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Fashion Black Tasting Tag Heuer Formula 1 44 Mm Watch

Guo Jingming once wrote: ‘A lot of black loneliness blooms in the air.’ How deep and explicit is the sadness of the black loneliness in his pen. However, black not only represents loneliness, but also represents stability, mystery, and lowness. Black can cover all colors, and it naturally implies many meanings. TAG Heuer applies black to the design of the watch, adding a stylish coat to the watch, which further complements the man’s masculinity. Official model: WAH1010.BA0854

  In 1860, TAGHeuer was founded by Edouard Heuer in the Jura Valley, Switzerland, and has made many remarkable achievements in the field of high-end watchmaking. Among them, it is renowned for its outstanding chronograph design and its extremely precise quality. Therefore, stars in many industries like TAG Heuer. Its brand pursues innovation and superior quality, and it is a watch that men deserve.

  Black and white have an inextricable relationship from the beginning. Although the two are opposite colors, from the visual point of view, they have the worst color perception and have a natural collocation beauty. The outside of the case is a speed dial. The scales of the white Arabic numerals are not simple marks, but are raised, giving people an impulse to touch.

  The large dial of 44 mm is very suitable for men’s powerful wrists, and the large Arabic numerals at 3, 9 and 12 o’clock are very eye-catching. The time scales on the dial have different shapes, including rectangles, circles, and inverted triangles. Presumably, the arrangement of various geometric figures is for more dynamic movement.

  A closer inspection reveals that the small seconds hand on the dial is engraved with delicate threads. The 12 o’clock direction has the TAG Heuer logo, and the date display window is located at six o’clock. This function is one of the most common functions of the watch, which is very close to daily life.

  The pure black crown with the silver TAG Heuer logo matches the overall design style. The wheel-shaped crown follows the style of sports. As shown in the figure, this design is for the watch to be more suitable for sports.

  Seen from the side without the crown, the stainless steel case gives a heavy feeling, and the polished case is engraved with black characters TAGHeuer, which shows the intimate points of TAG Heuer designers.

  The silver stainless steel strap seems very general, but the touch is very good, and stainless steel is more durable than ordinary steel, has good corrosion resistance, high strength, and it is easy for the wearer to clean.

  The folding buckle is easy to open and close, and the gloss and transparency are clearly visible. Many brands are engraved with their own logo on the buckle, and TAG Heuer is no exception.

  The intricate bottom of the watch is engraved with the model of this watch, using a traditional quartz movement, with accurate travel time, reflecting TAG Heuer’s inheritance of classical design. Water-resistant to 200 meters.

Summary: This TAG Heuer Formula 1 series watch reveals a unique charm from the inside out, full of sporty fashion. This watch can give you the most intimate companion when you run on the green sports field, when you sweat freely on the racing bike, when you do aerobic exercise on the fresh seaside. Everyone has a favorite watch. Only when they wear it will they know if it is decent. This watch is very comfortable to use and looks cool on the man’s wrist. Official model: WAH1010.BA0854; Reference price: 10,200 yuan. (Picture / text watch home Li Shuai)

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