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Escape From The Desert Island, I Will Bring Three Watches

In the film ‘A Good Show’, Huang Bo and his group unfortunately landed on an uninhabited desert island. In order to survive, they went through a series of trials, struggles, and even tests of human nature . After watching this movie, I couldn’t help thinking, if I fell on a desert island, which three watches would I bring?
TAG Heuer Diving Series WAY201F.BA0927

Product model: WAY201F.BA0927
Domestic public price: ¥ 19350
Watch diameter: 43 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: Cal.7
Case material: stainless steel / red, blue polished aluminum bidirectional rotating bezel
Water resistance: 300 meters
Watch details: 733 7730 4152-07 8 24 05PEB

Product Model: 01 733 7730 4152-07 8 24 05PEB
Domestic public price: 14800
Watch diameter: 43.5 mm
Movement type: automatic
Movement model: 733
Water resistance: 300 meters
Case material: Multi-piece stainless steel, minute scale ceramic top ring
Watch details: oris / 61550 /
Recommended reason: Oris diving watches are very cost-effective among similar watches. Generally speaking, diversified watches with more than 10,000 yuan have many options in the market, but they can meet mechanical watches, improved movements and Few good craftsmanship. This new product has a reliable watch making technology, and the waterproof depth has reached 300 meters. With it, ‘I’m here on the desert island’!

Summary: Wild adventure requires caution, but people always have the courage to explore the unknown. Before you step forward bravely, be prepared. Start with a watch, start with every little detail. After all, the world is still big, and you need to take every step to measure it. If one day you would drift to a desert island? Which watch would you wear?

Huang Zitao, You May Need 10 10-bit Watch Boxes

Tao Tao, who hasn’t seen him for a long time, recently starred in a TV series called ‘The Brightest Star in the Night Sky’, which is simply his own vlog. As if we can already see Tao Tao’s daily life from this drama, ‘narcissism’, ‘poison tongue’, ‘no one in his eyes’ … Isn’t this Huang Zitao himself? Huang Zitao always wore a Richard Mille watch in the play. In fact, Huang Zitao loves watches is already a well-known thing. This time, let’s walk into Huang Zitao’s watch cabinet and see how many 10 he needs. Table box.

Stills of Huang Zitao in the play

Huang Zitao

 Huang Zitao’s role in the play is called Zheng Baixu. Although the plot is old-fashioned, the people watching it are also happy. Tao Tao should be regarded as the true character in the play. At this point, I can’t help but praise the ingenuity of Huang Zitao. Instead of playing some characters that are not like oneself, they are ridiculous and out of roles. Huang Zitao’s trick is to switch the true self seamlessly between singer and actor.

The hostess went to the hospital to see a doctor, and he still did not forget the shape in the picture

 During the play, Huang Zitao wore a Richard Mille watch with a titanium material and a white rubber strap. As far as I know, he had previously taken it out separately. I have praised Huang Zitao for this before. He expressed what he likes without any concealment. He likes to expose his watch on the Internet (Tao Tao, the watch family forum is waiting for you!) Back to the topic The Richard Miller he wore was also specifically mentioned in the play, ‘Elder Brother, the watch is good and very beautiful’.

Huang Zitao Richard Mill RM 011 (Similar)
 Not only is this Richard Miller good, Huang Zitao, who has already played tricks on watches, is not satisfied with ordinary sales or even limited editions. Last year, his 24th birthday gift was a custom Richard Mille watch. The design of the dial is based on spiders, and diamonds are the eternal theme of Huang Zitao’s choice of watches.

Huang Zitao’s Custom Richard Mill Watch

 In a previous article, we roughly took a look at his Richard Mille watch, and there were probably close to 10 different Richard Mille watches. For details, click ‘Huang Zitao, how many Richard Mills do you have?’ ‘, It can be said that he is a senior Richard Mille enthusiast. At the end of last year, he posted a customized version of Richard Mille’ a gift for himself ‘on the Internet.

He wore this custom Richard Miller at foreign events

Richard Mille watch revealed by Huang Zitao on social networks

Huang Zitao exposes Richard Mille RM 011-FM

Huang Zitao wears Richard Mill RM 011-FM

 Taking a small part of the sunscreen screenshot, we can see that Huang Zitao really loves to buy a watch, and it is really wayward to be rich. In addition to Richard Mille, who has previously taken stock, he has recently tried more watches of different brands with different styles.

 Huang Zitao wears Royal Oak Concept Series Flying Tourbillon Watch

Huang Zitao wears Royal Oak Concept Series Flying Tourbillon Watch

 Audemars Piguet is the watch brand he has recently liked, and this is not his first Audemars Piguet watch. I mentioned earlier that Huang Zitao really loves diamonds. In addition to wearing diamond jewelry, it is reflected in the choice of watches. The complicated face is his orientation, and the diamond is his true love.

Huang Zitao wears Audemars Piguet Royal Oak Series 26331BA.OO.1220BA.01 watch

 Why do I know that the Royal Oak concept series of the flying tourbillon is not Tao Tao’s first Audemars Piguet watch, because the first Audemars Piguet he said picked a ‘basic model’, which he said The ‘basic model’ sells for about 450,000 yuan in China. It really looks good, classic is classic.

 In addition to Richard Mill and Audemars Piguet, Huang Zitao’s other big ‘head’ is Rolex, who not only likes Rolex, but also started playing with modifications.

Huang Zitao unveiled ‘the first modified Rolex watch’

This modified Rolex body is set with diamonds

Huang Zitao wears a Rolex Greenwich II series 116759 SAru-78209 watch
 The sharp-eyed friend must recognize that this modified Rolex is a Greenwich II series that Huang Zitao had previously exposed on Weibo. The price of this watch in Hong Kong is around 1 million Hong Kong dollars.

He really likes this Greenwich II watch

 Huang Zitao likes to share his feelings about wearing a watch on the Internet, whether it is a ‘naked’ watch, or expressing his feelings about wearing a watch (again inviting Huang Zitao to post on the forum to exchange his experience with watch friends) It can also be seen from his modified watch how much he likes diamonds.


Huang Zitao wears the Rolex Pearl Lady Series 86285-44745 watch

 The domestic price of this watch is about RMB 960,000. The money that Huang Zitao spends buying watches is always enough for ordinary people to spend a long time. Some people have to say (domestic actors are really easy to make money) and so on. In fact, if you know Huang Zitao’s original family background, you won’t be surprised. His family was originally rich (the legendary rich second generation), so buying a car, a watch, and a diamond is his personal hobby, and he can afford it.

Huang Zitao’s Rolex Pearl Lady Series m86405rbr-0001 Watch

 Look, he really loves diamonds (I have repeated this sentence three times), this Rolex Pearl Lady series watch is set with a total of 713 diamonds, the pavé diamond dial, as well as the bezel and bracelet flashing The large size diamond makes its appearance absolutely able to attract the attention of everyone present. Like Huang Zitao, no matter where it is, it can never be ignored. The domestic price of this watch is around 1.58 million.

Huang Zitao wears Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch series VCARN25800

 Men’s watches, women’s watches, sports watches, dress watches … Huang Zitao’s preferences are quite extensive. The Van Cleef & Arpels poetic complication watch in the picture above sells for about 790,000 domestically.

Part of the diamond jewelry exposed by Huang Zitao (Sun Wukong’s Office in the corner turned out to be a diamond)

Part of Huang Zitao’s private watch

 4-digit watch box is far from enough Tao Tao! He needs several 10-digit watch boxes to fit his own watches (I secretly told Taotao that we have 10 rosewood watch boxes for sale). Huang Zitao is no longer able to climb out of the watch pit, and goes further and further on the way of constantly buying watches. An experienced watch enthusiast, who will modify, customize and collect different watches, what new tricks will he play in the future? We will wait and see.

Vacheron Constantin 2014sihh Warm-up Watch

The 2014 Geneva Haute Horlogerie is about to open. Vacheron Constantin, Switzerland’s top watchmaker with more than 250 years of history, has released three new watches as 2014 SIHH warm-up watches, including:
Malte Tourbillon Limited Platinum Collection

  Pure, rare and long-lasting platinum is the finest material in fine watchmaking. To commemorate this innate perfect combination of precision machinery and precious materials, Vacheron Constantin launched a limited edition platinum collection in 2006, designed for collectors of high-end watches. This year, Vacheron Constantin created the new Malte tourbillon limited platinum collection series, which once again performed an extraordinary tourbillon machine.

   The case of the Malte Tourbillon Limited Platinum Collection is made of 950 platinum and measures 38 x 48.24 mm. The neat 950 platinum dial is sandblasted, with a fine ‘PT 950’ stamp engraved between 4 and 5 o’clock, with platinum Roman numerals and hour markers. The tourbillon with the second hand is in the right position and blends perfectly with the exquisite lines of the Malte series. The tourbillon is located at 6 o’clock, and the hour and minute hands are slightly off-centered, so it stands out on the dial. The dark blue Mississippi crocodile leather strap fixed with the 950 platinum folding buckle uses a riding stitching process, and the hand-stitched 950 platinum silk thread exudes a flawless and charming luster. This watch is issued in a limited edition of 50 pieces under a separate product number.
Malte Tourbillon Jewellery

  Vacheron Constantin has always adhered to the ultimate watchmaking standards-a perfect fusion of different art forms, bringing together artisan masters from all fields, respect for tradition and continuous innovation. With a collection of exquisite, precious, accurate and moving watch masterpieces, the time ceremony. Today, Vacheron Constantin’s new Malte Fine Jewellery Tourbillon symbolizes the perfect combination of art, watchmaking craftsmanship and creative talent, and subtly blends the magic of watchmaking with the mystery of jewelry setting.

  This outstanding watch is a perfect tribute to Vacheron Constantin’s traditional watchmaking (Metiers d’Art). Using a completely hand-made invisible setting technology, the watch is set with a total of 418 baguette-cut diamonds (about 19.6 carats in total), reflecting the glorious time.
Patrimony Traditionnelle High Jewellery Small Model

  If Vacheron Constantin’s achievements in watchmaking skills need to be proven again, then Patrimony’s heritage series of high-end jewelry small models are undoubtedly an excellent representative of this enduring quality. The case with a diameter of 30 mm exudes brilliant light, and the dial is set with 10.56 carats of rectangular lathe diamonds by claw setting. The flashing light makes time eternal. The same watch also has a choice of 40 mm and 35 mm dials, both equipped with mechanical movement.
 Case, dial and buckle: The white gold dial is inlaid with diamonds, and along the delicate cutting lines, the dazzling bloom from the center of the case outwards, so that the entire model is brilliant. Man dumped it.