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Omega Announces Kaia Gerber And Presley Gerber As New Celebrity Ambassadors

Omega Honor announces the sons and daughters of brand celebrity ambassador Cindy Crawford-Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber Join the Omega celebrity ambassador family together.

Omega’s new celebrity ambassadors Kaia Gerber and Presley Gerber

 Cindy Crawford has been working with Omega for more than 20 years and is the brand’s first celebrity ambassador. Cindy joined the Omega family in 1995 and soon joined the Omega team. She provided many innovative design elements for the Constellation series watches, and in the same year actively assisted the brand to promote the Constellation series watches with new designs.
 Over the years, Cindy has demonstrated great enthusiasm and pride in the status of Omega Celebrity Ambassador. She has spread the brand spirit and brand charm around the world, and is an outstanding representative of the brand image. Cindy regards social responsibility as a lifelong career. Recently, on behalf of Omega, she visited the Orbis International team working at the Flying Eye Hospital in Peru. She also participated in recording the documentary ‘The Hospital in the Sky’ and shared her precious moments and sincere emotions with her daughter Kaia during the visit.
 As Cindy gradually introduced Omega to her children, her affection for Omega also infected her family. Not only did Kaia and Cindy travel to Peru on an unforgettable journey, her son Presley also appeared with her on the red carpet during the 2015 premiere of ‘Sky Hospital’ in New York.
 Today, Omega has officially invited Kaia and Presley to join the Omega family and become brand new celebrity ambassadors.
 For the younger generation of watch lovers, Kaia and Presley are high-profile, rising fashion stars. The brothers and sisters have taken a significant step in their fashion careers as models, and Presley has also shown his talent in photography. Together with their mother Cindy Crawford, they attended the opening ceremony of the Omega “Her Time” Centennial Ladies Watch held in Paris on September 29, and officially joined the Omega family.
 Omega Global President and Chief Executive Officer Raynald Aeschlimann said: ‘The Omega ambassadors are always important members of our brand family. The cooperation with Cindy’s children has become particularly special. Omega knew Presley and Kaia, attracted by their innate talent and temperament. They will inject more novelty and youthful vitality into Omega, and we are very excited and looking forward to this. ‘
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 Omega is looking forward to the new cooperation with Kaia and Presley in the future, and to continue this precious friendship between the brand and the Cindy family.