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Tag Heuer’s Latest Flagship Store Opens In Paris

According to the Watch House, Stéphane Linder, CEO of the famous Swiss watch brand TAG Heuer, joined hands with the brand ambassador and the famous international movie star Leonardo DiCaprio for The TAG Heuer flagship store in Paris has a grand opening ceremony.

 The flagship store opening ceremony has attracted many celebrities. The first thing that attracts the most is Leonardo DiCaprio. He not only attracted a large number of media and journalists, but of course fans ca n’t. Miss the chance to get in touch with idols. In addition, the guests on the day included actors, singers, fashion editors, politicians, and many other celebrities. Paris that night was a star-studded star.

 In fact, the event of the day was a double happiness for the TAG Heuer brand. On the one hand, it was the first grand opening ceremony of the flagship store in Paris, and on the other hand, the Carrera series under its label celebrated its 50th year. In ten years, he has gradually transformed into a mature and widely loved series.

 The CEO of TAG Heuer watches said that the opening of the flagship store in Paris is just the beginning. In the future, TAG Heuer watches will open up more markets, including opening the Champs Elysees in Paris. At present, our specialty stores 57 countries, and I said this is just the beginning.

 Calera is a series of TAG Heuer’s considerable status, and it is also deeply loved in the Chinese market. TAG Heuer constantly explores the aesthetic and functional requirements of different people for watches, which is why this series has been loved by everyone for so long.