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Liu Yifei Appeared At The Cannes Film Festival In A Dior Advanced Custom Dress

On the afternoon of May 11, Paris time, at the opening ceremony of the 69th Cannes International Film Festival, Liu Yifei, the image ambassador of the Dior nectar series of Greater China, wore a high-end custom dress Appeared on the red carpet of the 69th Cannes International Film Festival. Following the Dior brand’s consistent elegant and romantic design concept, the design team of the high-end custom workshop is inspired by the garden and pays homage to the classic design of the 1950s. High custom dress.

Dior High Jewellery Rose Bagatelle Diamond Necklace

Dior High Jewellery Rose Bagatelle Diamond Bangle

Dior High Jewellery Rose des Vents ring White gold, pattern pavé diamonds (side)

Tissot Love Watch: We Are Born A Couple

One rotation of the earth is one day, and one revolution is one year. From the most primitive sundial to the most modern watch, one revolution is taken as a time unit. Therefore, the traditional idea is that if time has a shape, it must be round. Nowadays, fashion and trends change rapidly, and the aesthetics of fashion keeps pace with the times. The century-old Swiss watchmaking brand Tissot, with the new Tianlang · Tiansi series, expresses its blessings to the couple who keep pace with the times and constantly pursue fashionable taste. This pair of watches breaks the traditional circular tradition in dial design, adopts the bold square dial appearance, the lines are simple and elegant, and the outline is tough and clear. Unique lines, symmetrical dial, polished stainless steel material, follow the fashion trend without being constrained by the trend. Adding a square outline to the time allows the watch to highlight the minimalist style while at the same time implying the absence of a Tissot-Trons / Tiansi series watch – a belt
    Fashion and trends change rapidly, and the aesthetics of fashion also keeps pace with the times. The new Tissot Tianlang · Tiansi series square pair watch follows the fashion trend and breaks through the traditional circular dial design. Selecting a square on the geometric pattern as the dial outline is an excellent embodiment of the square geometric aesthetics. Square, simple and tough, gives people unlimited imagination. Tissot’s new design is intended to give time a shape, so that time is no longer difficult to grasp and ponder, and square is definitely the best choice for this shape. The square dial is like a window, and Tissot opens the window for you to keep up-to-date with fashionable taste.
Tissot / London Series Pairs-Steel Band
    The time hand is constantly rotating in the square outline with edges, and life is limited in the endless tunnel of time and space. The metaphor of boundlessness and boundlessness has given Tissot a new Tiansi watch with endless meaning. The launch of the Tissot Tianlang · Tiansi series square couple pair watch expresses the blessing of Tissot for couples who are pursuing fashionable taste. Men’s watches and women’s watches are named Tianlang and Tiansi, respectively, which are in line with the personality characteristics of men and women. The design of the watch means that ‘I’ meets another ‘I’, while the square, tough outline implies the unwavering commitment of two independent personalities after they meet. Life is boundless and love is boundless. Through the square window of time to see everything in time and space, even if the white dog is in the same clothes, the loyalty to love is always the same.
Tissot / London Series Pairs-Steel Band
-Scratch-resistant sapphire crystal
-316L stainless steel case
-Water-resistant to 100 meters (10 atmospheres)
-316L stainless steel strap with push-button butterfly buckle / leather strap with butterfly buckle
Suggested retail price
His Tianlang: RMB 4,600 ~ 5,000
Her Tiansi: RMB 2,950 ~ 3,400

Aimi Craftsmanship Series Calendar Dial Dial Moon Phase Watch

When it comes to retrograde, you should not miss Amy. Amy has put a lot of effort into this function, but her work shows less personality. This watch is abnormal, showing a more modern image. The retrograde calendar dial is hollowed out, and the 4 and 8 o’clock buttons on the side of the case are used to adjust the day, moon phase and calendar
    The first time I saw a retrograde watch, it was hard not to be confused by its maverick operation, and I was no exception. I do n’t know where Frank Muller is sacred. I only noticed that there is a sector at 12 o’clock and 6 o’clock on the rectangular dial of the watch. The retrograde hand at 12 o’clock jumps from 0 to 30 seconds and jumps immediately. Going back to 0 seconds, the 6 o’clock hand goes from 30 to 60 seconds, jumps back to 30 seconds, and then turns to the 12 o’clock hand … Borrowing a word often used by young people today, the old man is These two lightning-fast pointers spiked. While lamenting the masterful skills of the watchmaker, a name flashed from my mind. He is the famous tragic character Sisyphus in ancient Greek mythology.
    The retrograde function of a watch, also known as call-back or return, is intended to be retrograde in English. To put it plainly, it goes backwards. The retrograde function has a very long history. According to records, Master Breguet made the first pocket watch with a retrograde calendar pointer, which was a precedent for ‘retrograde time.’ Compared with the tourbillon, time equation, and parachute suspension devices invented by Master Breguet at the same time, reverse jumping is the only one that is not for practical purposes, but it is very interesting. Because time cannot be reversed—just as we can never return to a childhood that was curious about everything. The charm of the retrograde pointer is not in the forward direction, but in the moment of jumping backwards—when the pointer reaches the end, it seems to have lost its way, you hold your breath and stare, expecting time to return to the origin in the next second. I was afraid that in the blink of an eye, I missed the magical moment of the reversal of time.
    Although the retrograde pointer looks very magical, it is not very difficult to implement compared with the complex devices such as three questions, perpetual calendar, and double tracking. Its core component is an irregularly shaped gear and spring. At a certain angle, the pointer will quickly jump to the other side under the action of the spring.
    After the continuous development and improvement of several generations of watchmakers, the magical retrograde hands have been able to show the hours, minutes, and seconds, as well as the calendar, week, month, and year. The methods and techniques are also more abundant. For example, brands such as Roger Dubuis and Frank Muller are good at splitting calendars, hours, or seconds into two parts and displaying them with retrograde hands; retrograde hands of Pierre Kunz’s new R020 watch run in a straight line, not an arc; invention Many of the Tempus Vivendi double retrograde watches made by independent watchmaker Thomas Prescher, the world’s first two- and three-axis flying tourbillon watches, have no hands at all, but instead use katana or dragon, phoenix, and eagle claws. The carved pattern indicates time; Van Cleef & Arpels’ new work ‘Pont des Amoureux’ (bridge, desert, love) also has no pointer, and the hours and minutes are indicated by a couple meeting at the bridge head; for example, the count will reverse The combination of the jump function and the dial layout of the standard hands … the ingenious ideas and exquisite craftsmanship reflected in these works make one have to admire the diversity of modern watch art. Some watchmakers are keen to combine multiple retrograde functions on the same dial to create a dizzying visual effect, so that the watch truly reflects the value of ‘play’.
    Wearing a retrograde watch can bring a lot of joy, but it has always been difficult to become a mainstream style. The reason is probably because the function and appearance of the retrograde watch is not enough enough to become a popular lover for watch lovers like military watches or chronographs; the second is because its status is not high enough for people to ‘chase ‘Go to the point of’ admiration ‘and compare the tourbillon watch that is still in the’ bull market ‘, you will understand the meaning I want to express; the third is because retrograde watches focus on fun and artistic expression, each The retrograde watch is unique, and some big brands are not willing to change their original style easily.