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The High-quality C Position Of The Watch Industry 101, If You Do N’t Understand It, You Will Really Be Out!

A few days ago, a friend of in-depth ‘Jie Mi’ came to me and asked me, ‘Sister, know what brand I love Doudou watch on hand, see what kind of water is in my heart, why not? Do n’t understand, give me science and science. ”

Shanghai 1926 series launch event
  When I think of Jay Chou, it is undoubtedly wearing Tudor. She patted my shoulder with excitement, ‘Yes, yes, just the Shanghai Tudor activities in the previous two days. I was only going to see Jaylen. I did not expect those watches. The real thing looks strangely stylish. ‘
  That’s no problem. I wanted to pretend to be a big brother to give her a good science. In the first sentence, she was thundered. “What is the relationship between Tudor and Rolex? I always see these two brands Out of the box, I think its design style is completely different from Rolex. ‘Nonsense, there is a big difference 嘞, let’s go into life together, ah, no, walk into Tudor …

  First of all, Tudor and Rolex belong to the same management group. It was founded by Hans Wilsdorf, the founder of Rolex. The early Tudor style was always criticized by netizens. It is very similar to Rolex. In recent years, Tudor watches Began to break away from Rolex and become their own. From today’s Tudor design style, it is not difficult to see that a variety of fashion elements such as color plates, color circles, black plating and bronze are perfectly integrated into the watch design. The young and dynamic element can be called ‘quality idol’.
  As for the fashionable design style, his audience naturally tends to be younger. The ‘old cadre’ style tablemates may not follow the trend because the favorite celebrity endorses a product. But the cousins ​​of pick fashion style are different. They often know about a product because of their idol endorsements, so Tudor invited a number of celebrity endorsements, and these celebrity endorsements just happened to be successful. The brave brings positive and positive energy to the young people who are still struggling. From this, Tudor is truly entering the young people’s market.
Tudor 1926 series-inheriting classics and presenting eternity
  Each watchmaking brand has such a classic series, and Tudor is also the same. Therefore, I call it the ‘Eternal Presentation’ series. The Tudor 1926 series launched by Tudor adopts Tudor’s consistent design style, reaffirming that the brand will continue to work hard. Adhering to the traditional values ​​of Swiss fine watchmaking craftsmanship, he pays tribute to the brand’s origin and watchmaking tradition, inherits the rich tradition of the brand, saying foreignly, not forgetting his original intention; showing the current value concept, and speaking foreignly, it is advancing with the times .

  And the most foreign style is Jay Chou’s same model, which is the watch under the Tudor 1926 series (what friends see is purple sauce). Saw it, the embossed dial, the same-colored sword-shaped hands, the diamond-set singular hour markers, etc., are all inherited from the classic design elements of Tudor watchmaking, 7 rows of different size links show the strap is both flexible and sturdy Features improve the comfort of wearing.

  I think the most intimate design is this series of watches in 28, 36, 39 and 41 mm four size choices, unisex, intimate reason is because when Zhou Dong announced the marriage, there was a couple of friends around ‘Jie fans’, holding each other’s heads and crying, although I don’t know how to comfort, but I sent a pair of Tudor 1926 series watches of the same style by Zhou Dong, I think it is very timely.
Tudor Black Bay 58 Collection-Retro Style Leads Fashion Trends
  Nowadays, the retro style has become a fashion boom, but it is not as simple as tearing a few holes in pants. Tudor Biwan (The black version of the diving watch is named after the size of the first generation of the Tudor watch. Don’t underestimate the 39 mm case. It was all the rage in the 1950s. This is David・ Beckham (David Beckham) with the same style, quite stylish, perfectly in line with the pursuit of retro hipsters.

  The classic design on the dial shows the essence of the Biwan 1958 type. The angular hands called ‘Snowflake’, the large crown, the red bezel with the red triangle mark and the ‘rivet’ strap, etc. The 200-meter (660-foot) Tudor diver’s design core is exquisitely condensed, showing a perfect fit of harbor, history, design and precision on a small watch. Wearing such a retro diving watch, it seems as if you hear it in your ear. The horn of victory before Nelson’s death …

  The inside uses the original Tudor movement MT5402, which is clever and durable, with an observatory certification, and can be stored for up to 70 hours. That is, take off the watch before going to bed on Friday (then hibernate for two days) and wear it on Monday morning It can still be used normally without re-winding.

  If you prefer retro fashion, you may wish to wear a Tudor 1958 series watch, believe me, old iron, it will be more handsome to wear it, let’s not tear the pants …
Tudor Black Bay GMT Series-Excellent internal and external performance
  Tudor Biwan Greenwich has a distinctive style, with red and blue bezels matching each other, which is quite fashionable. It is also the trend of this year. This is a brand new watch that Tudor expands its Biwan series, so where is it ‘new’?

  The new Greenwich-type introduces the multi-time zone (GMT) function in order to read the time around the world, it is very suitable for friends traveling around the world to wear, and you do not have to worry about whether his movement parts can withstand the bumps of travel, can withstand harsh environments. Like other models in the Biwan series, the Greenwich model fully integrates the classic into the design (the Biwan model has all the classic design elements, and I will not talk nonsense). It is equipped with the original Tudor calibre MT5652 and introduces a brand new Function, more dexterous structure, details highlight the praise.

  There are three straps available for this watch: steel strap, brown strap, black textured strap, friends can freely match according to their own dressing style.
  The best I know about Tudor is the support and endorsements of countless outstanding people. Jay Chou, David Beckham, Lady Gaga, Bayden Barrett, etc., all of their lives have revealed their courage and courage. The spirit of struggle, which perfectly fits with the brand statement of Tudor – “Born to Dare”, pays tribute to every fearless brave, and accompanies them to create extraordinary in the four fields of land, glacier, air and underwater achievement.

  The watchmaking philosophy of Tudor founder Hans Wilsdorf: Even in the face of harsh environments, Tudor watches still perform well and are worn by every brave. I believe that Tudor’s ‘born daring to act’ spirit is also applicable to you. Wear a God rudder watch and create your own wonderful life together!