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Zenith Zenith Elite 6150 「core」 Classic

Zenith We Recommend The Elite 6150 Movement Watch. This new self-winding mechanical movement is a new interpretation of the famous Elite movement that appeared in the early 1990s in a refreshingly modern way. In 1994, this ultra-thin movement debuted at the Baselworld Watch Fair, and won the ‘Best Movement of the Year’ award. In order to continuously climb the pinnacle of technology,

 Elite 6150 is the first timepiece with a new Elite movement, with a low-key and rustic look

ZENITH engineers and designers have completely improved the performance of this movement. The power reserve of the movement has thus been extended by at least 100 hours, its diameter has also been increased to 30 mm, and it is equipped with a central seconds hand. In addition, while the watchmaker added these elements, he continued to maintain the thickness of the movement of 3.92 millimeters. It is so clever that it is so clever! Driven by the new Elite 6150 movement, the Elite 6150 watch continues to show its classic timeless, understated and elegant quality. The 42 mm diameter slim case is equipped with a simple and elegant curved surface, and the long hands cleverly rotate to show the smart beauty. The Elite 6150 is an example of elegance that lasts forever.
Relying on the new Elite 6150 watch and its new Elite movement, ZENITH traces the origins and reproduces the tradition of craftsmanship. It uses precise watchmaking technology to design precise and rigorous complex functional mechanisms to create precise and reliable classic movements. In order to highlight the brand’s all-around advantage, the brand brought the Elite movement, which appeared in 1994, to the stage of the times again. The movement of this three-hand watch has always been hailed as one of the most accurate movements on the market, but it is shrouded in the halo of the legendary chronograph movement El Primero. Nevertheless, in the long years of more than two decades, this sturdy and reliable multi-function movement has continued to beat in many ultra-thin watches and gem-set timepieces made by Zenith. The watchmaker has decided to enhance the function of the movement and explore the endless potential. ZENITH hopes in this way to write a new legendary chapter for the Elite movement. The new and improved Elite movement meets all stringent requirements in the market, such as a 100-hour power reserve, and a wider and clearer gauge. The exhibition of the new Elite 6150 movement will bring major changes to the watch industry. It will regain its former glory under the shining of the Zenith star.
Show superb craftsmanship in simplicity and beauty
The Elite movement was developed by Zenith in 1994. A simple name represents the infinite vision of the brand. As an extension of the legendary chronograph movement El Primero, the ultra-thin Elite movement is rugged, precise and reliable, showing ZENITH’s ambitious ambitions in order to create more sophisticated and sophisticated masterpieces. This was rare at the time, as very few brands had their own basic movements. This research and development project started in 1991. After three years of research on ultra-thin self-winding movements and modules, the Elite movement was finally released. In addition, it was the first multifunctional movement to be designed with the help of a computer (CAD), which was not only used by other brands, but also developed multiple versions. This 11-minute movement has a power reserve of more than 50 hours and has stood the test of time to welcome a new look in the future. In 1994, it debuted at the Basel International Watch Fair and immediately received unanimous praise. Watch experts praise its many outstanding features, its slim shape is even more amazing, professional media more consistently voted it as ‘the movement of the year’. Elite movements have been widely praised since their introduction. Their impeccable quality is even more impressive, but it has never had the same reputation as the El Primero chronograph movement. The ZENITH watch factory uses cutting-edge technology and according to contemporary aesthetic standards to improve this original movement to create a new look, so that it can meet the needs of today’s use. The brand therefore presents a refreshed Elite movement, allowing it to create its own glory days in the long K time in the future.

The new Elite 6150 movement has become an important cornerstone of many new versions of the movement in the future. The Zenith R & D team focused on the improvement of the main features and performance of the movement. The watch’s shape is presented in a simple and delicate style.

The essence
In order to make the new Elite 6150 movement an important cornerstone of many new versions of the movement in the future, the ZENITH R & D team focused on the improvement of the main features and performance of the movement. The team’s experts exerted infinite creativity to add a second barrel to the movement, which doubled the original 55-hour power reserve. Since then, the new Elite 6150 movement will have an extra-long power reserve of more than four days. Throughout the development process, watchmaking experts also paid special attention to the thickness of the movement. Its slim shape is one of the main advantages, so it can be faithfully retained. Experts successfully completed this challenge: Although the movement consists of 195 parts, its thickness is only 3.92 mm. The diameter of the movement is slightly increased to meet the styling style of contemporary watches, and to provide a flexible and reliable foundation for adding more new features in the future. Another significant improvement of the movement is the change in the position of the second hand. This component was originally located at 9 o’clock, but now it has changed into a middle seconds hand. With its slender and elegant shape, it shows the precise and reliable quality of the movement. The Elite 6150 caliber is equipped with hour, minute, and second display functions, with a vibration frequency of 28,800 times per hour.
Exquisite rustic
The Elite 6150 is the first timepiece to be equipped with a new Elite movement. The ultra-thin dial has been newly designed with a diameter of 42 mm, setting a new standard for ZENITH. The shape of the case is low-key and simple, pure and elegant, which reproduces the pioneering spirit of the watchmaker’s continuous innovation and courage to try, and the pursuit of excellence and the essence of exploration. This new ultra-thin case is made of stainless steel, with rounded lines and low-key simplicity. The slim bevelled lugs set off a refined and elegant temperament. The Elite 6150 is water-resistant to 30 meters and the oscillating weight is decorated with the Côtes de Genève pattern. The transparent case back design reveals the movement mechanism and the clever movement of the oscillating weight. The timeless classic temperament of this timepiece can also be reflected through the display design of the watch: on the silver curved surface, the thin rod-shaped hands are arranged in order to witness the eternal time. The slender and slender hour markers are sculpted into wonderful grooves that resemble reliefs, creating a stunning visual effect. The watch is adorned with a crocodile leather strap with a protective rubber lining and a comfortable three-fold clasp, showing the refined elegance on the wrist.

Elite 6150 watch with stainless steel case and Elite 6150 self-winding movement with double barrel design

A new era of Zenith movement
By introducing this new Elite 6150 movement, ZENITH not only once again demonstrated the philosophy of excellence in craftsmanship, but also previewed the extraordinary return of the ‘Watch Factory Refined’ movement series. The accurate and reliable historical movement reproduces the brand’s traditional value and deep foundation. This new and improved version of the movement demonstrates the firm’s firm confidence in the future.

Breaking The Convention And Reshaping The Classic Freedom Gibson “Gibson Les Paul” Guitar Limited Edition Watch Reveals The Spirit Of Freedom

Raymond Weil Achieves Music Classics

For Raymond Weil, music and art are an infinite source of inspiration and creativity. After three generations of development, the Raymond Weil family, deeply influenced by music culture, has established a solid foundation in the field of Swiss watchmaking. From the classic French sinatra, the Beatles to the new violinist Nicola Benedetti, to the electronic music brand Gibson, not only shows the love of Raymond Weil family members to different music categories, the brand has been close to half Century is tied to these great names.

To pay tribute to the legendary Gibson Les Paul, Raymond Weil launches a limited edition ‘Gibson Les Paul’ freelance watch. The new watch has an elegant appearance, but also has a bit of rebellious taste of rock music, reflecting its free spirit and unparalleled music power.

This time, Raymond Weil created with the famous guitar producer Gibson and paid tribute to the modern music pioneer Lester William Polsfuss, the world-famous Les Paul, which is indeed a great event in the music industry. And Gibson’s Les Paul endorsed him. He has been a music partner of many great guitarists such as Jimmy Page, Keith Richards, Jimi Hendrix and Eric Clapton, writing a glorious history for the development of rock music.

‘When I was a kid, my mother has led me into the world of music, from the piano and string instruments. After I first learned about rock music and realized the power of electronic guitars, I admired Lenny Kravitz and Guns. N ‘Roses live performance. Music has a unique appeal, it can capture people’s fantasy space, under the superb performance of music masters, no one can stand still; whether it is blues, rock, pop, classical, music Both bring shocking memories. The power of music is also related to the flow of time. Today, Gibson created with us and merged its classic beats into this brand new watch. ‘Raymond Weir CEO Ai Liebheim said.

‘Gibson Les Paul’ Liberty Rider Limited Edition 45 mm diameter case, made of stainless steel, black PVD-coated bezel tachymeter, inspired by the black paint of Gibson ‘Black Beauty’ electronic guitar, dial The guilloche pattern also echoes the six strings of the guitar; at 12 o’clock, the Gibson brand’s logo and Les Paul’s signature can be seen. Another unique feature of the Gibson guitar is the split diamond inner layer. Next to the calendar window, a perforated calfskin strap echoes the acoustic vents of the guitar. The watch has a chronograph function and is equipped with an RW5010 self-winding movement, which provides a power reserve of approximately 46 hours.

This collection of Raymond Weil, limited to only 200 pieces, is contained in an exclusive watch box inspired by Gibson’s guitar case. This new work also strengthens the partnership between Raymond Weil and Gibson for the first time since 2015.

‘This collaboration continues Raymond Weil’s relationship with us, while paying tribute to the classic Les Paul guitar. The outstanding design and high-quality craftsmanship of the Freelancer Watches are closely linked to Les Paul guitars and continue to inspire the world.’ Gibson Brand Chairman and CEO Henry Juszkiewicz said.

‘Deeply rooted and connected to our core values-family strength, music can lead our emotions, so that life and time shape our personality. This is a unique combination of family, music and time, which also makes the Raymond Weil brand Uniqueness, ‘continued Raymond Weil CEO Ellie Heim.