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Interpreting The Fashion Elements In Classic Watches

Whether it is a fashion or jewelry watch, every design can be traced back to its classics. For fashion brands, applying the brand’s design concepts to watches not only presents the spirit of the inherent brand, but also injects a “life” heritage into an accessory. For brands such as Chanel, Louis Vuitton and Dior, they have already become seniors in the watch industry. Years of watchmaking experience and technological innovation have made watches created by these fashion brands have already exceeded the meaning of accessories, and The combination of fashion ideas makes the watch more conceptual and also forms a unique style for women’s watches.

Dior VIII watch series

The “Bar” set designed in 1947, Lady Dior handbags launched in 1995 and Dior “real” perfumes in 1999, and the Dior VIII watch series launched by Dior in spring and summer of 2011, are designed to give Mr. Dior this great Tribute to the designer. This watch not only shows time, but also transcends contemporary fashion trends, like the high-end uniform design interior wardrobe, adhering to the long tradition of Dior, showing the design style of geometric figures, full of feminine beauty of eternal charm. The name Dior VIII can’t help but remind him that on October 8, 1946, he created his own high-end custom-made clothing brand on Montaigne Avenue in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, and named his first fashion collection ‘En Huit’ Eight ‘means).

All the iconic elements of the Dior brand are also infused into the design of high-end watches: its architectural lines are reminiscent of the precious and lightweight ‘the Bar’ jacket. At every moment of day and night, it embodies the nobility and elegance of women with a graceful and refined attitude. The Dior brand launches the Dior VIII Montaigne collection not only to pay tribute to the brand’s birthplace and Parisian luxury, but also to bring inspiration to a deeper level, while combining stainless steel materials with the basic colors that Mr. Dior admires. The iconic French color of the 18th century, gray, was highly appreciated by Mr. Dior (in 1954, he wrote in his ‘Fashion Dictionary’: ‘It is the most elegant neutral color’) In his hands, the grey turned into the legendary ‘Dior Grey’, which was worn by women and decorated the walls of the brand’s boutiques.

In the world of Dior aesthetics, time is displayed from three levels of materials, handwork and soul, embroidery, gem setting, sewing of precious leather, and even the distillation of fragrant essence from rare flowers. The time spent in making details seems to pass by. It is very slow, time has its own pace, and hand-made determines the speed of time.

Louis Vuitton Dentelle de Monogram

In 1896, Louis Vuitton’s son, George, used the abbreviations L and V in his father’s name with a flower pattern to design the monogram monogram Canvas, which is still popular in the 21st century. Today, the Monogram pattern is still the logo of Louis Vuitton. The Monogram pattern is not only on the bag, but also representative in the brand’s high-end watches. Diamond cut Monogram pattern, like lace or plaid, has a more three-dimensional effect.

The Monogram pattern was upgraded again in 2014. Monogram lace can be a gem, and a piece of jewelry can also become a delicate and extremely exquisite ladies watch. On a white gold case with a diameter of only 30 mm, the Monogram lace covers the surface lightly, this stunning creative inspiration comes from the Voyage dans le Temps top jewelry collection launched in 2012. This is a new design. The designer naturally glanced from the jewelry to the watch. The Monogram lace pattern that originally appeared on the Peter Pan necklace above the neck now appears lightly on the mother-of-pearl-based dial. .

The Monogram motif was used in the design of the suitcases of Louis Vuitton. As the times changed, George Vuitton’s son, Carlton Vuitton, moved this pattern into different fabrics, and the soft travel bag was brought into Louis Vuitton. In the travel culture, top-level materials, exquisite workmanship, and unique design have set a new benchmark for this field. The possession of LV suitcases has become a status symbol throughout the century.

Chanel Premiere

推出 Launched in 1987, it is Chanel’s first watch. The reason why this watch is named PREMIRE is not only because it is the first watch launched by Chanel, but also to pay tribute to Chanel’s chief tailor ‘Premire’. Its unique octagonal dial, sapphire crystal, is inspired by the classic bottle cap of N ° 5 perfume and the shape of Place Vendme in Paris.

PreThe octagonal dial of the ‘Premire’ watch is inspired by the iconic contours of Paris’s Fontaine Square, while echoing the shape of the bottle cap of Chanel N ° 5 perfume.

Gucci Horsebit Element Watches

BitHorsebit (horse title) won the world’s attention for the first time in 1953. When it appeared as a decoration on classic Gucci slippers, it was reminiscent of the riding world of aristocracy in Florence and high society. Over time, the horsebit has become a classic symbol of the brand. It is not only used in bags, shoes, jewelry, but even in watchmaking.

Gucci horse design elements watch series, with the horse title logo as the core design element, stainless steel material to create the curved line of the horse title loop. The round stainless steel bracelet and the curved silhouette of the horse’s title blend together to add beauty to the watch. The surface is either colored (dark red or brown) or black or white mother-of-pearl. White mother-of-pearl embellished with luxury elements · Horse-bit case set with 12 diamonds.

Zenith’s Grand Opening In Macau

According to Watch House, August 24, 2013, Zenith, a well-known bidder from Switzerland, opened a watch boutique in one of Macau’s most prestigious hotels.

 Zenith Macau boutiques have inherited their pre-set styles of integration around the world. Seeing elegance in quietness, luxury in simplicity. As Zenith’s best effort to expand the Beijing market, he will exhibit unique special appeal to high-end people in the political center through brand new products and noble and exquisite personalized services synchronized with the world.

 The biggest highlight of the Watch House this time is that the boutique focuses on the importance of the customer’s experience during the purchase process, so the specially set part similar to the VIP experience area has become the most important core of the designer.