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Until The Summer Solstice, Who Is Your Choice In School Days

Recently, Guo Jingming’s novel ‘Summer Solstice’ has been remake into a TV series, and it is currently being broadcast on major TV stations and video broadcast websites. In the play, Fu Xiaosi (Chen Xuedong) and Lu Zhiang (Bai Jingting) are full of youth, and they are ‘juvenile’. Lixia played by Zheng Shuang is also young and cute. The high school era portrayed in the play reminds everyone of their school days. The bells in class, the girls in the front seat don’t look back, the teacher chatter … We have all grown up, and those young people stay here That summer of cicadas. In those days, the watches on our hands did not pursue status symbols or expensive prices. They just needed to be accurate and cost-effective. Today’s Watch House takes everyone back to school days to see which watch is your choice.

Casio G-SHOCK series GA-110-1B watch

Domestic public price: RMB 1290
Case diameter: No data available
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: resin
Water resistance: 200 meters
Watch details: 2390
Case diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: quartz movement
Case material: Stainless steel
Water resistance: 100 meters
Watch details: 51 series SUTB400 watch

Domestic public price: RMB 1180
Case diameter: 42 mm
Movement type: automatic machinery
Case material: plastic
Waterproof depth: no data
Watch details: swatch / 34928 /
Watch reviews: Swatch simet51 series has received attention when it was launched. Swatch claims that this series will reduce 91 parts of mechanical watches to 51, on the one hand, continuing Swatch’s iconic fashion and low cost On the one hand, it uses an automatic movement co-developed by ETA and NIVAROX to achieve a 90-hour power reserve. The positioning of this watch is ‘the first mechanical watch for young people’. Compared to other mechanical watches, the pricing is really exciting. Not only that, the appearance of this watch is also very attractive to young student groups. The all-black dial and strap are dotted with white and red dots. The position of the red dots corresponds to the position of the jewel bearings in the movement. This design makes the entire black dial lively. The overall design is like a process of continuous growth and maturity in life, which interprets its own youthful style.

To sum up: Our youth seems to have passed, and our youth is gone. And a group of teenagers are on the playground where we once ran and jumped, in the midsummer sun, looking forward to their future. What remains unchanged is the bell of the classroom, melodious and far-reaching. How would you choose to spend your youth back? Which watch would you choose to accompany yourself?