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Want To Go To The Beach For A Refreshing Ocean Breeze At Chopard Happy Ocean Diamond Watch

The warm sun in late spring has a taste of summer. Although you can still see catkins flying by accident, the boys have all rolled up their sleeves, and the girls have long turned their skirts out of their clothes. Cabinet, this day is a rare comfortable season of the year. Coincidentally, there are two holidays in May this year. I will go to the bay in late spring, and when I hear the ambiguity of summer, will I have a different mood? Chopard is well aware of the charm of the ocean. Looking at the margins that cross the sea and sky at a glance, the blue sea is so vast. The ocean is not only mysterious, but also free and romantic. This year’s Chopard will deeply hide the diamonds of the inland mining area and love the vast beauty of the sea. It will launch a new Happy Ocean series watch, with its diamond-studded brilliant colors (model: 274945-1001), but beautiful and natural, just like being in the sea Beautiful world.

   The Chopard Happy Ocean series belongs to the Chopard Happy Sport series and is a new member of the Chopard’s famous Happy family. The characteristic of the Happy family is that they make articles in the mirror on the dial to form a sandwich with a unique space. After inserting the diamond into the metal seat, the diamond can be moved inside. This kind of creativity makes the Happy family deeply loved by women, because this is a watch where diamonds can move freely, and even small diamond decorative objects such as small fish can be placed in it. It meets women’s requirements for diamonds or watches. Demand, luxury, exquisite, colorful, unique, different.
The blue of the sea

Chopard Happy Ocean

Sapphire and Topaz bezel
   Happy Ocean is an upgraded version of the previous Happy Sport series of mid-to-high waterproof watches, which incorporates the style of the blue sea into the design to form a unique seaside joy. This is also Chopard’s first time to add such a distinctive marine style design to the ‘Happy Diamond’ watch, which makes people shine. The new diamond-set watch is low-key and luxurious. The entire case is made of white gold, which seems to be no different from stainless steel. After seeing it, you may not see it.

   The case is still the design of the Happy family’s shell, lugs and flanged trunnions. The difference is that a new wave groove is added to the outer edge of the bezel to echo the theme of the beach. At the same time, the bezel is set with blue and green gemstones, and diamonds are used to refer to each 5-point scale. These gems and diamonds are crystal clear and pure in color. They have been carefully selected by Chopard jewellers and cut into regular shapes before they can be set in the bezel. As a jewellery watch, the most unusual is the ability to find so many gems of the same color, so watches with colored treasures are often valuable, such as a rainbow bezel watch from the Chopard Happy family.
Specially designed plate

Green minute hand

5 diamonds in the middle of the mirror

   At the Basel International Watch & Jewellery Show which just ended in March, this watch is one of the few Chopard jewellery inlaid watches this year, and a stainless steel case with diamond-free bezel was also released. The watch uses a green minute hand to more clearly compare the dial and bezel scales to facilitate reading time.

   At the same time, the watch has a luminous function, and the hands and hour markers are covered with a fluorescent coating, which is not only convenient for reading at night, but also for underwater reading when diving.

Diamond bezel
   This diamond-set case has a diameter of 40 millimeters, plus gem inlays and 5 agile diamonds. If it is a ladies watch, it is really a bit big, and as a men’s watch, it is a bit shiny. The blue color of the ocean is the main tone. I think it is a unisex watch, which can be worn by both men and women.
Other details

Metal bottom cover

   The watch comes with a blue leather strap, which echoes the color of the dial. The strap is equipped with a pin buckle, which shows that it is not a recommended watch for diving. The bottom cover of the watch is a dense bottom design with a wavy texture engraved on the surface and is equipped with Chopard’s self-winding mechanical movement 01.01-C.

Summary: When the heat is approaching, wearing such a watch will make your heart feel refreshed and cool. As an advanced watch, in the urban jungle, Chopard Happy Ocean allows you to always enjoy the color of the seashore and enjoy the joy of the sea.