gradually spreads into beautiful conversation.
   Two local children in the mountains: JulesLouis Audemars, born in Brassus in 1851, and Edward Auguste Piguet from the Jura Valley in 1853, they will make Brassus’s reputation spread to the world. In 1875, the founder of Audemars Piguet decided to combine their strengths to design and develop watches with sophisticated mechanical devices.
   In this lonely valley, the residents patiently observe human development and grasp the changing social pulse. The advent of the industrial revolution completely overturned the development of transportation and labor methods, accompanied by the emergence of the class of engineers and entrepreneurs, and the popularity of long-distance travel. Jules LouisAudemars and Edward Auguste Piguet noticed the rise of the new ethnic group for the first time, and formulated a clear brand purpose accordingly: devoting themselves to the design and production of complex clocks, and opening up the field of human wisdom and watchmaking Expanding the earth, beyond the limits.

   The hues of the two watches are inspired by the international regatta sponsored by Audemars Piguet. They are limited to 150 in the steel version and 10 in the platinum version. The new theme colors of the sailboat, namely black, gold and green, are harmoniously distributed on the dial. The filigree-inlaid hands of the chronograph dial also use the same color combination. The ‘Ladycat’ logo is engraved on the caseback, in honor of the only female sailing boat in this category.

   The Royal Oak offshore Ladycat chronograph in platinum is equipped with a black mother-of-pearl chronograph dial. The bezel, case and folding clasp are set with a total of 323 diamonds (approximately 5.82 carats). He carefully selects the brilliant light of diamonds. The stainless steel lines are bright and simple, and the bezel and links are set with brilliant-cut diamonds, which perfectly integrate with the strap.

   The case is sturdy and has a diameter of 37 mm. It has a self-winding mechanical movement that can be used for up to 12 hours at any time. This mechanical movement is efficient, precise, and carefully decorated with artistic standards. It has a power reserve of about 40 hours and can be wound automatically when worn. Audemars Piguet strives to penetrate luxury into subtle details, and this feminine chronograph is equipped with an 18K gold oscillating weight.

Case: Stainless steel case (37 mm), anti-reflective sapphire crystal, case back engraved with ‘Ladycat’, ‘Royal Oak’
‘Offshore’ (Royal Oak Offshore) and ‘Edition limitée’, diamond-set bezel and chain
Section, black rubber-coated screw-in crown and buttons, water-resistant to 50 meters.
Dial: Black dial with “Méga Tapisserie” oversize check decoration, Royal Oak rose gold fluorescent three-dimensional hour markers and hands.
Strap: black rubber strap with stainless steel AP word folding clasp.
Gem setting: 64 brilliant-cut diamonds, about 1.69 carats (bezel and link).
Function: chronograph, hours, minutes, small seconds, date display
Model: 26211SK.ZZ.D002CA.01

• Movement model: Calibre 2385 automatic winding movement
• Diameter total length: 26.20 mm (11½ legal minutes)
• Movement thickness: 5.50 mm
• Number of gems: 37
• Number of parts: 304
• Minimum guaranteed power reserve (hours): 40
• Balance frequency: 21,600 times / hour

   The Royal Oak Offshore Ladycat Chronograph is water resistant to 50 meters (5 bar). This elite watch is ideal for women who want to show their courage.
   Also inheriting the traditional octagonal design, and inlaid multiple gemstones in the watch case in a modern and noble way, the watchmaker adopted three shades on the black circular dial as the design elements of the small dial. Adding a new look to the watch, presumably this is one of the reasons sought after by many watch lovers. Audemars Piguet has many years of legendary history. Nowadays, it is more about women’s needs, so more women’s watches are created.

Summary: This watch is a Royal Oak offshore watch, which retains the original shape design and combines the advantages of function and material. The large-grain gem setting makes the watch more noble, 37 mm. The diameter of the case does not seem too small, so the outstanding advantages of the watch are astounding.

Geneva International Haute Horlogerie 2013: