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“Less Is More”, Watch House Interviews Movado’s Best Friend Zhai Tianlin

Recently, the House of Watches had the honor to have a conversation about ‘time, life and meaning’ with Zhai Tianlin, a close friend and actress of the Movado brand. Because of the roles of Bai Xiaowen in ‘White Deer Plains’ and Yang Xiu in ‘Sima Yi’s Military Division Alliance’, Zhai Tianlin has been recognized by more and more audiences. As a teenager, he became famous but chose to return to school to study and perform. He just graduated from the Beijing Film Academy with a doctorate degree. What do he understand about time?

Zhai Tianlin, Movado’s best friend

Watch House: Do individuals usually wear watches? What type of watch do you prefer?
Zhai Tianlin: Yes, I wear a watch almost every day. The type of watch I like, first of all it is ‘less’, which is especially important; in other words, it is simple. ‘Less is more’, the simpler the more sophisticated and luxurious.

Watch House: What do you pay more attention to when choosing a watch?
Zhai Tianlin: First of all, beauty is very important, and minimalist design is very important to me. Like the Movado I wear, the design appeals to me. I will match according to different clothes, so a watch is not enough. I will use different watches for different occasions, which is also my respect for the word ‘decent’. In addition to the appearance choices, I value the function of the watch more. Personally, I prefer the moon phase watch because it combines romance and can accompany me to watch the sunset. In addition, I will choose a watch with world time function. I often go abroad, and it may be more convenient for me. Finally, I will pay more attention to craftsmanship, and whether the watch has a special craftsmanship will also become an important factor for my consideration. The world view that this watch conveys, or whether it has any meaning attached to it, is also what I will pay attention to when choosing.

¬†Watch House: As a close friend of Movado’s brand, what do you think attracts you most?
Zhai Tianlin: ‘Less is more’, this is the essence of my understanding of fashion. Movado’s design fits this point. In addition, the history of the Movado brand is also very attractive to me. Its respect for history and the clear worldview conveyed by the brand are presented in front of us in the form of a wrist watch. The advocacy of simplicity and the importance of history are all places that attract me.

Watch House: After working with Movado, do you have a new understanding of Movado, watch culture and history?
Zhai Tianlin: Of course, this Movado in my hand inherits the design concept of the ‘Museum Collection Watch’ collected by the New York Museum of Modern Art in the 1960s. But today, its design is still very much in line with modern aesthetics. It made a lot of changes, but never lost the most important ideas. The modifications that Movado is constantly making are advancing with the times and have not gradually aged with the passage of time. This is what I admire very much. A little bit.

Home of Watches: I just graduated from Beijing Film Academy as a PhD and learned acting for so many years. What do you think time is special to you?
Zhai Tianlin: For me, time carries all my memories. More and more I find that time is not enough, so I always miss the past. At that time, a lot of time could be wasted and dazed. Before, I had to take care of both my studies and my acting career, and I had to set aside some time to take care of my parents and family. I was also misdiagnosed as cancer some time ago, and the doctor told me that my time was running out. Originally, my life may still have fifty years, but when it became possible to have only three months, my understanding of time had changed again. I often fantasize about what I will do if I limit my time infinitely. If there is one year left in my life, what will I do; there is still a month and a day … if my life has 5 Minutes, I’ll be honest with you to finish the day.

Watch House: Continuous breakthroughs are also what your actors have been doing along the way. You once said that you never play repeated roles. Some time ago, your new drama ‘Buying away, I love you’ started. What kind of role did you play in the show this time? Is it different from before?
Zhai Tianlin: This is one of the most fashionable roles I have ever taken, because in the play I play a fashionable buyer and brand designer. This drama is a very professional workplace emotional drama. When I played this role, I learned a lot about the profession of a buyer and the industry, and seriously conveyed the concept of fashion to the audience. This is the first fashion workplace drama in the traditional Chinese sense. I have done a lot of homework to learn, and I hope that after reading it, you will have some new experience in fashion.

Watch House: What kind of character does ‘Chi Zhen’ play in ‘Sin of the Native’ which is about to be broadcast? Tell us about this new drama!
Zhai Tianlin: The Sin of Originality was produced by Han Sanping and directed by Ye Weimin. It is a very different work. A criminal investigation work starring Yin Zheng and Teacher Bai Bing, this drama may also represent my performance level in recent years.

¬†During the interview, Zhai Tianlin repeated to us the concept of ‘Less is more’ (less is more: simple things tend to bring more enjoyment). Real fashion is not about putting all the elements together, but Is to find the most suitable ‘degree’, which coincides with Movado’s watchmaking philosophy, simplicity is classic. And Zhai Tianlin put forward an interesting proposition ‘If your life has only one day left’, what would you do?